Vinyl Plank Flooring Not Laying Flat, Solution & Tips

If you are using Vinyl flooring, Vinyl plank flooring not laying flat is a common problem that you may face. This is most times referred to it as buckling. It occurs when there is a space under the flooring that tends to bounce if you walk on it. A click-together, loose lay or glue-down flooring like … Read more

3 Laminate Over Tile Problems, Solutions & Other Tips

One good thing about installing laminate over the tile floor is that you don’t have to chip off old tiles. This saves you both time and money. Despite this advantage, there are some laminate over tile problems that shouldn’t be ignored. To be on a safer path, you should take your time to remove the tiles. It … Read more

Carpet Stretching And Cleaning Tips & Complete Guide

After using your carpet for a while, you may notice a bubbling and rippling effect on it. It is advisable to take steps to fix it immediately you notice it because it will only get worst with time. To get your carpet back to its normal shape, you need to carry out a carpet stretching and … Read more

How To Transition Vinyl Plank Flooring From Room To Room

If you’re looking to learn how to transition vinyl plank flooring from room to room then this article is for you. Using different floor types for different rooms can be expensive. To save cost, it is advisable to maintain the same floor type for all rooms except when it is very necessary to alternate.  Steps To Transition … Read more

3 Pros And Cons Of Wooden Toilet Seats Buyers Should Know

The toilet consists of the bowl, tank, and seat. The toilet seat plays an essential role in the toilet. Before you decide which toilet seat to use, several factors play a role that will affect your choice.  The material you buy must meet your requirements. Toilet seats are produced from different materials, from wood to … Read more

11 Bamboo Toothbrush Benefits You Never Knew

There is an increased concern for the environment because of pollution. Hence many people want to make more informed decisions about how to use plastic. For some people, switching to a bamboo toothbrush is an easy way to cut down on plastic at home. Now the question is, what’s wrong with traditional plastic toothbrushes? According … Read more

Worst Toilet Paper For Septic Systems

The use of toilet paper cannot be overemphasized. It needs to be strong, soft, and comfortable when using it. Also, it is expected to break down quickly once flushed.  Toilet paper that does not perform every function well is undesirable. If it doesn’t hold up well when you use it, then it is not doing … Read more

4 Best Toilet Papers For Septic Tanks

If there is a septic tank in your home, you have probably wondered if the “safe for septic tank” claims by some toilet paper are true. Are all toilet papers the same? Or is there a secret in what makes toilet paper safe for your septic tank?  Just like “flushable” wipes, most of which shouldn’t be flushed, what is … Read more

Plantation Shutters: 8 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

The name plantation shutters usually evoke in the mind of most people an aesthetic appeal. The insulating qualities of plantation shutters can help you cope during times of extreme weather. This is because it helps to keep a room cool during the summer and warm during the winter.  These items are not only invaluable but … Read more