15 Photography Business Ideas

Are you a photographer looking to turn your skill into something profitable or perhaps you are a freelance photographer tired of taking pictures free or for a low pay, then this blog post is very important for you.
This article explores photography business ideas which are profitable and lucrative. Most of them are easy startups.

The photography industry is very lucrative with lots of money and income coming in and going out. This is because there are many photography business ideas, there are always new innovations and possibilities a photographer could take advantage of and make money from them.

Thankfully it is not limited to a professional photographer, as a beginner, or even someone in love with photography, who love taking pictures you could make lots of money from these business opportunities.

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Life As a Business:

Life is mostly a business as it is survival of the fittest. Hence it is important for you to have a business mindset, be able to identify opportunities and how profitable they are, try out something new. The truth is there are many things which are legal as a photographer you could do to make a living and boost your income.

The most important starting point is to take photography as a business. Most people who love photography and have the skill are guilty of these. They are not innovative, and do not always take risks and they do not know how to get started, turn their skill and knowledge into a business.

The photography industry and market are only for receptive minds, people who are ready to learn something new, acquire new gear and equipment and are people friendly. Take out time, and make proper research on any of these ideas, take at least one that is very realistic for you and start a photography business.

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This article portrays 15 profitable photography business ideas you could try out and explore. Also included are capital involved and the amount needed to start up your business. There is also how much you could make at the end of a season.

I have added to these photography business ideas, tips that could help you achieve success for your photography business.

#1 Stock Photography:

Stock photography is one photography business idea that is very lucrative. Added to that, there is very little competition in this area of photography. It is estimated that stock photographers make at least $1 and more for each of their images, and they certainly have up to thousands of images. As a beginner looking to get started in the photography business, you could get started with this one.

Instead of taking your time scouting for clients, doing some freelance jobs, with the help of your digital camera, you could start taking pictures, storing and customizing them.

How to Get Started:

Take time every day to take quality pictures. At the end of each day, review these pictures, edit them to the taste of stock sites. Go ahead and upload them or sell them. You could also get your copyright ready.


There is a two-way approach to this to which you could choose one. One way to get started is by uploading your photos to stock sites and get paid a few bucks. You have to meet up their standard and upload some quality picture which has a definitive description and tag.

You could also set up a stock site of your own. Succeeding in stock photography requires you to put in much effort and time, pay a few bucks to get your site ready. It will not be so profitable at the beginning but you need to put in much time and efforts, allocate resources to it before it starts to become profitable. That is no problem,it is better than waiting for a client or doing a freelance work.

You could also sell some of your pictures to magazines, publishers and newspaper companies, to websites and blogs who are always in need of these pictures.

#2 Aerial Photography Business:

Aerial photography is a photography business idea. There are always lots of nice and quality pictures to shoot from an elevated position. The demand for aerial photography pictures is on the rise each day. As an aerial photography seize this opportunity, fly and capture some breathtaking pictures of the world and important locations.

Getting Started:

Fortunately, this could be easily done on a full-time or part-time basis, and with an amount a little over $10,000, you could get started. You need to a well-trained aerial photographer, one who could fly and at the same time know how to shoot quality photos from heights and planes.

#3 Real Estate and Architectural Photography Business:

This is another photography business idea that is not so pronounced. As a photographer, you could join the real estate and start taking pictures. There are lots of people and market for your photos. You could sell to real estate agents, companies and websites. These pictures are sold as catalogs and to real estate magazines and publications. The same could also be said for the architectural photographer. Start taking pictures of structures, buildings. There are unlimited demands and market for these pictures.

#4 Actor and Celebrity Photography Business:

This photography business allows you to become a photographer to actors and celebrities. These afford you the opportunity to shoot and take pictures of them at events, acting and in studios when they perform and become director of photography in their shows and events, in movies. You could also take portraits of these actors and celebrities, photos that will boost their market value.

Also, some of these pictures could be sold to magazines, newspaper and media houses. As you know, there are celebrities in every area of life. So the opportunities are unlimited.

One thing to note is this, market yourself very well, look out for clients and celebrities. It would be easier for you to start with upcoming ones who are soon to be famous and sought after in the near future, keep track of them.

#5 Wedding Photography Business:

This is a very obvious and popular photography business idea on the trend now. There are unlimited opportunities in this business. Thankfully, beginners can set up this one easily as there are low-risks involves.

On the other hand, there are lots of work to be done. You need to be smart, outgoing and accessible to people. Be presentable and look out for clients. One way to succeed in this business is to build an online portfolio and presence and at the same attend wedding events and bridal shows.

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You could start by following up couples and partners from their dates and nights out, to their engagement nights and parties shooting engagement photos. Brides and grooms-to-be are always on the lookout for photographers who could deliver to their taste and go out of their way to satisfy them.

You could also shoot their dinners and rehearsals, wedding preparations, make-up sessions on the day of their wedding. Their lots of events that go on in their lives up to the time they tie the knot.

Another idea:

As a wedding photographer, you could shoot a big portrait of the bride and groom during their engagements and rehearsals. Usually, there is a way of doing this. Obviously, couples would be receptive to the idea of having a big portrait of their wedding pictures hung on the wall of their rooms. Always go to them first and obtain permission first.

When you have taken such photos and portraits, make them into a very big portrait, as an heirloom hung at a corner in the room with big frames. Usually, this will cost much up to $1000. You can produce such portraits and galleries at your own cost without bordering your client.

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On the day of the wedding or reception display it for everyone to see. Your client with the help of the organizer can convince guests and invitees to make little donations for the couple to have this portrait. Most of the time, more than the amount is gotten. Kindly take yours and leave the rest for the couple.

#6 Astronomy Photography Business Idea:

This is an opportunity to work with astronauts, scientist, and researchers. Some of these photos are rare, of high quality and are on demand. They usually require higher grade equipment that capture the tiniest of details.

#7 Digital Photo Printing:

This photography business idea affords you the opportunity to make money in the printing of images. Thankfully you don’t need much capital to start this one. Also, you mostly need a high-grade digital printing machine, MacBook or your computer and a scanner. Start a photography printing service and earn a living from it. Take advantage of most photographer’s inability to afford equipment for printing pictures.

#8 Pet Photography Business:

This is best suited to pet lovers. There are lots of opportunities in this one as every home with pets is a possible opportunity. There are lots of skills and techniques used for this photography niche, as such, you could start a pet photography business, do a lot of practice to get better. Most importantly, you need to love pets to survive in this business.

You could also work with pet supply stores, dog and security companies, pet boutiques, animal scientist, veterinarian, and hospitals. Reach out to them and offer your services.

#9 Family Photography Business:

There are and always will be events in every family. They could be joyful ones and sorrowful ones. These events will always happen and they will always be remembered years after they have occurred. Some of them are birthdays, marriage, family holidays and outings.

There is a high demand for photographers who could help cover these special time in time in their lives. As a beginner, you can start up with this one. You could set up a studio or locate special locations for these families or even in their homes. Capture the special moment in their lives, take advantage of the mood and activities, let their facial expressions and grins appear on paper.


Lookout for kids growing up, organize birthday shoots by liaising with their parents. Market yourself, get an online presence and become popular. At Christmas and important time of the year, you could be the go-to guy that will cover these moments and events for them.

#10 Freelance Photography:

Freelance photography is another photography business idea. Most magazines, newspaper companies, and publications, media houses use the help of these photographers. As a freelance photographer, make a list of possible opportunities, companies, and magazines, newspapers that could use some help. Reach out to them, offer them some of your photos for sale.

This one is very important for a beginner and a starter. In your local community, you could get lots of jobs and sell your photos if you reach out and market yourself.

This is one photography business idea I suggest to beginners and amateurs who are still learning photography and developing their photography skills. It also affords you the opportunity to start building up your portfolio at gradually.

Freelance photography is virtually a “jack of all trade and master of none” photography business. You get the job to shoot photos for any area of photography.

#11 Photography Training School:

Photography training school affords you the opportunity to share your wealth of knowledge as a professional and well-experienced photographer. This is one of the most profiting photography business ideas for a professional photographer. I mean professional photographers. You need to have enough experience before you could share them.

As an advice to the upcoming photographers, it is good to acquire lots of knowledge and training while learning photography, gather lots of knowledge, skill, and experience as you go up the ladder to be able to teach aspiring photographers.

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There is always lots of things to teach like the laws of composition, lighting, and editing. When you have these skills, you can set up a photography school for beginners. As a successful photography business owner, you could also teach photography start-up owners how to become successful in a photography business and some photography marketing ideas.

One of the best things that you could possibly do to make money in the photography niche is to start a photography school. This is provided that you are versed in the trade. Hence it is one of the reasons why you have got to get adequate training in photography so that you can be able to teach the skills that you have learned to other people.

#12Photography Blogging Business:

As a photographer or one in love with photography, you could set up a website or blog to educate photographers especially beginners on photography tips. You could also organize online courses, and sessions, sell eBooks. There are lots of ways to make money from these, through adverts and AdSense, affiliate marketing, selling of eBooks, video classes. You need to be a writer and be well educated in photography. Also advertising and marketing yourself is key.

#13 Photography Studio Business:

The photography studio is very popular, very profitable and lots of money is in this area. Setting up a photography studio allows you to photograph clients, have photo sessions. Most clients prefer to have a studio and professional shoot. Also, photographers would love to work with you.

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Thankfully, you don’t need lots of money to get started and you could even use your home as a starting point with just some equipment as a startup.

#14 Underwater Photography Business:

The underwater photography business is another unique photography business idea. These require you to have some swimming and scuba diving skills. This business affords you the opportunity to pictures of water animals, fishes in their natural habitat.

Very importantly you need to mater the water basics, become buoyant and steady, also being patient to be able to capture unique shots. You could capture the relationship and interaction between a water animal and fish with its species and environment. You can also observe and take videos of these creatures.

These pictures are very profitable and demanded usually for documentaries. Media companies like NatGeoWild pay a lot to employ the services of underwater photographers.

#15 Sports Photography:

Sports photographs are required for editorials and are employed by sports websites and magazines, advertising firms and companies to promote a product or brand.


One way to get started as a sports photographer is to start small. Look out for local competitions and become the photographer there. You could also shoot some college photos and sell your prints of the players to their parents. Also you could also do some video coverage of these events.

There are other unlimited photography business ideas for you. The main thing is to never run out of ideas, stay positive and you would never lack what to do to make money.

Also when you start a business, be mindful of your clients, keep track of them, get their emails, message them steady and maintain a constant relationship with them. Look out for potential clients and reach out to them.
Very soon I will be writing on how to succeed in your photography business. Thanks. Remember to drop your comments in the box below.

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