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3 Laminate Over Tile Problems, Solutions & Other Tips

One good thing about installing laminate over the tile floor is that you don’t have to chip off old tiles. This saves you both time and money. Despite this advantage, there are some laminate over tile problems that shouldn’t be ignored. To be on a safer path, you should take your time to remove the tiles. It is best to go through the inconvenience now and enjoy your fresh flooring whenever. 

Some of these Laminate over tile problems can shorten the lifespan of your laminate flooring. You will end up feeling uncomfortable about your floor. If you ignore these issues or fail to install your laminate flooring over the tile in the correct way, then you would have to face some additional repairs. 

3 Laminate Over Tile Problems

a. Separation Of The Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a floating floor which means that you do not need any adhesive or nail to stick it down to the floor. With this effect, if you happen to place your floor on an uneven and bumpy tile then it will cause the floor to separate when you walk on the joint. 

This can be an issue because it will make the boards bend and create gaps and you have to spend extra money on repairs. To avoid this, ensure that your old tile is smooth, clean, level, and has no much depth in the grout lines before you place your laminate flooring over it. Use a leveling compound to level the tile just like you level a subfloor. 

b. Moisture

When you place your laminate flooring over a tile, it could result in a moisture problem. This is because the cold surface of the tile can cause condensation and with the laminate flooring on top of it, the moisture will have to escape through the flooring boards. 

With the presence of moisture on your laminate flooring, it will cause the boards to expand and then warp. To prevent this from happening, you need to lay a moisture barrier on the tile before placing the laminate flooring over it. 

c. Floor Will Be Too High

This is also an essential problem. If you are placing a floor over an existing floor then the height of the flooring will increase by ½ inch or more. Even with the underlayment, your floor can still be increasing. This will pose a problem to the doorway and at transitions to other types of flooring. 

When you are faced with this issue, you will need to redo all the transitions to compensate for the new height. For the doorway, you will need to trim the bottom of the doors and undercut the door casing. For the transition, use transition strips that fit into the new height.

What Is The Best Flooring To Put Over Ceramic Tile

There are multiple types of flooring one can put over a ceramic tile without facing any complications thereafter. Ceramic tile is not easy to remove because of its tough flooring surface that is why this article has multiple flooring options you can easily lay over your old ceramic tile. These floors are:

a. New Ceramic Tile

A good way to replace a ceramic floor is by installing a second layer of ceramic over it. To do this, sand the old ceramic tile and make some patches if necessary. Add the new flooring and explore your floor. It is important to make the old tile as flat as possible. 

b. Laminate Flooring

This will also go well with a ceramic tile. It does not need an adhesive or nail, just click them in like a puzzle and have yourself a new flooring within seconds. It is durable, cheap, and thin to fit in. 

c. Carpet

The carpet will work pretty well on your ceramic tile. All you need is the carpet and then padding. While installing, do not nail directly to the floor, you can drill the holes before placing them on the ceramic tile. 

d. Vinyl Flooring

A vinyl flooring can serve if only the grout lines of the ceramic are thin enough. You should also ensure that your ceramic tile is smooth, clean, and seamless before installation goes on. 

How Can I Cover My Tile Floors Cheaply?

Covering your old floor with a little buck is what any homeowner should have an idea of. In addition to being pocket-friendly, it is also easy to pull through. They include:

a. Painting

You can cover your old flooring by adding a burst of color with tile paint. Adding a new bright color will make the whole room light up. A painted tile is robust and durable and can also help you save time and money.

b. Wall Panels

This tile panel is 100% waterproof and can be used in the kitchen, laundry room, and even the bathroom. With its option of multiple designs and styles, it will give your room a new look. 

c. Quick-Setting Cement

You can also use this method to cover your existing tiles. This method of covering your tiles has high resistance over water and it requires less amount of water during hydration. 

d. Beadboard

This great option draws the eyes and creates visual texture, aside from that it is affordable and can as well allow you to carry out a DIY project on it. 

e. Wallpaper

A wallpaper can serve you in an easy and stress-free way. Look for ones that are compatible with rooms that have high humidity. To do the covering job, you can either choose a bright color or a dull one. 

Is Tiling Over Tiles A Good Idea?

Yes, it is a good idea. Although this process requires some sort of settings before the new tile is fixed over the old one. To carry out this process, you must ensure that your old tiles are in good condition. First, check and ensure there are no cracks and no signs of moisture. Check for mildew, deep discoloration, and an absorption issue.

 When all of these are on the check, prepare your surface for installation. Lay the groundwork, place your tile step by step and then seal off your work. If you notice any of the faults mentioned above, you will need to remove the old tiles and start with a new one.

How Do You Recycle Broken Tiles?

Whenever you change your former flooring to a new tile flooring, you likely have broken tiles at the end of your new floor installation. Most times, you need to keep them in case you need them for replacement or to recycle or remodel the surplus. The question is how do you recycle broken tiles? 

  • You can make fridge magnets from mosaic tiles just to add colors to your fridge.
  • Flowerpots can be made from broken tiles. 
  • Cheeseboard can be made from a tile.
  • Mosaic tile lamps can be made from a tile. 
  • Tabletops are made with recycling tiles.
  • You can make a great stair design using broken tiles. 
  • Your countertops can have a mosaic tile design.


Covering your tile with laminate flooring is a good way to go. But it is advisable to inspect your old tile flooring before carrying out any installation. This will help you fix any problem on time before it becomes worse and hard to handle. If the old flooring seems to have lots of issues, it is advisable to scrape it off and start a new flooring.