Can You Use Windex On Granite?

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Can You Use Pine Sol On Granite?

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Is Acrylic Paint Washable?

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Stanton Carpet: 7 Facts You Should Know

Stanton carpet is one of the top carpet brands in the market today. The carpet has fascinating features, colors, styles, and patterns for any home. The Stanton carpet corporation was built to bring styles and value to the carpet market.  About Stanton Carpet History  Over the past 30 years, Stanton has made their mission come … Read more

Stark Carpet: 7 Facts To Know

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Helios Carpet: 6 Facts You Should Know

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Liquid Floor Leveler: 7 Facts You Need To Know

Floor levelling is an attempt to correct the unevenness of a floor’s surface. It is done to modify the substrate before installing a new floor. It’s no secret that concrete slabs are notorious for being uneven, even when precautionary measures are taken. One way of levelling the underlying floor is by using a liquid floor … Read more

Self-leveling Epoxy Flooring: 7 Facts You Should Know

Epoxy floorings are unique kinds of floors. They are suitable for industrial and commercial buildings because of their resilience. They provide long-lasting, safe, and efficient surfaces for warehouses, firms, and industries. These floors are not just beautiful, they can also be modified to suit industrial style. A plus on the epoxy flooring system is how … Read more

Seagrass Carpet: 9 Facts You Should Know

Some of the common materials for carpets include nylon, polyester, wool, triexta, acrylic, and olefin. These are good options, but have you considered the Seagrass carpet? The Seagrass is a plant most common to the underwater meadows of the Asia-Pacific region. And no Seagrass is not the same thing as seaweed. Unlike the latter, it … Read more

Mold Under Laminate Flooring

The problem of mold under a laminate floor is not an uncommon one. Sure mold is beneficial to nature but for a flooring system, it’s a no-no. Having mold colonies on your floor can be quite disturbing. The mere sight of a black covering on your laminate floor is threatening. It is considered a warning … Read more