Epoxy Set Time Vs Cure Time

One of the things you have to understand when working with epoxy is how long it takes to dry or cure. After mixing epoxy resin with a hardener, a chain of chemical reactions starts that takes it from its liquid state to solid-state. Several factors affect the cure time and set time of epoxy. For … Read more

Is Spray Paint Waterproof?

One of the factors to consider when choosing a paint for a project is if the paint is waterproof or not. For instance, if you are painting the exterior of a house or an item to be placed outside the house, or an area prone to water drops, it is important to use waterproof paint. … Read more

Is Eggshell Paint Washable? Everything You Need To Know

One thing about painted walls, especially in high traffic areas of the house, is that it stains easily. So cleaning regularly is important to maintain a painted wall. That is why knowing if a paint is washable or not is important. A paint is said to be washable if you can easily clean a stain … Read more

Can Chalk Paint Be Used Outside?

Most times, the type of paint used in the interior part of the house differs from the one used outside. Using paint meant for the interior part of the house outside will result in a bad painting job. That is why it is important to figure out the type of paint you need for a … Read more

Does Cashmere Shrink? Everything You Need To Know

Cashmere is a type of wool material made from goats. The fiber is a delicate fiber obtained from some goat breeds like the pashmina goats, cashmere, and similar breeds. Goat wool fiber is similar to sheep wool fiber but is stronger, finer, softer, and lighter. Mongolia and China are the major producers of cashmere material … Read more

Is Flat Paint Washable? Everything You Need To Know

Flat paint also known as ‘matte paint’ is a type of paint used on walls. As the name implies, flat paint gives a matte effect on walls. It dries almost instantly and leaves a reflective finish on the surface. The good thing about the flat plaint is that it helps to cover even textures and patches … Read more

When To Use Oil Based Primer

Primer paint is essential when it comes to handling a professional painting job. Handling a painting job without applying a primer makes the painting look uneven and rough. Primers are applied before the final coat of paint. It gives the surface a uniform texture and improves adhesion. Primer leaves a consistent layer for the final … Read more

Does (Tencel) Lyocell Shrink? Everything You Need To Know

Lyocell, also known as Tencel is a semi-synthetic fiber made from processed cellulosic fiber. The material was first produced in 1972. It is usually considered eco-friendly and used in making clothing like dress shirts, eco-friendly underwear, and towels. It is usually considered a better alternative to 100% synthetic materials like polyester. If you own lyocell … Read more

Does Corduroy Shrink? Everything You Need To Know

The Corduroy fiber is made from a coarse woolen cloth. Corduroy was coined from two words, cord and Duroy. The fabric is a strong durable fabric that is cut from a pile of yarn with a rounded cord. If you have Corduroy clothing and want to know if the fabric can shrink, then this post … Read more

Does Merino Wool Shrink? Everything You Need To Know

Merino wool is an expensive fabric and needs to be handled with care. The material is a natural fiber obtained from the Merino sheep. This type of wool is characterized by its soft and thin feel. Most people prefer merino wool because of its many advantages. If you own a merino wool clothing and you … Read more