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Best Chair Mat for Medium Pile Carpet 2021

Using a roller chair or any type of chair on a medium pile carpet can cause damage in the long run. That is because the carpet fiber can get entangled with the chair roller and spoil either the chair tires or the carpet itself. This is why a chair mat is essential for you. It doesn’t matter if you work from home or the office, as long as you have a medium pile carpet and you use an office chair, a chair mat is essential. 

Not all chair mats work effectively on a medium pile carpet. The chair mat you use for a long pile carpet is different from that of medium-pile carpets. That is why we have compiled this post on the best chair mat for medium pile carpet guide. 

Each of the chair mats on the list has different features and unique composition. Go through the list and find the product that meets your needs.

Best Chair Mat for Medium Pile Carpet

  • Gorilla Grip Polycarbonate Carpet Chair Mats
  • OFM ESS-8800C Transparent Carpet Chair Mats
  • MuArts Crystal Carpet Chair Mats
  • AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mats
  • Marvelux Polycarbonate lipped Office Carpet Chair Mats
  • Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mats
  • Starcounters Office Carpet Chair Mats
  • Double Check Crystal Carpet Chair Mats

1. Gorilla Grip Polycarbonate Carpet Chair Mats

This medium pile carpet is made from 100% polycarbonate. The wheels of your chair can hardly puncture the mat because it is thick. Its thickness is 3MM.

It is durable and can last for a long time with its looks staying intact. This chair comes with a strong exterior. You do not have to worry about it tearing up or ripping.

It is flat in shape and allows the wheels of the chair to move freely on it. Its transparent design will light up your carpet and make a difference when placed on it. No scratch or stain can be traced when using this chair mat. Did I mention that the underneath has incorporated flexible spikes? This will make it stick to the ground and in a fixed position.

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Key Features:

.  Has an extended edge.

.  Made from 100% polycarbonate.

.  Comes in two sizes that have different inch sizes.

.  The underneath is made of flexible spikes.

.  It is transparent.


.  It lasts long.

.  Doesn’t show any scratch.

.  It is thick and convenient to use.

.  Can easily be folded up after each usage.


.  Its surface can not cause friction.

2. OFM ESS-8800C Transparent Carpet Chair Mat

This chair mat is made with premium PVC plastic that is popularly known for its durability. It comes in a medium size that makes it convenient to roll your chair while working.

It is thick, and this made no room for it to tear apart or even crack. The chair mat can as well be folded after each use, and its flexible feature will aid in the process.

The underneath is made with molded cleats and girders to cover the floor. It sticks to the bottom and keeps your chair in place. This mat was also built with an ergonomic design to relieve stress and fatigue from the leg muscles.

Even with the heap of activities carried out on this mat, it does not still leave a scratch. This rectangular-shaped chair mat can serve you well in angle.

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Key Features:

.  It is made from premium PVC plastic.

.  The underneath possesses a stud to make it stay firm on the carpet.

.  It has an ergonomic design.

.  Comes in different sizes.

.  Has an anti-slip.

.  It weighs four pounds.


.  It can easily be folded up.

.  Does not retain any scratch after its usage.

.  Durable.

.  It has a flat surface.


.  The edges might roll abruptly.

3.  MuArts Crystal Carpet Chair Mats

This chair mat is capable of accommodating a considerable weight while the work process is being carried on. It is made thick and robust and can withstand any heavyweight capacity up to 1200 lbs. The materials for its production are responsible for their extraordinary nature.

It comes in different sizes that you choose your home office or real office. It has a flat surface and allows you to roll your chair around it. Also, it will not show any sign of cracks even after extended usage.

As the name implies, its crystal transparent exterior is attractive and can brighten any office. It covers the floor perfectly when placed on it. It can be effortlessly cleaned up when the need arises.

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Key Features:

.  It comes in three sizes of 30×47×1/5 inches, 35×47×1/5 inches, 40×47×1/5 inches.

.  Its weight capacity is 1200 lbs.

.  Has a crystal transparent exterior.

.  It weighs 141 lbs.


.  It has a thick layer.

.  Glamorous when placed on the carpet.

.  It has a flat surface.

.  Easy to use and maintain.


.  It might be hard to use on a low pile carpet.

4. AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mats

This mat will not only protect your carpet, but it will also safeguard your health and make you work long hours without having complications. It has a traditional covering design and can light any room it is placed in.

It comes in different sizes to enable you to make your choice on the one that fits perfectly on those carpet floor. This chair mat can serve as a mat for medium and low pile floor coverings. It is made thick and can lap on the floor when placed on it.

Rolling of that chair can be made easier with this mat because it has a flat surface and an edge that cannot be curled. The materials used in making this mat is high in quality. The polycarbonate is just the right deal, and no toxic chemicals are being used.

With all of its features, one cannot doubt that this transparent plastic chair mat is one of the best chair mats for medium pile carpet.

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Key Features:

.  It is made with polycarbonate.

.  Hs a traditional chair covering.

.  It comes in three different sizes which have 35×47 inches, 47×53 inches, and 47×59 inches.

.  The thickness is up to 0.1 inches.

.  It is a transparent chair mat.


.  It is suitable for both medium and low pile floor covering.

.  Has a flat surface which aids in movement.

.  It is durable and easy to maintain.

.  There is no presence of toxic chemicals.

.  It is free from scratch.

.  Sticks to the floor.

.   It has integrated flexible spikes.


.  The surface of the mat has more friction.

5. Marvelux Polycarbonate Lipped Office Carpet Chair Mats

This chair mat has a modern look and can comfortably fit into any house with modern decorations. The material it is made of is known for its quality, thereby leaving the mat healthy for an extended period. The polycarbonate is purely 100%.

It can fit into a standard, medium, or low pile floor covering and still maintain its stunning looks. The product comes in different sizes and inches. It has a flat surface and non-curly edges and sticks well on the floor. The manufacturer made this mat to be thick.

It is transparent and not prone to scratch or cracks. It reduces leg muscle fatigue. This chair mat offers comfort while getting the paperwork sorted out.

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Key Features:

.  It has a modern design.

.  Made with 100% pure polycarbonate.

.  It can be used on both medium, standard, and low pile floors.

.  Comes in five different sizes of 30×48, 36×48, 47×53, 48×51, and 48×60 inches.

.  The thickness of this chair mat is 0.1 inches.


.  Durable and maintains its original look.

.  It does not slip.

.  The underneath is built with flexible studs.

.  It has a flat surface.

.  It has an attractive design.


.  Sitting on it may cause stone-grinding sounds.

6. Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mats

Do not be worried about the name and no; it will not break when you seat on it. It carries more weight than a plastic chair mat. This chair mat is purchased more than the regular plastic chair mats. The durability and strong nature are top-notch.

It comes in different sizes to suit every office. The weight capacity of this glass chair mat is 1000 lbs. Most of the plastic chair mats we know cannot cover this capacity. It does not slip out of the position it is being kept. It is thick and sticks to the floor.

Also, the product lasts for an extended period while maintaining its original form. It does not scratch. This chair mat is suitable for any floor type. You can easily use and keep this chair mat. With its glossy surface, you can quickly move your chair on it with ease.

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Key Features:

.  Made from quality tempered glass.

.  Comes in three different sizes of 36, 50, and 60 inches.

.  Its weight capacity is 1000 lbs.

.  It is not made with toxic chemicals.

.  Comes with a lifetime warranty.

.  It weighs 38.6 pounds.


.  Can be suitable for any floor.

.  Its exterior look is attractive.

.  It is durable and liable.

.  Pocket friendly.

.  Can easily be used and maintained.

.  It does not slip.

.  It is not prone to scratch and cracks.


.  Might require some extra care for maintenance.

7. Starcounters Office Carpet Chair Mats

This is a plastic chair mat for your medium-pile carpet. It is made from the finest quality materials that last over time. It is also suitable for your health because it relieves fatigue from your leg muscles.

Getting to work will not be that difficult because this chair mat gives premium comfort and convenience. It is made with 100% polycarbonate and does not sustain scratch or cracks.

It is made to be very thick and durable. No toxic chemicals are used in its production. It can be recycled if the need arises. It sticks very well to the floor, and the edges do not rollover. The underside is made with flexible studs which makes the chair mat firm on the floor. The flat surface enables the chair to move freely on it.

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Key Features:

.  It is a transparent plastic mat.

.  It is made with 100% polycarbonate.

.  The underneath is made with flexible studs.

.  Comes in 36×48×⅛ inches.

.  It is an anti-fatigue mat.


.  It does not skip.

.  The material used in the production is of high quality.

.  It is thick and durable.

.  Sticks to the floor.

.  It has a flat surface.

.  Can be recycled.

.  It was not made with any toxic chemicals.


.  It has just one size.

8. Double Check Crystal Carpet Chair Mats

When it comes to chair mats, the weight is of great advantage because it indicates the quality of the material used in making it. Don’t change your mind on a chair mat because you feel that the weight is much.

This chair mat has a heavy and thick structure. The chair is made from premium polycarbonate. It does not crack nor scratch because of this reason. This mat guarantees comfort and enables you to roll that chair around your workspace.

When placed on the medium-pile carpet, it sits perfectly on the floor and never leaves the position. The edges of this chair mat do not come up because of the presence of a stiff material during its production.

It is a transparent mat that does not contain toxic chemicals. It comes in two different shapes of rectangle and rectangle with lip. You can easily make your choice.

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Key Features:

.  It is made from a premium polycarbonate.

.  It is a transparent mat.

.  Comes in two shapes.

.  Weight capacity is 200 lbs.

.  Thickness is ⅛ inches.

.  The size of the chair mat is 36×48 inches.


.  It is thick and heavy.

.  It is durable.

.  Does not break nor crack.

.  It has a flat surface for easy movement.

.  Can be used on medium and low pile carpets.

.  It does not contain any toxic chemicals.


.  It does not come in different sizes.

Buying Guide for Chair Mat For Medium Pile Carpet

Assessing the Type of Your Carpet

Before buying a chair mat, it is advisable to know the type of carpet you own. Knowing it will help you buy the right chair mat for it. Purchasing a chair mat that is compatible with your carpet will make it pop and leave no errors or complications.

Type of Chair Mats

This is essential when choosing a chair mat. You should consider the type of rug to use by taking note of yourself that is making use of it. In essence, if your weight is much, then you should go for a glass tempered chair mat. If you experience arthritis, then you should go for an anti-fatigue chair mat.

The Size of the Chair Mats

You should consider the size of the chair mat. If you have ample working space, then a big sized chair mat will fit perfectly and also aid in moving around your working space. You can also consider the chair mats with lip because they work the extra mile to protect the area under your desk.

The Material of the Chair Mats

Some manufacturers might make use of toxic chemicals to produce a chair mat which will pose a risk when purchased. It is essential to note the materials used in making the chair mats before it is shopped.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Different Types of Chair Mats

Chair mats come in types and forms. Mostly, there are tempered glass chair mats; which are the heaviest and toughest, polycarbonate chair mats, PVC chair mats, and cushioned foam chair mats. These are the most popular of them all.

How do I Clean my Chair Mat

You can simply use a damp cloth and gently wipe the surface of your chair mat. Chemicals should be avoided.


During work hours, either at home or in the office, total concentration is needed for the best results.

Chair mats go a long way to see to that. It doesn’t just make you move freely with your recliner; it also relieves muscle pains and lets you work efficiently for long hours.

Purchasing it can also take a while because you need to pick out the best product. This article gives you more insights and serve as a guide.

This finely selected list of chair mats can guarantee you the comfort you need.