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Best Kitchen Mats for Hardwood Floors in 2021

Having a hardwood floor in the kitchen added to its beauty. The downside is that, the wood can easily scratch or warm liquid can spill on it causing damage in the long run. One way to protect the hardwood in your kitchen is to place a floor mat.

There are different types of kitchen mats for hardwood floors out there. Choosing the best product matters a lot. First, it will increase the beauty of your kitchen, protect the floor from scratch and liquid spill.

In this post, we have outlined a list of best kitchen mats for hardwood floors for you to pick from. For each product, we mention its unique features, pros and cons. Also, the later part of the post contains a buying guide to help if you want to pick a product outside our list.

Best Kitchen Mats for Hardwood Floors

  • Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Mat
  • Kangaroo Original Standing Mat Anti-fatigue
  • Camoone Non-Slip Kitchen Mat
  • iDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat
  • iCustomRug Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat
  • GelPro Classic Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat
  • Oasis Kitchen Leather Grain Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mat and Kitchen Rug
  • Casa Pura Anti-Fatigue Thick Kitchen Mat

1. Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Mat

The quality of this mat made it find its way to my list. I didn’t have to stress myself looking for it because its quality speaks for itself. Another feature it has is its comfort. Walking on it will be so pleasant that you would want to do it every day. It also has an amazing feature that absorbs moisture from the mat and resists water.

It is soft and can be so convenient to use. Do not bother about tripping over it because it comes with a super slip bottom that wouldn’t let that happen. It is also designed with a beveled edge that would never let you trip. This mat would not even dare collect your pet hairs or random specks of dirt. You can easily get rid of those.

The manufacturer focused more on the materials it’s been made of rather than the design because it is eco-friendly and free of any form of toxic chemicals that are harmful to the human body. They always come in plain and simple looks to deliver their best.

It is also long-lasting and durable. The upper part of the mat is built with rubber to ensure that your cute feet are relieved. In Toke it as simple as it should be, more than 6 plain colors have been made to match any hardwood kitchen floor.  Three new patterned designs have been made as well based on popular demand to suit a white marbled kitchen.

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Key Features:

.        It is made of rubber

.        Comes in 6 plain colors of light and dark tones.


.        Resists liquid and absorbs heat.

.        It consists of varieties of designs both plain and patterned.

.        Made of eco-friendly materials.

.        It is very durable.

.        Relieves pressure on muscles and spines.


.        The rubber material attracts dust particles.

2. Kangaroo Original Standing Mat Anti-fatigue

This mat will not just be offering its softening feature to you, it will also offer firmness to your feet and support you till you are done with your cooking. It is durable and safe to use. You can effectively stand for hours in the kitchen without feeling any pains. This is possible because of the high concentration of foam while manufacturing the mat.

It also has a waterproof filter which is certainly needed because a little or more drops of water can easily pour on the mat while cooking. No toxic chemicals can be traced on this mat. It comes in different sizes as well, ranging from 20 inches to 70 inches. This is a good thing because it is one of the things we consider before buying a mat.

Its designs and colors are honestly good and welcoming. This will be necessary when buying your mat, to easily select the one that will perfectly fit your kitchen. It is also built with a beveled edge to prevent you from tripping. It is lightweight which makes it easy for easy movement.

Underneath the mat, you would notice that it was enhanced by netting to promote firmness. You also don’t have to worry about stress and fatigue, because it is anti-fatigue which relieves stress.

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Key Features:

.        It is made in different sizes of 20 to 70 inches.

.        The manufacturer concentrated on netting the mat.

.        Built with a waterproof filter.

.        Has beveled edges.

.        It is an anti-fatigue mat.


.        It is long-lasting.

.        Pocket friendly.

.        It reduces stress and fatigue.

.        Very light.

.        It comes with a whopping 10-year guarantee.

.        The exterior design is very attractive.


.        The mat may start creeping after some time.

3. Camoone Non-Slip Kitchen Mat

With Camoone Non-Slip Kitchen Mat being one of the best kitchen mats for hardwood floors on my list, then there must be something coming. Well here is one good solution for your large spaced hardwood floor. This mat met all the standards of flooring, be it tiles or ceramic. You surely have nothing to worry about.

Thus mat would be so stable that most times you will forget that you have been walking on it. It is non-slip and you don’t have to be extra careful. It holds your feet very firmly. Also, the product is water-resistant, so that water has got nothing on it. It comes in different colors, the perfect colors for your kitchen.

The design as well is mouthwatering. It has been built with human-friendly materials and not toxic chemicals.

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Key Features:

.        It is assembled with a waterproof filter.

.        Suitable for all flooring.


.        It is durable.

.        Very affordable.

.        Not made with any toxic chemicals.

.        It is non-slip.

.        Comes in different designs and colors.


.     Looks like it is made of plastic.

4. iDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat

This mat can help you get rid of your stressful and strenuous activities in your kitchen. It gives total comfort which makes your work easier to carry out. This InterDesign Is built with a lofty quality. It comes with a non-skid bottom which hinders users or anyone that comes in contact with the mat from falling over.

It comes with a traditional and simple layout that will be suitable for any kitchen setting. Its Stylish looks will leave anyone staring at it. Added to the looks, its durability is also at it sits. The material used in the construction of the underside is a quality TPE material.

It is made of real bamboo as the name implies which is capable of lasting for a long period is further configured to resist water, no amount of water used in the kitchen can run through its finely constructed fabric border or the bottom. The size and the shape it comes in are desirable for any kitchen at all. Be it a small kitchen or a vast one, it will surely fit in.

Now don’t think that cleaning and sustaining the mat would require using a powerful chemical and a machine. You can only achieve your cleaning with a wet cloth and soapy water. This will get your mat as good as new. It is a bonus if your hardwood floor is also made of bamboo. It will enhance the look.

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Key Features:

.        Built with a water resistance filter.

.        Also, it has a non-skid feature.

.        It is built with natural bamboo.

.        Has a fabric boundary.

.        It comes in three sizes.


.        Doesn’t slip.

.        The design of the mat is attractive.

.        It is durable.

.        Pocket friendly.

.        Has a traditional look.

.        It is great for any space in the home.


.        Might seem big for a small kitchen floor.

5. iCustomRug Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

This mat is very popular among kitchen mats for hardwood floors. Its durability is top-notch and highly built with long-lasting natural materials with outstanding quality. It doesn’t wear out or tear up.

With its anti-fatigue feature, you can rest your feet while working on your normal routine in the kitchen. The hours you spend making that favorite meal will turn to minutes.

Have I mentioned that it is water and stain-resistant? No, I haven’t. With the high spillage of water and soups in the kitchen that all go straight to your mat would not be the order of the day anymore.

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Key Features :

.        It is made with Polyurethane Memory Foam.

.        Has beveled edges.

.     It comes in six designs.


.        Gives comfort.

.        Has water and stain resistance features.

.        It is easy to clean and maintain.

.        Quite affordable.

.        The materials used for the mat are soft and durable.


.        The delivery services are quite slow.

6. Gel Pro Classic Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat

This mat is made with a gel material that serves as a comfort when you stand on it. Long hours of standing can hardly be felt when using this mat. It helps the knees, toes and calves to heal from stress.

This product has a beveled edge that prevents anyone from tripping. The materials used in the making of this mat is highly durable and trusted. It has a stain and water-resistant feature and cleaning and maintaining the mat is be easy.

Aside from its numerous features, it is famous and widely used and known by people. It has been featured on Television shows and has also bagged a certificate by NFSI. The support and comfort that this mat provides is something to recognize.

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Key Features:

.        Made from gel core.

.        The beveled edges are made of quality rubber material.

.        Comes in 16 different colors and patterns.

.        It comes in three sizes.


.        Easy to clean.

.        It is water and stain-resistant.

.        Has beveled edges.

.        Has a non-skid feature.


.        It might require extra care and maintenance.

7. Oasis Kitchen Leather Grain Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mat and Kitchen Rug

This mat is highly supportive and can be a pillar when the kitchen chores are much. It is durable. Its comfort level is at its peak as well. The materials used in the making of this mat are top-notch. Even after long term usage, it still comes out to look shiny.

It has beveled edges that prevent injury or tripping. It is thick when held. The design is attractive and will not let you look away without a purchase.

Its portable size is compatible with any kitchen at all and still end up leaving an attractive look. It has a water and stain resistance feature.

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Key Features:

.        It is built with beveled edges.

.        Has water-resistant features.

.        It comes in five colors.


.        Protects the feet from tripping.

.        Easy to use and maintain.

.        It is affordable.

.        Comfortable and durable.

.        It suits all kitchen floors.

.        Made of non-toxic materials.

8. Casa Pura Anti-Fatigue Thick Kitchen Mat

This mat possesses a ¾-inch polyurethane gel foam. I need not tell you that comfort is coming all way. This mat effortlessly aids in the preparation of that long meal or baking without allowing those feet to hurt. The convenience of using this mat is epic.

Coupled with comfort, it is durable and the material used in the making of this mat is a quality one. Not even sharp objects can penetrate this mat.

It can be used on any floor, the structure made underneath the mat is responsible for this factor. It has a beveled edge that allows anything to pass freely without force or tripping.

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Key Features:

.        It has beveled edges.

.        Made with ¾-inch polyurethane gel foam.

.        It can take in the weight of 460 pounds.


.        Gives total comfort.

.        It is an Anti-Fatigue mat.

.        It is durable.

.        Suitable for all kitchens.


.        The foam may compress when stood on for long.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Kitchen Mat for your Hardwood Floor

A Gel or Foam Mat

Before making purchases, it is important to decide on the type of foam that you need. Some can be made with foam, gel or both. The ones made with both gel and foam is recommended. The materials that are used in making it lasts long and the comfort is usually top-notch.

The Types and Sizes

This is important as well. Kitchen mats are not the only type of mat in existence and choosing from them can be difficult. There are area rugs, anti-fatigue mats, floor runner mats among others. It is important to choose from one that covers your kitchen floor perfectly. The size should not be too big, but simple and nice.

Easy to Clean

The complicated mats can look nice but maintenance is necessary for it to last long. Look for a mat that you can easily take seconds to clean after a long day of cooking.

The Design

There is a traditional and modern look when it comes to mats. Remember to choose one that suits your floor and kitchen concept. A traditional house should have a traditional mat. Above all, quality is essential.


The kitchen is where water spillage is constant and getting a mat that can resist water should be a good idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Mats are Recommended for Hardwood Floors

Go for Natural Fiber Mats because they are tightly and finely woven to prevent specks of dirt and clouds of dust from infiltrating. Synthetic rugs are recommended as well because they are made from harmless raw materials.

Are Gel Pro Kitchen Mats Safe for Hardwood Floors

Yes, it is safe to use and maintain. It is a good source of comfort in the kitchen. This is as a result of the gel it is filled with. It soothes the floor so well and leaves it with no scratch or stain.


This Whole illustrations and considerations should be your guide when you need to purchase a kitchen mat because when it is all put in place, it will select the best out of it all.

Apart from the functions of a mat in every kitchen, it doesn’t fail to bring out more beauty and color in the kitchen. You should consider making that kitchen of yours look glamorous.