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Best Mop for Concrete Floors 2021

Cleaning a concrete floor is a stressful task on its own. Choosing the right mop for this task can save you time and make the process less stressful. We have compiled a list of the best mop for concrete floors. There are different kinds of concrete mops out there, ranging from dust mops to wet mops and spray mops coupled with steam mops. Choosing the right mop for your task can be confusing especially for a first-time buyer. But with the help of this top concrete mop that is selected out of the thousands, it makes the process easy for you. 

These mops can effortlessly handle those tough stains on your concrete floor that has been so hard to get off. Keeping your floor clean will intensify their longevity and make them appear astonishing.

Best Mop for Concrete Floors

  • O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket Floor Cleaning System
  • BISSELL PowerFresh Floor Steamer for Concrete Floors
  • Microfiber Turbo-Mops Dust Mop
  • Professional Wholesale Microfiber Mop
  • Mopnado Deluxe Mop
  • O-Cedar Flip Mop
  • Yocada Sponge Mop
  • JINCLEAN Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop

1. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket Floor Cleaning System

This concrete mop has excellent features that to help make your cleaning process easy and fast. The brand itself is a popular one when it comes to crucial tools for household cleaning. This mop is yet another cool product from them.

The product comes with a bucket and a mop. The bucket comes with a built-in wringer and also a pedal that allows you clean with ease. This is convenient at its peak. All you have to do is to scrub and enable the wringer to squeeze the water out.

This concrete mop also comes with a splash guard that makes sure that no spilled water is left on the floor while cleaning is done. It can get that toughest stain out of your concrete floor within a short time.

The triangular shape of the mop head makes it easier for it to maneuver to any corner in the house. This mop is also capable of removing 99% of bacteria as it cleans the floor with just water.

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 Key Features:

.  Comes with a built-in wringer to aid hands-free cleaning.

.  Its head has a triangular shape.

.  Comes with pedals that control the moisture level.

.  Built with a splash guard.


.  Can wipe off 99% of bacteria with water.

.  It can clean the hidden corners of the house due to its triangular shape.

.  It is durable.

.  Water does not spill when cleaning takes place.

.  It cleans tough specks of dirt easily.

.  The mop head is flexible and can rotate at 360 degrees.

.  It can be used on any floor.


.  The splash guard might be in danger if exposed to sunlight.

2. BISSELL PowerFresh Floor Steamer for Concrete Floors

This concrete mop is capable of not only making your concrete floor clean but also sanitizing it and leaving no germs behind. This mop cleans the concrete floors to perfection, removing tough stains with no chemicals. It comes with a flip scrubber that aids in removing tough stains.

Also, the product has three steam controls that range from low, medium, and high steam which is left for you to choose from one that suits your floor. It also has a steering foot energy cord that aids in proper movement.

This concrete mop is packaged with many attachments like a carpet glider, a whopping two fragrance discs for a pleasant scent, a scrubby pad microfiber, and also a soft pad microfiber. All these accessories work together to see that you get a clean concrete floor at the end of each cleaning.

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Key Features:

.  Comes with an energy cord that is 23 inches long.

.  It comes with a soft pad and scrubby pad microfiber.

.  Packaged with two fragrance discs.

.  It comes with a carpet glider.

.  The energy rating is 1500 watts.

.  Has three steam controls.


.  It is durable.

.  Sanitizes the floor while cleaning.

.  Removes tough stains.

.  It is pocket friendly.


.  It can’t work effectively on other floors.

3. Microfiber Turbo-Mops Dust Mop

This is one of the best mops for concrete floors that is perfect for your home. It cleans your concrete floors well with no traces of stains. It is a microfiber mop that needs not be taught its job.

With all the features that it possesses, it is still lightweight and allows you to clean your whole house with ease. It gives so much convenience when being used.

It is made with aluminum alloy that makes sure you use the mop all the long years of your life. Also, it is very long-lasting due to the materials used in its production. The extra scrubbing pads can be reusable and are machine friendly.

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Key Features:

.  Can be controlled using both wet and dry modes.

.  It also comes with two added refills for your microfiber cleaning.

.  Packaged with two additional scrubbing pads.

.  It is made with aluminum alloy.


.  Suitable for any type of floor but best for concrete floors.

.  Light weight which makes it easier to clean the whole house comfortably.

.  Affordable and durable.

.  The aluminum used in production has high quality.

.  It is bagged with a 360 rotating spin head.

.  It is machine washable.


.  The handle tends to slide down most times.

4. Professional Wholesale Microfiber Mop

This mop can aid in easy cleaning because it possesses a swivel mop head that reaches hidden corners in the room. Most concrete mops do not have this feature.

It comes with an exceptional cleaning pad that is made out of fine materials for daily cleaning. The product is packaged with two mob pads that are made with microfiber for wet cleaning, coupled with two premium microfiber clothes. This concrete mop is suitable for every floor. This mop can go as far as cleaning your ceiling and removing all stains.

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Key Features:

.  It comes with two mop pads for wet cleaning and two extra microfiber cloths.

.  Has swivel mop heads.

.  It has an adjustable stainless steel mop handle.

.  Weighs 4.65 pounds.


.  It is durable.

.  Pocket friendly.

.  The mob head can clean the hidden corners of the house.

.  It can obliterate tough stains.

.  Machine washable.

.  The cleaning frame can cover a large floor surface for faster cleaning.


.  The cleaning liquid capacity is not high.

5. Mopnado Deluxe Mop

This mop has a built-in spin agitator, while using its microfiber bristles, this concrete mop spins very fast and removes tough stains from the floor. The spinning head makes it easier to clean the floor faster and better, and you will have your floor sparkling in minutes.

The handle is made with durable stainless steel which will serve you for an extended period. The handle can be extended to prevent you from bending over to reach those corners of your room. This mop comes with a replaceable mop head that can easily be changed.

The product comes with a wheels for easy movement. A dual-sided bucket is also present for your cleaning solutions. All these features and more guarantee efficient and effective cleaning.

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Key Features:

.  It has a spinning head.

.  The mop handle is made of stainless steel.

.  The handle can be extended from 47 inches to 56 inches.

.  It comes with two 14 inches replaceable mop heads.

.  Comes with a 14 inches scrubbing brush.


.  It is durable.

. Capable of cleaning tough stains.

.  It has an extendable handle that can aid in cleaning.

.  The mop has wheels for easy movement while cleaning.

6. O-Cedar Flip Mop

This is a second product coming from O-Cedar, and they are recommended because of its exceptional features. It looks simple and works effortlessly. This concrete mop is affordable to purchase irrespective of the features.

It has a flip-ahead feature that helps the mop to possess both dry and wet cleaning mode and a double-sided microfiber. It comes with a 360-degree rotating head that cleans up the dark corners of your concrete floor.

The microfiber pads can be used and washed up to 100 times; this is where the value of your money surfaces. This mop scrubs the floor with its scrubbing strips. It picks up pet hairs as it cleans. With its design and simplicity, a lot can be done with this mop.  

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Key Features:

.  Comes with a flip ahead feature.

.  It performs dry and wet cleaning mode.

.  Has a 360-degree rotating head.

.  It comes with scrubbing strips.

.  Can be seen in dense blue.


.  It is simple and easy to use and maintain.

.  Does not need power or a bucket to function.

.  It removes tough stains from the floor surface.

.  Has an attractive and straightforward design.

.  It is pocket friendly.

.  Picks up pet hairs.

.  The microfiber pads can be washed up to 100 times.


.  It is not suitable for all floors.

7. Yocada Sponge Mop

This concrete mop makes use of a sponge to give your floor that sparkling look. This is one unique mop that functions more than the regular pad concrete mops that you have come across. A trial will prove this fact.

It is usually easy to clean while making use of this sponge mop. This product can clean any concrete floor effortlessly. The sponge that this mop possesses is removable and can be washed and put back in place. Two other sponge heads are packaged together with the mop.

The sponge is made with a honeycomb design, and with that, the mop can absorb water or any liquid on the floor. With this sponge, your concrete floor dries instantly after you’re done cleaning. It has an iron handle with telescopic nature which can be stretched to the desired length.

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Key Features:

.  Comes with a squeegee for cleaning up specks of dirt.

.  It is a sponge mop.

.  Comes with two extra sponge heads.

.  The sponge is built with a honeycomb design that helps it to absorb liquid.

.  It comes with an iron handle that can be extended from 42.5 inches to 52 inches.


.  Gets rid of the specks of dirt quickly.

.  The sponge is removable and easy to wash and put back.

.  It is easy to use and maintain.

.  The design is eye-catching.

.  It is affordable.


.  It can be quite heavy after soaking up water.

8. JINCLEAN Industrial Class Cotton Floor Mop

This concrete mop is a cotton floor mop that cleans dry and wet clouds of dust or stains from your floor. Also, it can be used for both home and office concrete mop. It is budget-friendly, so think more of its features.

The mop heads come in two sizes that you can conveniently choose from that suits your cleaning and space. It has an adjustable stainless steel handle made of telescopic nature.

Since the mop head is removable, it came with one-touch technology for fast assembling.

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Key Features:

.  The mop head is made with cotton.

.  The mop head comes in two sizes of 24 inches and 36 inches.

.  Product handle is made of stainless steel.

.  The mop head frame is built with one-touch technology.


.  Suitable for all floors.

.  It is pocket friendly.

.  Has an adjustable handle.

.  It can clean hidden corners around the house.

.  Removes tough stains from any surface.


.  Litters might stick on the cotton threads.

Factors to Consider before Choosing a Mop for Your Concrete Floors

Type of Mop

Since there are different mops out there, choosing the right one for your need is essential. Mops come in Wet or Dry mode, Steam modes, and Bucket-based mode. Before you make a choice, it is essential to know what best suits your floor.

The Head Material of the Mop

Microfiber pads can perform an excellent job because they clean off specks of dirt and dusts easily. It is recommended to go with a mop head that can easily fit into a hidden space or corner that a regular cleaning head cannot pass through. This will ensure total cleaning and convenience.

Ease of Use

Controlling of steam controls and emptying of the dirt tank should be checked appropriately in a mop. Cleaning is best done with convenience to ensure a sparking floor so a mop with less workload is advised.


There is a need for ensuring value for money. A long-lasting mop is less complicated because it will save you the stress of having to go for a new mop shopping. A mop with a warranty should not be harmful to consider.


Buying a mop that is easy to carry can aid in effective cleaning. Long hours of cleaning will be long gone in existence when you purchase a light mop. Stress can also be avoided with a lightweight concrete mop. With the right weight, a fast and thorough cleaning is guaranteed.

Handle Length

You should buy a mop that has extendable or a reasonable handle length that will make you clean without having to bend. If this is not considered, you can end up developing back pains after each cleaning is done. The handle length should be able to match your height to achieve a less stressful cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Hot or Warm Water for Your Concrete Floor?

Hot water should be considered as a negative factor when it comes to concrete floors. You can use any cleaning liquid on a concrete floor but not hot water because it might leave a crack afterward. Mildly warm water should be used instead.

Can You Mop Your Painted Concrete Floor?

A painted concrete floor can be mopped, but you should bear in mind that are some necessary precautions to take. A chemical cleaning liquid should be avoided when cleaning a painted concrete floor. Dusting the floor and then using water and a mild cleaner can get your floor sparkling.


Choosing a comfortable and convenient concrete mop will be of great advantage to you. With the help of the listed concrete mops and tips to consider before purchasing a mop, it can be achieved.

The right concrete mop with additional accessories will be a bonus. Take note of how you want your cleaning to be done and achieving that with a compatible mop. This can be a step forward in having a clean home.