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4 Best Toilet Papers For Septic Tanks

If there is a septic tank in your home, you have probably wondered if the “safe for septic tank” claims by some toilet paper are true. Are all toilet papers the same? Or is there a secret in what makes toilet paper safe for your septic tank? 

Just like “flushable” wipes, most of which shouldn’t be flushed, what is on the packaging may not apply in practice. When you flush your toilet, its contents go into your septic tank. 

The solids such as toilet paper sink to the bottom and contribute to the “sludge layer” that builds up over time. Although natural bacteria will break down some of the sludge, the build-up is why you need to have your septic tank pumped regularly.

What Is Toilet Paper?

Toilet paper is an essential household item. Furthermore, you can find it in most bathrooms. Toilet paper is mostly used after you’ve used the toilet. This toilet paper consists of very soft and thin paper. People need it every time after using the toilet to clean themselves. This will help them cleanse themselves after getting the body rid of waste products and urine. 

There are other options for toilet paper. In Asia, for example, it is common for a water spray to be used in addition to or instead of toilet paper. This is a thin and absorbent paper that is usually rolled around a roll of paper. The roll of paper usually helps hold the toilet paper.

What To Look For In A Toilet Paper?

Generally, the best toilet paper for septic tanks is toilet paper that dissolves quickly into very small particles. This helps to minimize the amount of space it takes up once it reaches the septic tank. A bad toilet paper doesn’t dissolve fast. However, there are other factors to consider:

a. Recycled Toilet Paper

It is well known that recycled toilet paper contains fewer chemicals, such as bleach, that can upset the natural bacterial balance in the septic tank. The fibers in recycled paper are short and quickly break apart, so they dissolve faster in water.

b. Biodegradable Toilet Paper

The toilet paper usually breaks down once it reaches your septic tank. However, biodegradable types make use of less water to break down and dissolve much faster, making it a great choice to use with a septic tank. Unfortunately, biodegradable toilet paper isn’t as soft or thick as more luxurious alternatives and can be more costly. 

c. Septic-Safe Toilet Paper

Various types of toilet paper are labeled as “septic safe.” In general, this is meant to indicate that the toilet paper dissolves quickly. If you are skeptical about manufacturer labels, look for toilet paper that has been classified as septic-safe by the National Sanitation Foundation. This nonprofit organization tests different items for health and the environment.

Best Toilet Papers Recommended For Septic Systems

1. Charmin Ultra Strong Clean Touch Toilet Paper

Charmin Ultra Strong is not only woven like a washcloth but cleans better than the leading bargain brand. Also, It is four times stronger, and you can use less compared to the leading bargain brand. The Charmin Ultra Strong Family Mega Roll toilet paper provides a big, long-lasting roll because one of these toilet paper is about five times the regular rolls. 

2. Charmin Ultra Soft Cushiony Touch Toilet Paper

The Charmin Ultra Soft Family Mega Roll is known for its long-lasting and big roll that is the same as 5+ Regular Rolls for mega value. This brand of toilet paper has a unique cushiony touch making it difficult to resist! Also, it is twice more absorbent hence you can use less of it than the leading bargain brand. This Toilet paper is 2-ply and is certified septic-safe.

Some features to consider include:

a. 1 Charmin Family Mega Roll = 5+ Regular Rolls based on the number of sheets in Charmin Regular Roll bath tissue.

b. Also, a pack contains 24 Rolls (338 sheets per roll) of Charmin Ultra Soft Family Mega Roll toilet paper. 

c. It also Charmin’s softest 2-ply toilet paper ever made.

d. It is irresistibly soft toilet paper with a unique cushiony touch.

e. It is much more absorbent; hence you can use less vs. the leading bargain brand.

3. Cottonelle Ultra Clean Care Toilet Paper

This single-ply toilet tissue is unique. This is as a result of its design with a Wavy CleanRipple Texture that is three times thicker, stronger, and twice more absorbent when compared to the leading National Value Brand. Besides, Cottonelle Toilet Paper is made with the right balance of strength and softness, making it useful for cleaning. Lastly, for an effective clean, ensure to add Cottonelle CleanCare Flushable Wipes to your bathroom routine. Some of its features include:

a. It contains 36 family plus rolls, which equals 112 regular rolls, 224 sheets per toilet paper roll.

b. This paraben-free toilet paper is made from fibers that are 100% biodegradable.

4. Scott Sheets Per Roll Toilet Paper

This toilet paper is America’s longest-lasting roll. It can add more value when you use it at home. A toilet paper roll equals 1000 sheets. Additionally, Scott 1000 1 ply bathroom tissue dissolves quickly. This makes it favorable to your plumbing and an excellent option for sewer and septic tanks. Some of the features include:

a. It contains 27 toilet paper rolls with 1,000 sheets per roll, which is equal to 27,000 sheets.

b. It can also be used in your RV or boat.

Toilet Flushing Facts

a. Most toilet paper is designed to dissolve in water quickly, but products such as baby wipes, paper towels, cotton swabs, and feminine hygiene items should not be flushed.

b. Therefore to prevent toilet and sewer clogs, ensure you place a waste bucket in the bathroom for things that should not be flushed.

c. Ensure to make use of less toilet paper with Charmin. If compared to other brands, you will find that much Charmin is not required to get clean. 

d. You should keep the toilet lid closed to reduce the chance of objects accidentally falling into the toilet.

Note that toilet paper does not cause a sewage backup. The actual cause of clogging are as follows:

a. Foreign objects in the pipes such as baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, and children’s toys

b. Tree root intrusion in underground sewers

c. Damaged or misaligned sewer pipe sections

Why You Must Avoid The Use Of Low-Quality Toilet Papers 

Regardless of what waste is being carried, it will affect the performance of the septic tank. So it is essential to check what type of waste you are flushing out. Some wastes can be harmful to the beneficial bacteria in the tank and shouldn’t be flushed in the first place.

For example, low-quality toilet paper doesn’t dissolve but sinks to the bottom and builds up over time, putting the sewer system at risk. On the other hand, biodegradable toilet paper is designed to dissolve into tiny particles quickly.

This type of toilet paper does not harm the sewage system. Instead, it reduces the impact on the environment and keeps the ecosystem healthy. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a safe brand of toilet paper for septic tanks. 

What is the best toilet paper that is safe for your sewer system? If you want your sewers and septic tank to be in good condition, avoid ultra-thick, triple-ply, and heavy-duty toilet paper.

These types of paper are not suitable for the sewer system. Instead, replace them with one of the best septic-friendly toilet papers we’ve covered below.

Bio-Clean Drain Septic Bacteria

This is a unique combination of natural bacteria and enzymes specially developed for digesting dead organic waste in your sanitary system. Bio-Clean removes grease, hair, soap scum, food particles, paper, and cotton that clog your drain pipes. 

Bio-Clean does not digest or affect inorganic materials such as plastic pipes. Bio-Clean does not generate heat, fumes, or boils like dangerous chemicals. Bio-Clean is entirely safe for people, sanitary systems, septic tanks, and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Toilet Paper Dissolves The Best?

The Cascades are made from recycled paper. Toilet paper made from 100% recycled paper dissolves almost completely. It’s the best toilet paper. Recycled paper is not made up of long, strong fibers but relatively short fibers that quickly break up into short small pieces.

What Toilet Paper Do Plumbers Recommend?

Charmin is both clog-proof and septic-safe. Besides, it is cushiony and soft, and that is why Roto-Rooter approves Charmin! Furthermore, Charmin has been tested extensively in different homes to find out how flushable and clog-free it is.

What Should Not Go Into A Septic System?

Some household items can cause clogging and lead to further damages to your septic tanks at home. Hence it is necessary to avoid doing the following:

a. You must not flush nappies, condoms, sanitary wipes, and sanitary napkins down the toilet.

b. Avoid the use of hair dye, Exit Mold, commercial toilet, or “blue” cleaners.

c. Ensure you don’t use bleach or recycled toilet paper.

Final Thoughts 

In general, the ideal toilet paper for septic tanks is usually thin and does not contain a lot of chemicals. Make sure you check out the labels on the toilet paper packaging to be on the right path. Also, look for words like “septic-safe” or “septic-friendly.”

 And again, don’t forget to try only to use a sheet or two during each bathroom trip. This significantly limits the amount of paper that can go into your tank, which slows down the rate of filling up the septic tank.