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Best Vacuum For Long Hair in 2020

One thing you have to deal with when you have pets or kids at home is long hairs. Removing long hairs from floors and carpets can be annoying. Not just that, the fact that you can’t use your regular vacuum to remove long hairs is a major concern for most people. Using a regular vacuum to remove long hair can cause clog and damage the machine. That is why you need a vacuum specially made for the removal of long hair.

This post provides a list of the best vacuum for long hair we think you should check out. We considered factors like money, efficiency, and other specific features when compiling this list. Also, there are some factors you need to consider when making the final choice of the vacuum cleaner to purchase. We outlined those factors in detail in the latter part of this post.

Best Vacuum for Long Hair

  • Shark Navigator Pet Pro Upright ZU62
  • Shark IQ Robot Vacuum RV1001AE
  • Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010
  • Shark Apex Upright Vacuum With Zero-M AZ1002
  • Bissell ICONpet Cordless With Tangle Free Brushroll
  • Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, 33A1

Shark Navigator Pet Pro Upright ZU62

This product is best for people that have to constantly deal with a lot of pet hairs. It is a multiple surface vacuum that can be used on several flooring including carpet and bare floors. The product comes with a 2.8 quarts dust cup, upright vacuum suction, and 3XL capacity for long cleaning sessions. These features make for easy deep cleaning and make removal of long hair very easy. Also, the product is built to pick up both small and large dirt from your carpet.

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Specific Features

  • The product is lightweight at 16lbs.
  • A heap filter and anti-allergen seal technology to trap dust
  • It has a powerful upright vacuum suction
  • Has a 2.8 quarts capacity dust cup
  • It comes with Zero-M.
  • Has a 12 feet extendable hose.


  • It is lightweight and can easily be moved from one part of the house to another.
  • Comes with a long hose that makes covering inner corners in the room possible.
  • The Zero-M feature makes the removal of long hair easy.
  • You can complete a long cleaning session using this product without the need to stop and empty the dust cup.


  • The hose that comes with the product is stiff and it makes the machine tip when you fully extend the hose.

Shark IQ Robot Vacuum RV1001AE

The Shark IQ Robot is one of the best smart robot vacuums out there. It is built with features that make the removal of long pet and human hairs very easy. It is best to mention here that the product is quite pricey when you compare it to other products on this list. But be rest assured that, it is worth every dollar more you spend on it.

If you have limited time to clean up after your pet and kids then this product is the best for you. You can easily set up the robot vacuum while you continue your work. The product has a powerful airflow, brushroll, and suction that leaves your floor clean and polished. It also has different power modes to suit your cleaning need – Eco, Max and Normal. The large wheels attached to the vacuum makes navigating between floor types easy.

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  • It comes with large wheels
  • The product has 3 power modes
  • It has a bagless, auto-empty base.
  • The robot vacuum has a Voice or phone Command.
  • Self-Cleaning Brushroll
  • It has the Recharge & Resume cleaning feature.


  • You can schedule your cleaning time using the voice or phone command.
  • The powerful suction feature makes deep cleaning and hair removal easy.
  • The dust bin can hold dirt for up to 30 days.
  • Has a self-cleaning brushroll that removed hair wrap as it cleans.
  • The product is designed to automatically recharge and resume cleaning.


  • It is not recommended for cleaning a particular spot from a carpet.
  • Also, it is ideal for cleaning just a floor plan. You have to pick up the robot and plan on another floor if you have to clean multiple floors.
  • The dust cup is small at just 0.2 quarts.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, BH50010

This cordless vacuum is another prochoice for long hair removal. The product has an ‘Extreme Recline Handle’ which makes cleaning under furniture easy. Also, the product is battery powered and has a ‘Fuel Gauge’ on its handle that shows the battery level. It can be used on multiple floor types from carpet to hard floors.    

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Specific Features

  • The product is lightweight and weighs under 10 pounds.
  • It makes use of Fade free lithium battery and the battery can easily be changed.
  • Comes with an Edge Cleaning Bristles.
  • It has an extreme recline handle.
  • The product has a WindTunnel Tech for suction.


  • The product is cordless and can be used in cleaning different locations in the house.
  • It comes with a bagless design that can be disposed of with just a click of a button.
  • The battery life lasts enough for you to complete a cleaning cycle.
  • The Edge Cleaning Bristles makes the removal of hair and dust stress-free.


  • You have to empty the bagless compartment several times before you complete a cleaning cycle.
  • It doesn’t work well on rugs and carpets.
  • The battery gets weak over time.

Shark Apex Upright Vacuum With Zero-M AZ1002

The Shark Apex AZ1002 is a power vacuum that is specifically built for the removal of long hair. The product has a powerful suction tech and a 1.5 quarts dust cup. It has a Dual BrushRoll technology that deep cleans your floor and leaves a sparkling finish. You can use this product on both thick and low pile carpet and rug and bare floor. Also, you can adjust the brush roll spinning speed and suction to suit your cleaning need.  The product comes with an anti-hair feature that makes unwrapping tangled hair easy while cleaning.

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  • It has a Dual Brushroll System.
  • The Dust cup Capacity is 1.5 quarts.
  • It comes with a detachable canister.
  • It has an advanced HEPA filter and Anti-allergen complete seal technology.
  • The product has LED lights on its handle and floor nozzle.
  • It weighs just 17.1 lbs


  • It can be used on multiple floor surfaces.
  • It comes with a DuoClean feature that adds to its exceptional cleaning performance.
  • The nylon bristles attached to the back brush roller easily loosens hair and dirt embedded on a carpet.
  • With the detachable canister, you can extend the cleaner head to reach hidden corners in the house.
  • The Zero M self-cleaning brushroll makes for easy hair removal.
  • You can easily switch between different cleaning modes, which are, upright mode, above-flooring cleaning mode, and powered life-away mode.


  • The product is quite pricey but it is worth every dollar you spend on it.
  • You can’t adjust the suction to work on delicate fabrics like throw rugs.

Bissell ICONpet Cordless With Tangle Free Brushroll

This product is the second cordless vacuum for long hair on our list. The Bissell ICONpet is great if you have a pet with long hair. This product has the ICONpet and ICON pet pro and the main variation between both products is the attachments and battery voltage. It has a lower suction than other similar products but that doesn’t undermine its efficiency.

Also, the product is built in such a way that it becomes versatile to suit your cleaning needs. For instance, you can convert it as a handheld vacuum to clean stairs and upholstery. Likewise, you can connect the floor nozzle to the hand unit to clean your stairways. The large roller that comes with the product prevents pet hair tangles while cleaning.

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  • It has a Powerful Tangle-Free Brush Roll
  • It makes use of a 22v Lithium battery
  • The product has a high-performance digital motor that spins up to 42o miles per hour.
  • You can easily convert the product to a high reach or hand-held vacuum.
  • It has a Power button.
  • It has three power modes – High, medium, and low.
  • 4 hours charge time.
  • The product has a wall mount.


  • The product is cordless and can easily be moved from one location to another in your home.
  • It is efficient for removing long pet hairs.
  • You can easily switch power mode to suit your cleaning needs.
  • You get to save pets when you purchase this product. Because a percentage of the money is used to give a home to a homeless pet.


  • The battery is non-detachable.

Best Vacuum For Long Hair Under $100

If you are working on a budget and need to purchase a cheap vacuum for long hair removal, this section got you. Check out the product we listed below.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, 33A1

This handheld vacuum is a handheld product that is efficient when it comes to long hair removal. It is best used on surfaces like your upholstery, the interior of your car, and your stairs. It weighs less than 5 pounds making it easy to carry around while cleaning. This product comes in handy if you want to clean a not so large space.

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Specific Features

  • It has two nozzles.
  • It has a 16-foot power cord.
  • The product has a bagless design.
  • It also comes with a pet hair eraser
  • A cyclonic cleaning system for the hand vacuum.


  • It is lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • The product is very affordable.
  • Comes with a rubber nozzle that makes long hair removal very easy.
  • It comes with a long cord that helps with cleaning hidden corners in your room.


  • It can be noisy when in use.
  • It can only be used to clean a small area.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Vacuum For Long Hair

There are some specific features to look out for when purchasing a vacuum for long hair. These features will help you make the best choice. Most of the products we listed above have these features. But we want to point them out in case you want to buy a product that is not included in our list.

Size of Vacuum

The size of the vacuum is one factor you have to consider when making your choice. The size you choose will depend on the size of the space you have at home. For a larger living space, you will need a big sized vacuum. For a moderate living space, a smaller vacuum will serve the purpose.

Brush Roller Attachment

If you have a carpet or rug in your living space, then a brush roller is an important component. The brush roller helps to loosen dirt and debris embedded in your carpet. The con of having a brushroller is that for long hair removal is hair tangles which may be difficult to remove. It is best to go for a ‘Tangle Free Brushroll Vacuum’ or a ‘Self Cleaning Brushroller Vacuum’.

Suction Power of Vacuum

The suction power of a vacuum matters too. For hair removal, it is best to go for a vacuum with strong suction power. It easily pulls long hair trapped in between your carpet fiber. You may have to deal with clogging issues when you opt for a vacuum with weak suction power.

Bagless or Bagged Vacuum

This is another feature you have to look out for. Whether you opt for a bagless or bagged vacuum will depend on your specific needs. Both of them have their pros and cons. The bagless vacuum is known to have powerful suction.

The con is that, you have to deal with air pollutant issues. When going for a bagless vacuum, it is best to opt for one with a HEPA filter. Meanwhile, for the bagged vacuum, you don’t have to deal with air pollutants but they are known to have weaker suctions. While makes them not ideal for long hair removal.


Finally, you have to consider the attachments that come with your vacuum. For instance, some vacuum comes with a longer hose and wide nozzle attachments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference between Tangle Free Brushroll Vacuum’ and a ‘Self Cleaning Brushroller Vacuum’?

Tangle Free Brushroll is designed to prevent long hair from tangling around the roller brush. While Self-cleaning brushroller is designers to automatically cut and remove tangled hair on the brushroller.

What Vacuum Does not get hair tangled?

Vacuums that have either ‘Tangle Free Brushroll’ or a ‘Self Cleaning Brushroller does not get hair tangled.

Can I use any Vacuum To remove long hairs?

No. You can’t use any vacuum for long hair removal. You will end up damaging a vacuum not designed to handle long hair removal if you do so. There are some vacuums specifically designed to handle long hair removal.


As long as you have kids and pet (s) with long hairs, hair removal is one issue you have to consider. And not all vacuum can handle long hair removal. In this post so far, we have listed a good number of vacuums for long hair removal. Each of the vacuum listed here comes with unique features that serve a specific purpose. Also, we outlined some of the features to look out for when choosing a vacuum for long hair depending on your needs.