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Can You Use Pine Sol On Laminate Floors?

Laminate flooring is quite popular in its rights. It, of course, is for many reasons that range from its ability to provide an appearance of wood, and its inexpensive nature. Laminate flooring can be said to be one of the cheapest flooring materials out of all the existing materials. It makes it an awesome choice for persons working on a budget and hoping to create still flooring that comes with its style, ease in installation, and of course a straightforward type of maintenance.

It is multi-layer synthetic flooring that is put and placed together by a process known as lamination. Hence the name; “laminate floors.” It is known as the floating wood tile in the United States. The laminate flooring is also hygienic and contains an antimicrobial resin. It clearly shows that it does not withstand prolonged moisture and water spillage. It is, however, a great resistance against scratches.

Many often wonder about the right cleaning methods and materials to use on the laminate flooring. This question and many more would be discussed in this post.

Can You Use Pine Sol On Laminate Floors?

Yes. Pine-sol is a perfect fit for laminate floors. It is produced to remove tough stains, grease, soap suds, liquids of any kind including juice, and just about any stain you might need to clear off. It is best to know that the pine sol is made for about any type of finished hardwood floor. Also, it includes linoleum surfaces, glass surfaces, tiles, ceramics, carpet, and even granite surfaces. In other words, the pine sol is your universally approved and multipurpose cleaner.

Dirt builds up over some time can reduce the appearance quality of your floor. The dirt and particles make your floor shine less and give it a general unexciting appearance. The pine sol was designed to work through this dirt, get rid of it, work through the glow, and give off a beautiful appearance. So if looking for the right cleaning agent for your laminate flooring, the pine sol is one of the best cleaners out there to go for and use.

When using the pine sol, make sure to sweep your floors thoroughly. Add ¼ cup of pine sole to a gallon of water. You may or may not rinse off from the floor. For tougher stains, a little bit of added strength would be necessary to achieve a good outcome.

The Pine-Sol Cleaning Mop

Pine-sol has an actual cleaning mop that is recommended for your use alongside the pine sol cleaner. The use of a pine-sol mop is not mandatory. However, it is advisable if you hope to save your strength and time for other well-meaning activities. The mop comes with a wide head that takes up a lot of cleaning area while making sure to clean effectively. You may wonder if this mop is only made for wide spaces alone. It is not, and it is made for tight corners and spaces as well. The mop is designed to create a 180-degree movement.

The pine sol mop also comes with a spray bottle for your use. The pine sol cleaner can be mixed with the right amount of water and can be used while cleaning. The spray bottle itself is not automated and allows you maximum freedom by letting you control the amount of liquid that comes out at your selected time. The spray bottle is also properly sealed, and there would be no case of spillage during and after use. It gives you maximum control to flex your way through your cleaning. Your spray bottle can be mixed with whatever cleaner of your choice. But why use a pine sol mop without an all-purpose pine sol cleaner?

The pine sol mop also comes with a detachable head that is made with microfiber. It is also certified to be absorbent and scratch-free. There is no anxiety over messing up your laminate floor when using the pine sol mop. The pine sol mop can also be washed or rinsed over again without the fear of damages to the microfiber. The quality of pine sol mop cannot be questioned, and you are sure to be making the right investment for you and your laminate flooring.

How To Use The Pine-Sol Mop On My Laminate Floor

As stated earlier, laminate floors are quite like hardwood. And like hardwood, they require cleaning that must be done specifically in the proper manner. When not properly done or carried out, you are setting up your laminate flooring for long term damage that would cost you in the future. Cleaning your laminate flooring should be done daily. Major cleanups like using the pine sol mop and pine sol can be done weekly.

It is best to point out that traditional mops are a huge no for laminate floors. They do not only work best with laminate floors. They are also a huge moisture contributor to laminate floors. It is best to have a pine-sol mop and know how best it works with your flooring. There are steps to follow when using the pine sol mop.

Step 1.

The first step is to sweep your laminate floor. Don’t use a hard broom; rather use soft brooms that can do the job properly. Make sure not to leave dirt particles on the floor as this would only result in leaving streaks and scratching your floor after mopping. This step should not be missed or ignored when using your pine sol cleaner and mop.

Step 2.

The pine sol mop needs to be dampened with warm water. Allow the microfiber to be well moisture but not leaking with water.

Step 3.

Mix your pine sol cleaner with the right amount of water. It should be placed in the spray bottle and fastened securely.

Step 4.

Go ahead to mop your laminate flooring.

Step 5.

Your microfiber might get dirty after its entire job is to clean the dirt away. If this happens, it is okay to rinse your mop and continue moping right after.

Step 6.

This step is the final step many people often forget or ignore. After using your pine sol mop, you are to make sure it is properly rinsed and well-kept for the next use. This rinse is to ensure the longevity and hygiene of your pine sol mop.

The above steps are to be followed in the right manner as it saves you time, energy, and cost. It is also safe and prevents your laminate flooring from warping.

How To Prevent Your Laminate Floors From Dirt And Stains

i. Regular sweeping and cleaning cannot be negotiated. To keep your laminate floors looking fresh, clean, and shining, you need to invest in cleaning. Sweeping has to be regularly done to remove particles and dirt that result in floor scratching.

ii. Harsh cleaning products need to be avoided. The laminate flooring is sensitive, and any extreme cleaning product used on it would only result in a messy damaged look. Chemicals like bleach and lemon should be avoided. The laminate floor was also not made for polishing and waxing. You are to only clean the floors regularly in a simple manner listed above.

iii. Heavy furniture should be placed on the top of a felt pad. Felt pads are products that allow for easy dragging and keep your laminate floor from scratching. Felt pads can be found in local stores around you. They also won’t create a hole in your pocket as they are not so expensive.

iv. Heating and air conditioning must be on at the appropriate time and period. Laminate floors are prone to expansion and contraction when exposed to harsh weather. To control this, you should be able to run the right temperature during the season. This temperature should be run on a normal level.

v. Doormats are a great choice for laminate floors. This doormat is to prevent external dirt particles from coming into your house. Make sure to keep outside shoes outside and inside shoes inside. It keeps your laminate floor safe.

vi. If you are a pet owner, make sure to cut the nails of your pets properly. Pets like dogs and cats are known to make scratches on the ground. To prevent this from happening, always take your pet for nail grooming regularly.

Best Cleaners For Laminate Floors

  • The pine sol cleaner
  • ZEP 1 Gallon hardwood and laminate floor cleaner
  • Rejuvenate all floors restorer
  • Better life naturally dirt-destroying floor cleaner
  • Floex deodorizing hardwood floor cleaner
  • Black diamond stoneworks laminate floor cleaner
  • Quick shine multi-surface floor finish
  • Bona stone, tile, and laminate floor care system

These floor cleaners have been certified to work best with laminate floors. They are quite accessible and can be gotten from shops around you or Amazon.


The laminate floor is not a bad choice of flooring. It is affordable and when used, can create an aesthetically pleasing environment for your home. The laminate floor is an investment you would not regret over the coming years. Also, the maintenance process for laminate flooring is easy and inexpensive. You can always use a Pine-Sol to clean your laminate floor together with a Pine-Sol mop. But you have to ensure you follow the proper process outlined in this post to get the best result.