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Can You Vacuum a Shag Rug?

Yes. You can vacuum a shag rug. But there is a need to be careful the way you go about using a vacuum on your shag rug. This post will provide all the tips you need on how to vacuum a shag rug the proper way.

Shag rugs have become one of the trending types of rug used in many homes in recent times. The rug is made from synthetic fiber material, making it an ideal option for heavy traffic floor areas. Most people call it the ‘Shaggy’ rug. The shag rug is known to have a longer fiber pile and a fluffy feel that adds to the beauty of the rug.  

How to Vacuum a Shag Rug

As mentioned earlier, you have to be careful when you vacuum a shag rug. Because of the delicate nature of a shag rug, the fiber can be sucked into the vacuum cleaner if you are not careful. Not just that, you can end up causing irredeemable damage to the rug if not handled carefully. Follow the steps below on the right way to vacuum your shag rug.

i. Shake Off the Shag Rug

The first step is to shake off the rug. You get to shake off the debris and dirt in the rug. The best way to do this is to take the rug outside. Shake as much as you can. If your shag rug is too large or cannot be moved, you can use a rug beater to remove the dirt and debris.

ii. Start the Vacuuming Process

The next step is to commence the actual vacuuming process. It is advisable to use the brush attachments instead of the vacuum cleaner. The brush attachments don’t come with rollers, so you won’t have to deal with entanglements. The brush attachment picks the dirt and debris. Another option is to use purchase a vacuum cleaner specifically made for Shag carpets***.

You may have to run the vacuum cleaner over the same spot a couple of times to get the desired result.

Tips to Help You Vacuum your Shag Rug Better

i. Pick Up Any Item That Can Spoil Your Vacuum Cleaner

This doesn’t apply for a smaller shag rug because you can take the rug outside and shake off the debris. But for a larger shag rug that can’t be moved, it is advisable to pick off items like toys or other items that can be sucked into the vacuum cleaner. You may end up spoiling your vacuum cleaner if you skip this step.

ii. Empty the Canister or Bag

Before you start your cleaning process, ensure you empty the canister or bag. Your vacuum can’t work properly if you don’t empty the canister. The dirt will block the suction power of your vacuum. This can result to overheating in most cases which will end up spoiling your vacuum.

iii. Vacuum the Bottom side of your Shag Rug

You can flip your rug over and vacuum the underside of your rug to loosen the debris and dirt. It will make the actual cleaning easier.

iv. Ensure you Use the Right Attachment

Using the right attachment is very essential when it comes to cleaning your shag rug with a vacuum. You will need the two-step vacuum attachment for cleaning a shag rug. The first is the powerhead, while the brush attachment is needed for the second step.

How to Make a Shag Rug Fluffy Again

As you continue to use your shag rule, you will notice that it will gradually lose its fluffy nature. What is a shag rug without its fluffy nature? One quick way to make your shag rug fluffy again is to use a vacuum cleaner on your rug. A vacuum cleaner automatically restores the fluffy nature of your shag rug. You have to be careful when using a vacuum cleaner of a shag rug to avoid damaging the rug. But when used carefully, you will not only remove the debris and dirt on the rug but also make it fluffy. Another option to make your shag rug fluffy is to use a rug beater.

How to Maintain a Shag Rug

Maintaining a shag rug can be more complicated than maintaining any other type of rug. The tips below will help you maintain your shag rug easily

i. Avoid Using in a High Traffic Area

It is best not to place your shag rug in a high traffic area. The delicate nature of a shag rug makes cleaning it a bit difficult. So it is best not to use it in a high traffic area to avoid regular cleaning.

ii. Shake Off Regularly

Shaking off helps to remove debris, dirt, and dust trapped in a shag rug. Ensure you shake off your rug regularly.

iii. Deep Clean Once In a While

Shaking off doesn’t replace the need to deep clean your shag rug. Shaking alone cannot remove all the dirt and dust on the rug. So it is advisable to deep clean your shag rug once in a while. You can apply the steam cleaning or dry bath methods to achieve this.

Can you Put a Shaggy Rug in the Washing machine?

Yes, you can put a shaggy rug in a washing machine. But that will depend on the size of the shag rug and that of the washing machine. But it is recommended you use a steam cleaner to deep wash your shag rug instead of a washing machine.


There are several ways to clean a shag rug. Washing, steam cleaning, vacuuming, dry bath, shaking are some of the popular methods for cleaning a shag rug. But the focus of this post is cleaning via vacuuming. The process of how to vacuum a shag rug has been outlined in detail in this post. You have to be careful throughout the entire process to avoid spoiling the rug and your vacuum cleaner.

The best option when it comes to cleaning a shag rug is to use a rug rake instead of a vacuum cleaner. But if you don’t have any rug rake handy, then a vacuum cleaner can still do the job. On a final thought, you can also hire a professional cleaning company to handle this process for you. Have you tried to clean your shag rug using a vacuum cleaner? Can you share your results in our comment section to help our readers?