Stanton Carpet: 7 Facts You Should Know

Stanton carpet is one of the top carpet brands in the market today. The carpet has fascinating features, colors, styles, and patterns for any home. The Stanton carpet corporation was built to bring styles and value to the carpet market.  About Stanton Carpet History  Over the past 30 years, Stanton has made their mission come … Read more

Stark Carpet: 7 Facts To Know

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Helios Carpet: 6 Facts You Should Know

Helios carpet has been in existence for quite some time.  Since then they have specialized in creating carpets in different forms, shapes and sizes that will fit into anyone’s choice. They are in, to create unique colors, produce extraordinary textures and make unending patterns. Their innovation and imaginations when producing carpets did not stop them … Read more

Seagrass Carpet: 9 Facts You Should Know

Some of the common materials for carpets include nylon, polyester, wool, triexta, acrylic, and olefin. These are good options, but have you considered the Seagrass carpet? The Seagrass is a plant most common to the underwater meadows of the Asia-Pacific region. And no Seagrass is not the same thing as seaweed. Unlike the latter, it … Read more

What To Do With Stairs After Removing Carpet

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Sisal Carpet Review, Features, Cost, Pros and Cons

There are several materials available to make carpets, nylon, acrylics, and so on. The Sisal carpet as the name implies, is made from sisal. The sisal is a plant native to southern Mexico and some parts of East Africa. It has several uses like the making of ropes, twines, and baskets. Of course, it is … Read more

How to get Flarp out of Carpet

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Fabrica Carpet Review, Cost, Colors, Maintenance.

Fabrica carpet is known for providing premium carpet, rugs and hardwood. This unique fine flooring is a product line that is recognized worldwide for its stylish beauty and extraordinary quality. With Fabrica carpet, you are sure to create a home that will outshine its original state. This carpet brings out the decor of every home … Read more

Masland Carpet Review, Overview, Cost, Care

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How to Remove Coffee Smell from Carpet

Coffee has a strong odor that is unpleasant to most persons. Coffee is one of the most popular caffeine out there. It comes as no surprise that most households have coffee drinkers who love to indulge in the act of coffee drinking. There are no consequences to coffee drinking till your coffee spills on your … Read more