Best Dust Mop For Hardwood Floors

Mopping isn’t the easiest of all household routines neither is it a fun chore. However, no one wants a greasy, dirt, unappealing floor. At least not on your hardwood floor. Hence, you make good efforts to keep your floor clean. You sweep frequently, clear the dirt, and mop at least once a week just to … Read more

Can You Use Pine Sol on Carpet?

So, you want to know whether or not Pine-Sol can be used on your carpet right? The answer is yes, you can use Pine-Sol to get rid of spot stains on your carpet. You see, Pine-Sol has found its way to the heart of many thus becoming a household name. It is true Pine-Sol is … Read more

Can You Put Floor Cleaner In a Steam Mop ?

A steam mop is an eco-friendly cleaning item that can be used for deep cleaning. It uses steam to get rid of dirty surfaces, floors, furniture, upholstery, etc. The usage is quite simple, it works by heating the water stored in the reservoir. At about 120 degrees Celsius, steam is emanated which moistens the microfiber … Read more

Does UV Light Kill Mold?

Does UV light kill mold? Sure it does. It kills mold and other bacteria and viruses. The ultraviolet light does more than killing bacteria. It is used in crime investigation for the detection of biological materials. Ultraviolet light can also be seen in the sun, which turns out to be vitamin D when we are … Read more

How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet

Carpets are widely used in many homes now. It has become a personal favorite for many people now as it serves as floor protection. It is a perfect addition to your home, and it comes in many designs, patterns, and colors. They also serve as d├ęcor for many households. However, carpets are susceptible to stains, … Read more

Best Mop for Concrete Floors 2021

Cleaning a concrete floor is a stressful task on its own. Choosing the right mop for this task can save you time and make the process less stressful. We have compiled a list of the best mop for concrete floors. There are different kinds of concrete mops out there, ranging from dust mops to wet mops … Read more

Best Steam Mop for Hardwood Floors 2021

Using just water and chemicals to clean your hardwood floor can be very damaging. If you have been on this path, then you need to stop it completely. You must be asking what you should use instead, well, I will tell you. One of the best steam mop for hardwood floors is what you need. … Read more

Best Carpet Cleaner for Pets in 2020

Cute little pets can be so adorable and all you want to do all day is just to hug them like your pillows. They are awesome. You take them to sidewalks, games, shopping and so many places just to spend time, but after all of that, they have no choice but to bring in their … Read more

Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaners In 2020

Cleaning has become a vital point in our lives. Dust and dirt tend to pile up daily in our homes and office and must clean regularly to ensure a good sanitary environment. Vacuums have established themselves as an integral part of this process over time, their efficiency cannot be ignored. There are two main types; … Read more

How to Vacuum Stairs The Right Way

Living in a house with multiple floors can be amazing until it comes to cleaning the stairs. Stairs do accumulate dust especially if it has high traffic. Cleaning the stairs can be complicated. You have to deal with removing hair, dust and dirt stuck in hidden corners. Whether you have a hardwood or carpet stair, … Read more