How to Vacuum Stairs The Right Way

Living in a house with multiple floors can be amazing until it comes to cleaning the stairs. Stairs do accumulate dust especially if it has high traffic. Cleaning the stairs can be complicated. You have to deal with removing hair, dust and dirt stuck in hidden corners. Whether you have a hardwood or carpet stair, … Read more

Best Vacuum For Long Hair in 2020

One thing you have to deal with when you have pets or kids at home is long hairs. Removing long hairs from floors and carpets can be annoying. Not just that, the fact that you can’t use your regular vacuum to remove long hairs is a major concern for most people. Using a regular vacuum … Read more

How To Get Hair Dye Out Of Carpet

One issue you have to deal with if you use hair dye regularly is spilling hair dye on your carpet. You can prevent this by using nylon or newspaper to cover the carpet area as you work. But no matter how careful you are, you are bound to spill the content of your dye container … Read more

How To Clean Floor Grout Without Scrubbing

Homeowners like to grout their tiles because it leaves a lasting, durable, and beautiful effect. However, it is a big pain to clean it when it becomes moldy, dirty, or discolored.  Most people are used to falling on their hands and knees to scrub their floor’s grout to keep it look beautiful and sparkling. Furthermore, … Read more

How To Use A Steam Mop On Tiles

Steam mop is one of the most convenient and best household tools you can get today. Steam cleaners are ideal for cleaning floors and the surface of ceramic tiles. Similarly, it can quickly get rid of the sticky marks that ordinary floor cleaners mostly leave behind. This gadget generates high-pressure steam. Hence they will not only … Read more

How To Clean Old Hardwood Floors

Old hardwood floors are hard and durable, as they are great. But as they age, they can begin to lose their attractiveness, especially without proper maintenance and care. Nevertheless, you can still restore them to their former glory with little effort.  This is done by scraping off materials such as wax deposits, grime, dried paint, … Read more

Shark Steam Mop Not Steaming: Quick Fix Solutions

Shark steam mop is one of the best steam mop manufacturers in the world. They are very effective at their work. But shark mop users share a common complaint, which is “shark steam mop not steaming.” This issue usually arises as a result of blockage and pressure leakage. One common way to combat this problem … Read more

Is Vinegar Safe On Hardwood Floors?

No, it is not safe on the hardwood floors. It is advisable to avoid using vinegar and water to clean such floors. Using vinegar and water as a household solution for cleaning wooden floors can negatively affect your floor.  You must remember that when cleaning your hardwood floors, it is not the wood that is … Read more

How To Disinfect Hardwood Floors

Wooden floors are a thing of beauty or elegance in any home. Therefore the charm has to be preserved. Like any other flooring surface, hardwood wood floors need to be disinfected regularly to kill bacteria and germs built upon the surface. Floor disinfection is one way of ensuring the safety of occupants. Disinfection kills bacteria … Read more

How Long Does it Take for Polyurethane to Dry?

It takes 24 hours for oil-based polyurethane and 6 hours for water-based polyurethane to dry. This would allow you to walk on it with socks and also move on to the next step in the application process (sanding or applying the next layer). It is essential to point out that dry time is different from … Read more