How To Restore Terrazzo Floor Yourself (Step-to-Step Guide)

A terrazzo floor can be restored. Those cracks and breaks can be fixed. What about the holes and sticky-dull marks? They can be repaired and restored as well. This guide will lead you on how to go about your terrazzo floor restoration. Those discolorations and acid smudges will be a thing of the past if you … Read more

Epoxy Set Time Vs Cure Time

One of the things you have to understand when working with epoxy is how long it takes to dry or cure. After mixing epoxy resin with a hardener, a chain of chemical reactions starts that takes it from its liquid state to solid-state. Several factors affect the cure time and set time of epoxy. For … Read more

Liquid Floor Leveler: 7 Facts You Need To Know

Floor levelling is an attempt to correct the unevenness of a floor’s surface. It is done to modify the substrate before installing a new floor. It’s no secret that concrete slabs are notorious for being uneven, even when precautionary measures are taken. One way of levelling the underlying floor is by using a liquid floor … Read more

Self-leveling Epoxy Flooring: 7 Facts You Should Know

Epoxy floorings are unique kinds of floors. They are suitable for industrial and commercial buildings because of their resilience. They provide long-lasting, safe, and efficient surfaces for warehouses, firms, and industries. These floors are not just beautiful, they can also be modified to suit industrial style. A plus on the epoxy flooring system is how … Read more

Pros and Cons of Fiber Mesh Concrete

Using concrete for a construction project is a sure way to ensure durability and long-lasting results. Normally, concrete changes after it set, and this can lead to cracks if not done well. The crack can be a result of stress on the concrete and changes in temperature. That is why it is advisable to use … Read more

Tar and Chip Driveway: 8 Facts You Should Know

You are probably familiar with the use of asphalt, gravel, and concrete for constructing driveways. These three are quite popular among homeowners. But then there is always the option of deviating from the tradition.  You may choose to use the tar-and-chip pavements for your driveway for a change. Though their use on a driveway isn’t … Read more

Pros and cons of sealing concrete driveway

Today we will be considering the pros and cons of a sealed concrete driveway. Concrete driveway in recent times is becoming more preferred. This preference is more so because concrete is hard and stable, plus several designs can be made with it. Sealing your driveway’s concrete gives it a bonus fortification against grease, abrasion and … Read more

How to Remove Linoleum Glue From Concrete

Remodeling your home can be quite a daunting task. Swapping furniture, re-painting, kitchen and bathroom renovations, the roof, and then the flooring. If you used the linoleum floor covering, separating its glue from concrete can be frustrating. That’s why we have outlined these steps to relieve you of the stress involved in linoleum glue removal. … Read more

Crushed concrete driveway pros and cons

Concrete, a solid material devised from a blend of water, cement and aggregate that includes sand, gravel or stone) is very useful for construction. It can be used for creating pavements, buildings, floors, bridges and even driveways. As you already know, the 3Rs “reduce, reuse, and recycle” is the gospel of the century. The number … Read more

How to Clean Unsealed Concrete floors

Concrete floors are not new to the game anymore. They have been around for quite a long time, and as such, you cannot contest their popularity. It used to be a strict driveway and garage flooring, but it has soon transformed into flooring for homes. Now with many great designs and patterns, homeowners use them … Read more