Can Rustoleum Be Used On Wood?

Most people assume that painting a wooden surface is one simple job. But most times, painting a wooden surface is not as easy as most people assume. For instance, you need to figure out the type of paint to use for the job.  The type of paint you use depends on the type of wood … Read more

4 Glue Down Hardwood Floor Problems

Glue down hardwood flooring has a lot of outstanding features that keeps your floor looking stunning and neat for a lifetime. With glue down hardwood flooring, you do not need a vapor barrier. There are other benefits associated with it. But that doesn’t mean it is all pros. There are also glue down hardwood problems you need … Read more

8 Best Mop For Engineered Hardwood Floors

Mops are a must-have in every home. To rid your floor of dust, dirt and stain there is the need to mop regularly. Your floor type and family size can influence the frequency of your mopping sessions. For example, a ceramic floor may require more frequent use than an engineered hardwood floor.  There are also … Read more

How To Strengthen Floor Joists From Beneath

Floor joists form the skeletal framework of most floors not directly attached to a concrete subfloor. They provide support for the floors. They give floors the strength to withstand the pressure of human, animal, and other inanimate objects exerted on the floor.  Oftentimes, floor joists are like a legged wooden slab extending throughout the room. … Read more

What Color Of Hardwood Is Best For Resale?

We all want our homes to go for the best prices when we think of a resale. Your home’s flooring is one thing buyers will notice and consider during the bargain. Hence, the need to have your hardwood flooring at its best, both in quality and in color. So, today we will look at some … Read more

How To Remove Carpet Glue From Wood Floor

Detaching your old carpet from the floor can be tough and getting the glue off the wood is no child’s play either. Wood floorings are beautiful, they give your home an extra classic outlook. You can leave your wood floor bare after getting the old carpet off. This is why understanding how to go about … Read more

Red Oak Vs White Oak Flooring

Oak flooring is one of the best types of hardwood to get. It is both popular and very affordable for customers. Also, it serves well as a practical option for homeowners. The floors when well-made with a proper finish, can last long. An oak flooring can last up to fifty years depending on how it … Read more

Disadvantages of Hickory Flooring

The emergence of the twenty-first century has brought about an upgrade in the tastes and values of people. The use of wooden floors happens to be one of these upgrades in taste. Hardwood floors have become very valuable in today’s society and hickory is one of the most famous options available. Hickory, very common in … Read more

How To Rehydrate Wood Floors

The floor is an important part of the building. It has to be able to support the weight of any number of users at a time. And while serving its main function, it must remain of aesthetic value. This may be difficult, due to the constant wear and tear as a result of continuous usage … Read more