Maple Vs Oak Flooring

Both maple and oak flooring are known as hardwoods. Hardwood flooring is most preferred for its natural beauty and aesthetic value. Most times, a building with hardwood floor installed is worth more than those without. There are several species of hardwood out there; walnut, hickory, cherry, and so on. This article will focus with maple and … Read more

When are Hardwood Floors Beyond Repair

If you are looking for the answer to the question, when are hardwood floors beyond repairs? It means you are trying to decide on whether to repair or replace your hardwood floor. It is widely known that hardwood floors are beautiful and durable. The hardwood floor is capable of holding up high traffic, but that … Read more

How to Fix a Sagging Floor

A sagging floor is one of the most common complaints of old-house owners. If you experience a constant bobbing up and down on your floor each time you walk on it, then you have got a sagging floor. But not to worry because this article is here to guide you on how to fix a … Read more

Waterproof Vs Water Resistant Flooring

Knowing the difference between waterproof VS water-resistant flooring can save your floors and influence your choice. It might not be much of a difference but there is a difference. Before purchasing a floor, a lot of factors should be put into consideration. Those factors include waterproof vs water-resistant flooring. Most times you might think they mean the same thing.  … Read more

Termite Damage to Hardwood Floors

Termites are strong ants that infest your ceiling beams, hardwood floors, and the foundation of your building. These termites can be deadly when they enter these parts of the house. Termite damage in hardwood floors can be critical when they attack as a colony. They feast on wood and for that reason, they move to … Read more

Is Advantech Flooring Waterproof?

 Advantech flooring has become the new chic for buildings these days. It is becoming a favorite among homeowners, and can we blame them? The product is so excellent and has been referred to as a “groundbreaking product for the building industry.” The many features in the Advantech flooring have made it so attractive for many … Read more

Is Cork Flooring Waterproof?

Cork flooring has made a major comeback in the flooring industry. Like many popular types of flooring, it has taken over the market. It has become quite popular again, and this has raised many questions over its popularity. These questions, though numerous in number, all point to one significant answer that justifies its newfound popularity. … Read more

Applying Polyurethane to Floors with Lambswool

After the installation of a hardwood floor, one final step to take is to apply floor finish or coating. A hardwood floor finish protects the floor from scratch and moisture. Polyurethane is one of the commonly used hardwood floor finishes out there. When applied correctly, it protects the floor and makes it last longer. Polyurethane … Read more

How to Remove Scuff Marks from Polyurethane Hardwood Floors

Polyurethane is one of the popular hardwood floors finishes out there. It comes in two types, water-based and oil-based polyurethane. The floor coating protects hardwood floors from moisture, damages and increases the aesthetic value of the flooring. Sadly, it doesn’t protect your hardwood floors against scuff marks. Some of the things that cause scuff marks … Read more