Is Bleach Bad For Grout?

Bleach can be bad for your grout when you use it recklessly. Many people find bleach as a go-to product for all kinds of cleaning activities. The reason is that bleach has been commonly used as a cleaning agent for decades, besides they serve as an effective option to clean and disinfect. Bleach has a … Read more

5 Painting Tile Floors Pros and Cons

Tile floors get to wear off overtime especially when used in a high traffic area of a home. If you are dealing with worn tile issues, there are two options available for you. The first is to replace the tiles, while the second option is to paint the tiles. Both options have their pros and … Read more

Can You Paint Travertine Tile?

The travertine tile is used in the interior of most homes these days. This flooring type is similar to marble and granite. It is made from a natural stone (a type of limestone) and gives your home a natural stone feel. The travertine tile can be used for both backsplash and flooring projects. It comes … Read more

5 Pebble Shower Floor Pros And Cons

Pebbles on your shower floor give off a naturalistic finish especially when water is running through it. Also, it brings in a spa feel to your bathroom.  If you are about to purchase or install one then you should know the pros and cons of the pebble shower floor. This will help you make an … Read more

Is Regrouting Worth It? Regrouting Complete Guide

So you are looking at that grouted tile in your house, and you are asking yourself how can you make this old floor look new again? Should you regrout or just change the floor tiles. If you want to know if regrouting is worth it, the answer is regrouting is worth every time and investment … Read more

Where To Start Laying Floor Tiles

So, you want to change your home’s floor covering tiles. You plan to have it installed yourself. You have decided and you want to give the DIY a try. Excellent! However, there is a problem. You do not know how to. Where to start laying the tiles, how to lay the tiles, what you will … Read more

How to Prepare a Floor for Tile

Floor tiles are a trendy type of flooring. It is not uncommon to see tiles being used in homes. Many homeowners prefer tiles for its versatility and fantastic look it adds to the general appearance of the home. Tiles come in many designs and range from different materials that include ceramic. Due to its growing … Read more

How To Clean Grout On Travertine Floors

Travertine floors are one of the oldest floors in the building industry. They are made from limestone tiles that give off an interesting vibrant look with colors that are warm. Travertine is a natural product that is made to undergo pressure and heat in order to produce a shiny look. Its existence can be dated … Read more

How To Make Tile Floor Shine Without Wax

Tile floors are among the stylish flooring options with an increasing market demand. The floors come in a wide range of colors that seamlessly match all elegant interiors. Due to their resistance to abrasion and scouring, floor tiles increase the variety of interior designs and décor. Therefore tile floors provide patterns and styles that are … Read more

Sanded vs. Unsanded Grout Best Option for your Tiles

Tile grout works in the same way as a mortar that holds the tiles together. But it can also curtail the level of humidity and helps maintain a certain distance between the tiles.  Although there is a wide range of grouts available for sale. But they’re grouped into one of the two common types, namely; … Read more