Can You Put Bleach In Toilet Tank?

When it comes to cleaning the toilet, most people concentrate on cleaning the toilet bowl and around the toilet. Cleaning a toilet tank is quite as important as cleaning the toilet bowl. Leaving the toilet tank unclean for a while can turn it into a breeding place for bacteria, mildew, and mold. That is why … Read more

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Septic Safe?

The type of toilet paper you use in your septic system matters. Using the wrong toilet paper can damage your septic system sooner than you expect. You will end up spending tons of money to fix up the system.  That is why you need to be careful when choosing a toilet paper for your household. … Read more

5+ Ways To Prevent Hard Water Stain From The Toilet

Not long ago, I visited a friend to have lunch with the family. I needed to use the guest toilet at one point and I could visibly see my friend become uncomfortable for a minute. It was after I used the guest’s toilet I understood why she felt uncomfortable for a minute. The guest toilet … Read more

3 Pros And Cons Of Wooden Toilet Seats Buyers Should Know

The toilet consists of the bowl, tank, and seat. The toilet seat plays an essential role in the toilet. Before you decide which toilet seat to use, several factors play a role that will affect your choice.  The material you buy must meet your requirements. Toilet seats are produced from different materials, from wood to … Read more

Worst Toilet Paper For Septic Systems

The use of toilet paper cannot be overemphasized. It needs to be strong, soft, and comfortable when using it. Also, it is expected to break down quickly once flushed.  Toilet paper that does not perform every function well is undesirable. If it doesn’t hold up well when you use it, then it is not doing … Read more

Round Vs. Elongated Toilet Seat

Whether you are replacing your toilet seat because it is old and worn, or because you want something more comfortable, or because you recently learned about the life-changing experience of the bidet, one of the crucial things you should know is how to determine if the toilet seat is round or elongated. You don’t want … Read more