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How To Clean Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is among the many popular types of carpet we have around today. It is known for its versatility for being used around the different parts of the house. Formerly, the Berber carpet was limited to only home basements, offices, and few spaces in the home. It has now become a popular choice for homeowners wanting to decorate.

Berber carpet refers to a rug that comes in light colors with darker colors weaved and looped together to form a beautiful widespread design. The Berber people of North Africa inspired this design and weaving style. The style of Berber carpet has grown over the years. Despite its beautiful color mixture, the Berber carpet is known widely for its loop and weave style.

For homeowners who have and use the Berber carpet, the one question that seems to be frequently asked is the right cleaning pattern for it. We would be discussing this, and many other relevant related topics to the Berber carpet.

How To Clean Berber Carpet

There are methods and steps to cleaning the Berber carpet. These steps and processes must be duly followed to achieve the necessary results. Before diving into this, it is important to know that the Berber carpet has a not so clean appearance. It does not mean it is dirty or unclean; it is just the look that comes with it.

So sometimes your Berber carpet might not be dirty, it is just looking the way it was made to look. The Berber carpet is also tough with stains. Simply put, it is stain resistant and takes a while to get to the stage where you have to clean it out. Stains have to be avoided at all costs because they are very tough to clean out when they occur.

The following steps should serve and act as a guide when cleaning your Berber carpet.

Step 1: Identify The Fiber Of Your Berber Carpet

It is the very first important step you have to take when cleaning your Berber carpet. The type of fiber used determines how the cleaning method should go.

The kind of Berber fiber includes;


As the name suggests, it is a blend of wool and nylon. It still provides the softness of wool and the cheap cost of nylon.


Wools are expensive, and it’s no wonder that Berber carpets made out of wool are also costly. It is a natural fiber, after all. To avoid damage, they can be dry cleaned. It is also very water absorbent.


Unlike wool, nylon cannot resist water. It is also best cleaned by dry cleaning and closely resembles wool.


 This fiber is more expensive than the olefin, but has better durability than the olefin despite it having similar qualities with the wool.

Olefin or Polyester

This fiber is synthetic and the best suitable for steam cleaning. It resists water and attracts oil very easily. It is also very stain resistant and quite cost-effective. You would not have to bore a hole in your pocket.

Step 2:  Choose The Best Cleaning Method

There are different stain removal methods for this step, and we would explore as many as we can.

Baking Soda Method

This method is best used for stains made by pets or grease. The baking soda helps to absorb the oil and balance the PH level of the Berber carpet. Thereby it gets rid of all dirty smells and also helps to remove moisture that might remain during the cleaning process.

Coldwater Method

It is the most stress-free method you can apply when cleaning your Berber carpet. It can be used to remove tough stains, as well as freshly made ones. The process needs to be repeated by drying the stain first. It is then proceeding to use a clean towel and cold water to dab and rub across the stain.

When the stain starts bloating and rising to the top, it means that you are getting close to getting rid of it completely.

Using Store Bought Stain Removal Products

When doing it yourself solutions do not work, the best option to try out next is the store-bought cleaning product. They come in different types and variations, so it would be best to ask questions before going ahead to make a purchase. Instructions are usually left on the packs, and it would be best to follow them judiciously. Is to save you from making costly mistakes that might ruin the carpet permanently.

Water And Vinegar Method

Vinegar is one multipurpose product that is widely loved and sought after. It is also a simple method like the cold water method. It only requires water, vinegar, and a clean towel for dabbing. 1/5 part of the vinegar should be used during this method. It should be mixed thoroughly with water.

Tests must be made before proceeding to clean out the entire surface area. It is okay to clean out in smaller portions. The process should be repeated till the stain is completely removed.

Solvent Pre Conditioner, And Oxygen Bleach

The solvent, preconditioner, and oxygen bleach is a perfect alternative when store-bought products are inaccessible. The contents need to be properly mixed in a spray bottle. It is a very harsh chemical and shouldn’t be overused. The next step is to spray the contents of the affected area.

Content should be allowed to sit for at least fifteen minutes. It is to allow for proper penetration of content into the stains. The stains and dirt can be removed using a high-temperature extractor and rinsed with acid. The carpet must be left to dry naturally or artificially.

Use Vacuum Cleaning Method

Vacuum cleaning methods are as old as technology itself. When using the vacuum cleaner, it must be done in slow, steady movements to avoid damaging your Berber carpet. Please avoid the use of the beater bar attachments as it can and would damage the carpet.

The best type of vacuum for this cleaning is the laminate flooring vacuum or high suction vacuum. It is best not to spoil the texture of your carpet.

What Is The Best Method For Cleaning The Berber Carpet

From the above-detailed discussion, it is clear that there is no particular method or style that can be described as the best. The different cleaning styles are all useful in their ways, and the type of fibers determines the kind of cleaning method that is suitable. So as stated above, specify your fiber first before proceeding to make a cleaning choice.

Can I Use OxiClean On Berber Carpet?

Oxiclean is a versatile stain removal product. The OxiClean is capable of removing tough stains from carpets, and it can be used for your Berber carpet. It is very effective and can be relied upon to do the cleaning job. It contains an amount of sodium percarbonate and hydrogen peroxide. These ingredients are known to be excellent for stain removal

When using it, it should first be diluted in water. You can pour it into a spray bottle or directly applied to the affected area. It should sit for a minimum of five minutes before stain removal is done. A dry cloth should be used to clean out and then vacuuming done right after.

Can I Steam Clean Berber Carpet

The answer to this is a huge yes. The Berber carpet can indeed be steam cleaned. It is also one of the most effective ways of cleaning your Berber carpet. It can be done easily and swiftly too. This process can be achieved by using the vacuum cleaner first, then filling the steam cleaner with water.

Focus on small portions, before moving into larger parts. When you are done cleaning, get rid of the wastewater that would be left.

Is The Berber Carpet Hard To Clean?

Unfortunately yes. It is a hard carpet to clean, but as usual, it also depends on the type of fiber you have. The Berber carpet is looped and weaved, and despite being one of the most durable rugs out there, it is also pretty challenging to clean.

However, it is a great stain-resistant, and you wouldn’t be faced with the difficulty of having to clean it all the time. To better maintain your Berber carpet, you need to learn the act of constant frequent vacuuming. It is going to save it from wear.

By frequent vacuuming, it means at least once a week. But this also depends on the many activities carried out on your Berber carpet.

Can I Use Bleach On My Berber Carpet?

Yes, you can use bleach on your Berber carpets. It won’t harm it, but it should have its limitations. The bleaching method should only be used when necessary. It would be best if you also considered your fiber type.

Berber carpets made out of wool should not be treated with bleach. The reason for this is because bleach eats through the wool and destroys the carpet.

Can You Shampoo a Berber Carpet?

Yes. You can use shampoo on your Berber carpet. It is advisable to deep clean or shampoo from time to time. You have to be conscious of the fiber of your carpet to know the type of product to use on it. Also, remember that after you shampoo your Berber carpet, you have to completely dry it before you bring it back into the house.


The Berber carpet is a great choice for your home. It is aesthetically pleasing and can be used for a long period due to its durability.