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What Color Of Hardwood Is Best For Resale?

We all want our homes to go for the best prices when we think of a resale. Your home’s flooring is one thing buyers will notice and consider during the bargain. Hence, the need to have your hardwood flooring at its best, both in quality and in color. So, today we will look at some color finishes that will give you the upper hand when bargaining for your hardwood resale. 

For a home resale, sticking with the vogue is quite important. Currently, dark shades and light-brown/ natural colors (very light colors) are topping the hardwood color charts.

a. Dark Shades Hardwood

For the last ten years, the dark shade preference and popularity have been on the rise by hardwood lovers. Its preference maybe because of how classy it makes the home look. Even more, when the white wall and furniture have a bright shade. The coffee brown, 50/50 blend and dark walnut are some of the loved hardwood dark shades. 

Though the popular true black shade is not easily maintained because it leaves dust and dents visible. It is still loved by wealthy homeowners as a cleaning helping hand. On a cooler dark end, people also love the light grey, bleached wood, and the natural wood color.

b. Natural Color Hardwood

The white oak color leads on the natural hardwood color scale. Its neutral tone leaves your home with a warm, welcoming aura. It easily suits a variety of home designs and decorations. Though the white oak doesn’t have a color range on the board like the red oak, it still sparks up your home. 

Also, dirt is not always obvious on the white oak-colored hardwood, making it a choice color for homes with pets and kids. The white oak can also be coated with polyurethane protection.

Grey colors and whitewashed hardwood colors are also trendy natural colors. The grey undertone covers the usual yellow-like color of hardwood. This gives room for even more decor alternatives. The whitewashed color on the other hand is perfect for modern kitchens. Its casual appearance comes with the seashore feel and gives your home the extra modern-day look.

There is also the trendy dark and light blend on the hardwood floor. It might be difficult to pull off but when you do, it is worth the effort. This is because your wood is an admirable piece of art, giving off the natural tree beauty vibe. Again, maintenance of this blend may not be so simple. This is because darker wood colors stain.

Whatever color you decide on, going for the trend is a better option.

Hardwood Floor Finishes For Upselling

According to the Larchmont Patch News, satin finish is the newest trend. Floor finishes are either matte or glossy. The Finishes’ luster level is the determinant of its sheen. That is, how reflective is the floor at an angle of sixty degrees. A high gloss finish leaves the hardwood shiny and beautiful when cleaned.

 However, dirt, dents, scrapes, and scratches on the wood don’t stay hidden either. Its brightness can also be frustrating when it reflects on the eyes. For the semi-gloss finishes, it shines too but not as the high gloss. Generally, its luster level is rated 55% as compared to the high gloss 70%.

Also, the satin finish has a dimmer shine. It is cool and warm. It has a low Luster level of about Thirty-five percent. Also, it can cover hardwood floor imperfections better than the high gloss. Little wonder homeowners go for it. Furthermore, there is a matte finish. 

The matte finish is the dimmest of all. It has a Twenty-five percent luster level. Also, it shields dents better than glossy and satin finishes. It also gives the hardwood pleasurable finesse. Whatever finish you decide on, finishes give your hardwood plus protection which will help increase its value.

Hardwood Floor Texture For Upselling

a. Distressed Wood

If your target customer is large families with pets and kids, then distressed wood is a preferred option. This is because the distressed wood floor needs no high-end upkeep. They look classic and warm while giving off the 90s vibe. It can also be styled by decorators to blend with your walls and home.

b. Hand-scraped Wood

These hardwood are simulated rustic wood flooring popular in commercial buildings. The board hides dents on wood. It is also famous among large dog owners who have a thing for hardwood floors. Oftentimes, the machine does the simulation but it can also be manually done by getting the wood wet and technically making the wavy carvings.

c. Wire Brushed Wood

This wood portrays a worn outlook. Its upkeep is easy. The wood does not appear smooth. It also masks dirt on the wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hardwood Floors Worth The Price?

Sure, they are. For one hardwood looks classy and classic. It easily blends with any design, style, or room decoration. The aura of elegance it brings to your home is simply top-notch coupled with its warmth. Aside from its beauty, hardwood has proven to be long-lasting and still relevant even in modern times. Unlike its flooring counterparts, it stays in vogue and maintains so. Plus compared to other floors, hardwood floors are simpler to clean.

What Are Other Hardwood Flooring Trends?

There is the engineered wood floor which looks most like the hard solid wood. There is the reclaimed wood floor which is reusing your old wood. The cork flooring, white oak flooring, blond wood flooring, grey wood, greige floors, etc.

What Types Of Hardwood Floors Are The Best?

The oak floor, cherry floor, and marble floors are excellent hardwood floors made of wood. Mahogany, bamboo, ash, and walnut wood floors are great too. You can also go for the reclaimed wood floors and the salvage wood flooring. The tree woods are more expensive than reclaimed wood.