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5 Things To Know When Coordinating Wood Floor With Wood Cabinets

Color coordination or combination is very important in the interior design of a home. For instance, when working with a wood cabinet, your wood flooring doesn’t necessarily have to match with the cabinet. But it should coordinate with the overall color tone. 

You have to be conscious when coordinating a wood floor with a wood cabinet to ensure you get the right color combo. The colors mustn’t be exact. You can pair the colors. For instance, if the wood has a brown or white undertone, the flooring can have a different shade of the same color. It can either be a lighter or darker tone. 

It leaves a great look when your wood flooring coordinates with your wood cabinet. It’s even better when the countertop has the same color shade. 

Coordinating wood floor and wood cabinet requires working with the hue and tones of each hardwood. You have to be mindful of the little details before deciding what color goes best with both your wood flooring and wood cabinet. 

This article will serve as a guide for you on details you need to know about the wood cabinet and floor combo. 

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Wood Floors and Cabinets

a. First, you have to consider the room in question. For instance, a dark wood floor won’t go well with a room with high traffic. Scratches, scuffs, and dents are easily seen on dark floors. So in a high traffic room go for a lighter wood tone. If at all you still want to go for dark wood, then use a matte finish.

b. The second step is to consider the mood of the room. Dark colors tend to create a grounded look for the room. Note that the style and mood of the room you want will determine the colors you choose. Dark colors make a room look bigger than the actual size. Light colors will make a room bright and open. Knowing the real purpose of the room always brings out the best shine. 

Should Wood Cabinets Match Wood Floors?

This is a common question that comes up when renovating or remodeling a house. Matching your wood cabinet to your wood floor should not be the main aim. It is better to mix and combine than to match. Mixing will bring out the color you need. Also, remember to mix complementing materials. 

Your cabinet and flooring take up most of the space and if you end up matching them both, it will create an uninteresting look. 

How Do I Match My Floor And Cabinets?

This guide is a complete step that will help match your floor with your kitchen cabinet. Your cabinet, countertops, and flooring are the major focus of this job. Matching your floor and cabinet is a hard process according to homeowners but with these matching tips, you can get the desired result. 

a. Think Of A Cohesive Color

It is best to have three colors in mind before you begin. That is two main colors and one accent. The two main colors should be simple and complement each other, while the third one is for visual interest. 

Using a simple color palette for your cabinets always works. Your flooring should also be simple but you can go ahead and make your appliances pop bright. With this method, you can use various elements to create a balanced look and design. 

b. Start With Countertops

You need to choose the counters first. Besides the fact that it is the most expensive, it is also the strongest contender for different patterns in the design. After you are through with countertop selection, you can think of matching the cabinet and the flooring to the counter. For most people, selecting the best countertop for the house is more tedious compared to cabinets and flooring.

c. Compare Product Colors In Different Lightings

This is where you need to view different angles of lighting conditions. This can be done during the day or at night. To do this, you need your existing or new cabinet door and some countertop samples. Ensure you view them under your lighting and against your cabinet to choose a complementing pattern or design. 

To make the selection easier, choose the light color according to the ideal hue you want to create. It can either be a warm white light or cool white color. These two lightings can add a yellow hue or a blue hue respectively. 

Should Wood Floors Be Lighter Or Darker Than Cabinets?

It can go either way as long as they complement each other. If you have a dark cabinet, make the floor lighter and if you have a light cabinet, make the floor darker. You are still on track even when you match the colors. 

If you opt for white-tiled flooring, you may need to get a white painted cabinet. When the colors are the same, the materials should be different to add the right amount of contrast. 

The first step is to pick two complementary colors and an accent color. Use the colors you selected when you make up your mind about your kitchen decor. Wood cabinets, in general, create a warm space, and mixing the right dark or light wood tone will enhance the natural beauty of the cabinets.

What Color Wood Floor Goes With Wood Cabinets?

Before you decide on the wood floor color that will go with your wood cabinet, you will need to consider the undertone of your wood floor. Wood comes in varieties of undertone like cool, warm or neutral undertone.

 Each tone has a unique color that one can mix to bring out its beauty. You can choose to combine the color of your wood floor with your wood cabinet when you can identify the undertone colors. These are the undertone tips to bear in mind:

a. Wood floors with warm undertones are either red, pink, orange, or yellow. Examples of these are cherry, mahogany, or hickory. 

b. Wood floors with a cool undertone are either blue, purple, or green. They do not look bright but rather a bit grey. When selecting a cool undertone choose ash, poplar, maple, or pine. 

c. The neural wood floors’ undertone looks beige. They are either birch or hickory. 

A white, beige, or grey color can work with all undertone and still give a dazzling look afterward. A warm undertone goes well with warm color paint. That cozy and smaller look room can also be achieved with a warm color. In any case, you are looking forward to a broad look then choose a cool undertone. 


Coordinating and combining your wood floor with your wood cabinet will turn out to look good only if you stick to what fits. Wood floors, cabinets, and even countertops should complement each other. Doing this will ensure that your room has a consolidated and cohesive appearance that will enhance the general interior of your home.