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Disadvantages of Hickory Flooring

The emergence of the twenty-first century has brought about an upgrade in the tastes and values of people. The use of wooden floors happens to be one of these upgrades in taste. Hardwood floors have become very valuable in today’s society and hickory is one of the most famous options available. Hickory, very common in the United States, is regarded as the second hardest flooring type in the world.

Besides the good stuff, there are some disadvantages associated with using hickory flooring as a flooring choice. This post covers some of the disadvantages of hickory flooring, its advantages and some other details of the flooring.

Disadvantages of Hickory flooring

1. Aesthetic concerns:

When used in its natural form, hickory would strongly vary in contrast between the sapwood and the heartwood. The light shade does not come in handy with rustic room designs. Moreover, lighter wood designs are in complete variance with English style or dark-themed rooms.

 As a result, marks inflicted on the wood during installation tend to be more visible in contrast to darker woods. However, this conflict can be removed by using stained hickory wood.

2. Cost:

Hickory may not be the costliest hardwood in the market, but if you are on a tight budget, then you may consider exploring other flooring options. Apart from that, even though hickory is guaranteed to last a long time, it may not be as cost-effective as the other choices that exist, in the long run. You may find cheaper forms of hickory, but they are most noted to be of low quality and have a risky variance in color and durability.

3. Not DIY Friendly:

If you fancy the idea and feeling of doing things by yourself, then you might want to check out other available hardwood options that are easier to install. Installing hickory in your home is best left to the expertise of professionals. They have prior knowledge of the cutting, sanding and staining of the wooden material.

However, if you still insist on carrying out the installation process yourself, then it is best to work with pre-engineered and pre-finished boards. They do not require cutting but are more expensive to acquire.

4. Warping:

Hickory wood is meant to be properly dried before installing it. Since it is more susceptible to swelling and contraction than any type of wood, it is advised to allow the material to adapt to the local environment and its conditions before full installation.

Advantages of Hickory Flooring

These are some of the reasons why the Hickory flooring is making waves in the hardwood flooring world today.

1. Hickory’s density:

This affords it the ability to resist scratches and damages for a long time. Amongst the type of hardwood available for flooring, hickory floors top the list as the most resistant of them all.

2. Aesthetic value:

The hickory floorboard has a combination of grains, mineral streaks, and knots. All these designs put together makes it stand out from the rest. Its rustic look makes it perfect for cabins and cottages.

3. Variety:

Not only are there different species of tree, but it is also prepared in different forms for use. That includes solid, engineered, or laminated. There are different finished floors with different stains as well.

4. Durability:

Its hardness makes it more equipped to handle high traffic areas in an establishment. It is very resistant to general wear and tears.

5. Low-cost maintenance:

Hickory floors like most hardwood require very little expenditure on its maintenance, regular sweeping, vacuuming, or moping is the norm for it.

6. Lighting effect:

Using a hickory floor in tandem with other hardwood can result to lighting a dark area. Their light complexion can greatly affect the dark nature of a room.

7. Shock resistant:

Believe it or not, hickory floors can resist shocks caused by the impact of falling objects. This means that damages like dents are next to impossible.

8. Home value:

Generally, the installation and the use of hardwood floors increase the value of the home or office space. Hickory floors are not left out of the group.

Alternatives To Hickory Flooring

Just in case you are on a tight budget or really want something with more aesthetic value than hickory, then don’t fret. For whatever reason you may have, that makes procuring a hickory floor seem like a bad idea, these are the following alternatives;

Oak: If you need a stable and beautiful hardwood that is less expensive, then oak is the most recommended option you can count on. Since oak is not as hard as hickory, and it is much easier to install, even by DIYers. Plus, its aesthetics makes it a common choice in many homes. 

Maple: It may be more expensive than oak, but it is cheaper than hickory. Maple is available in two varieties; hard and soft. Though it is not a suitable choice for DIYers, it is a durable and beautiful alternative to look at.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hickory Good Flooring?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, Hickory flooring is one of the best hardwood flooring options. It is made from one of the most durable hardwood types. Not just that, it comes with cool natural colors to pick from. This makes it one of the best flooring options out there.

Do Hickory Floors Scratch Easily?

No. One of the advantages of having Hickory flooring is that it doesn’t scratch easily. This flooring type is built to withstand scratch. That doesn’t mean that you can go ahead to use sharp objects on the floor because it will end up denting the floor. With careful use and good maintenance, the Hickory flooring will last very long.

Is Hickory Flooring Better Than Oak?

Yes. First off, the Hickory flooring is harder than oak flooring. This makes it a better option in terms of durability. Also, Hickory flooring has a broader plank option when compared to Oak flooring.


Searching for and determining the best hardwood for your floor for your home may at times turn out to be a hassle. In the end, finding the one that will suit all your needs will be worth it all. Hardwood does provide excellent flooring options with its many benefits. However, there are other options you may want to consider. Whatever you choose, make it wisely depending on your tastes, needs, and functionality.