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How to Disinfect Carpet without Steam Cleaner

Carpets are excellent features for home design. Not only do they give off a nice appearance, but they also tend to contribute to the ambiance of your home. They also act as floor coverings and can be used to protect floors. In some cases, they hide off ugly flooring and give the entire floor a new look.

Carpets come in different sizes, designs, textures, and materials. The homeowner’s choice is dependent on the type of Carpet they would like to use. Carpets, like most home materials, are susceptible to stains and dirt. You need to appropriately look after carpets to ensure their longevity and outward appearance looking fresh and clean.

If your home has carpets, you need to learn and know to disinfect and clean them without a steam cleaner. This post would be discussing the several techniques you can use in place of a steam cleaner for your disinfection and cleaning.

Ways to Disinfect Carpet without Steam Cleaner

You can use different methods in place of a steam cleaner. These methods are practical and, when done correctly, produce the right results and effects. They include;

1. The vacuum, Baking Soda, and Dish Soap Method

It is quite a simple method that requires a clean rag or towel, a brush, an old toothbrush, and a clean bowl or bucket. You should take the following steps when using this method.

  • Get your bowl or bucket of warm water ready with your preferred cleaning tool. This choice can be between the toothbrush and brush.
  • You need to vacuum the entire cleaning area thoroughly to ensure that area is free from dirt and debris. It allows you to clean better and more manageably.
  • You can choose to decide between baking soda and dish soap. When using the baking soda, sprinkle on the stain till the stain has been entirely covered by baking soda. If using the dish soap, measure the stain and use one teaspoon of dish soap per six to eight inches of stain.
  • Turn it around till you notice bubbles.
  • Using your preferred cleaning tool (old toothbrush, brush, or clean cloth) scrub the stain with the warm water prepared. The scrubbing should be done gently.
  • When using warm water, do not soak up the Carpet in the cleaning process. It should only be wet enough to make stains easy to cleanout.
  • Allow Carpet to dry. You could turn on the fan or allow it to air dry.
  • Vacuum immediately Carpet is dried.

2. Detergent, Baking soda, and Table Salt Method

This method is also relatively easy to carry out by yourself. It only requires two cleaning tools (a sizeable stiff-bristled scrubbing brush and a spray bottle), detergent, water, table salt, a clean rag or towel, and some baking soda.

It is evident that baking soda is a home essential and should have in your home. You should The following steps should be taken when using this method.

  • Mix the detergent with water. This mixture should be placed in a spray bottle. 1/8 teaspoon of detergent is sufficient. You shouldn’t mix the two excessively; instead, allow the combination to take place naturally.
  • Baking soda and table salt should be sprinkled on the affected area. You don’t need to cover it up completely.
  • The mixture of water and detergent in a spray bottle should be lightly sprayed on the affected area. After this is done, allow the affected sprayed and sprinkled place to sit for some minutes.
  • You should brush the Carpet. It should only be done in one direction. It also allows for the accumulation of hair and dirt. Makes it easy for you to pick up.
  • If there is still dirt left, move ninety degrees from your start-up position and repeat the process.
  • Use the towel on the Carpet. It collects the moisture on the Carpet.
  • When the area is completely dried, empty the spray bottle and refill it with clean tap water. Spray the Carpet with the clean tap water lightly.
  • After that has been done, use the towels yet again to clean up the moisture. You can allow heavy towels to sit in for a while.

This method is highly recommended for cleaning and disinfecting spot stained areas. It can also work with semi-large areas.

3. The Snow Method

This method might come as surprising, but snow is an excellent way to disinfect and clean out your Carpet. It can work for your smaller or bigger carpets; you may require more helping hands. Dry powdery snow is best for this method. Follow the steps below to complete the process. 

  • The carpet should be taken outside and well shook to release and remove any dirt on it. Let the Carpet sit for thirty minutes to allow it to get accustomed to the lower temperature.
  • Pile up three to five inches of snow on the Carpet. Use a broom to distribute the snow, so every part is affected evenly.
  • Using the flat side of the broom beat the snow on the Carpet. There is a presence of ammonia in snow, which allows for the dirt hidden on the Carpet to solidify.
  • The snow should be allowed to sit on the Carpet for at least fifteen to twenty minutes before flipping it to the other side. It will help if you repeat steps one to three.
  • After all, these have been done; you should remove the snow needs from the Carpet. Remove as much snow as you can then hang the Carpet for 30 minutes. Snow would be gone entirely, and you should leave the Carpet to dry appropriately.

4. Vinegar and Club Soda Method

You would need vinegar, club soda, water, and dish liquid soap. You should take these steps.

  • Sprinkle the club soda over the affected area and then blot with a clean towel or dry cloth. This step helps to lift the stain. The carpet fibers can be rubbed for better results. Club soda is a cleanser and works best when sprayed on the Carpet.
  • The next step is making the solution. You should mix the Dish liquid soap and warm water. After this has been done, add ¼ teaspoon of vinegar. Shake properly to ensure the solution has been well mixed.
  • It is okay to test the solution on one part of the Carpet. It is to ensure it doesn’t harm the Carpet. Carpet fibers and textures are different, and you must always use the right disinfecting method.
  • After testing is done and approved, you can go ahead to clean the Carpet and ensure to use a clean rag to bloat after.

Best Disinfecting Cleaners for Carpets

  • Bissell Big Green Carpet Cleaner Solution
  • Woolite Advanced Pet Stain & Odor Remover
  • Bissell Professional Pet Urine Eliminator
  • Bissell Antibacterial 2-in-1 Carpet Cleaner
  • Bissell Woolite Advanced Stain & Odor Remover
  • Bissell Professional Power Shot Oxy Carpet Spot, 14 Ounces, 95C9 Stain Remover
  • Amazing Solution Pet Odor Eliminator and Stain Remover Carpet Cleaner for Dog Urine and Cat pee, Professional Strength Enzymatic Solution, Natural Enzymes for Carpet and Hardwood Floors.
  • RMR-141 Disinfectant and Cleaner
  • Color plastic Disinfectant

Why Does my Carpet Look Worse After Cleaning?

There are many different reasons why your Carpet might look worse after cleaning. These reasons include;

  • Wicking

Wicking happens when dirt rises to the surface after cleaning, and it gives the Carpet an old dirty look. This dirty look is often a result of the pad becoming wet after cleaning. It is not a surface stain and as such, would require professional help.

There is nothing you can do except vacuum and continuous cleaning. Dirt would keep rising to the surface.

  • Worn out

Just like old clothes or shoes, carpets also wear out eventually and would require you to change them. It is not your fault, and it is best to remember that the Carpet has served its purpose. A change of Carpet would solve this problem quickly.

  • Residue Stains

You sometimes leave some stains after cleaning. These stains are usually gone when you shampoo the Carpet. Residue naturally attracts stains, so it stains very quickly when the Carpet gets in contact with dirt. Vinegar can be used to get rid of this stain. You are to use white vinegar specifically.

  1. It would be best if you used a clean cloth or towel to clean out residue
  2. It would help if you sprayed the affected area with white vinegar
  3. Using another clean cloth, clean out vinegar after letting it sit in for some minutes
  4. Repeat the process till the area is completely free of residue.

Maintenance Tips For Your Carpet

Maintaining your Carpet prevents it from hazards and deep central cleaning that may consume your time, energy, and sometimes finance in the future. There are several ways of doing this. They include;

  • Act immediately. Make sure to clean out stains as soon as they occur
  • Get rid of food particles and crumbs on the Carpet
  • It would be best to encourage a no shoe on policy on Carpet
  • Pets should be well cleaned
  • Vacuum regularly


Exploring different methods in cleaning your Carpet is imperative. It encourages you to try out new approaches that can get out stains and spots quickly. Always remember that your carpet cleaning must not be ignored, instead urged to ensure longevity.