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Dream Weaver Carpet: Everything To Know About It

When it comes to quality carpets, there are many options out there. The thing about quality carpets is that most of them are pricey. One option that maintains quality and is quite affordable is the Dream Weaver carpet. 

The purpose of this article is to cover all you need to know about the Dream Weaver Carpet. That includes its make, durability, cost, installation, cleaning, and maintenance. At the end of this post, you should be able to make an informed decision to go for this carpet type or not. 

Who Makes The Dream Weaver Carpet?

The Engineered Flooring Company makes the Dream Weaver carpet. The Compound was found by Bob Shaw in 2009. After the ‘Shaw industries’ was acquired in the early 2000s, one of the founder’s sons, Bob went ahead to start a carpet Company. The Company is Engineering Flooring and over the years, they have marked their place as one of the top manufacturers of quality carpets. 

Is Dream Weaver Carpet Durable

Most carpet seems like a nice choice at first and poses to be soft and comfortable under your feet. But with time, it shows signs of wear and tear which is not suitable for the carpet. 

When it comes to Dream Weaver carpet, it tends to last for a long time because of the durable material used in the production. Dream Weaver is made from PureColor polyester or nylon fiber which is the best thing about the carpet. This guarantees durability and also offers soil protection which extends the life of your carpet and protects the carpet from fading.

The carpet also has a stain resistance filter to help hold up stains before it is wiped off. These filters help to strengthen and lengthen the life of the Dream Weaver carpet. 

Dream Weaver carpet is made with new technologies that give a comfortable feel and helps it maintain its beauty for a long period. 

The innovative and latest technology used in the production to create durable carpeting makes it possible for the carpet to withstand high daily traffic. It is also a good option for a home with kids and pets. 

About Dream Weaver PureColor & PureBac Technologies

Dream Weaver makes use of the latest technologies and innovations based on research to bring out the best in their carpet. Two such innovations that make their carpets stand out are the PureColor Solution and the PureBac.  

Dream Weaver carpet is made from PureColor solution-dyed nylon or polyester fiber. The PureColor solution allows the color to seep through the carpet fiber and not just the top. This helps the carpet retain its color over the years even when used in a high traffic area. The PureColor also offers a soil protection filter to the Dream Weaver carpet as well as stain resistance. 

The PureBac solution protects the bottom layer of the Dream weaver carpet. It protects against mildew, bacteria, and mold. The layer makes it durable and also comes with a warranty that covers delamination issues. Finally, it makes the installation process easy. 

Dream Weaver Colors

The Dream Weaver carpet is made from polyester or nylon fibers. Also, it comes in different shapes, size, color and pattern that gives you options to choose from. As a result of the color technology, Dream Weaver carpets are solution-dyed and this means that the carpets will have permanent colors that will not go off or fade.

Dream Weaver offers four product lines you can choose from which are PureColor Polyester with 6-24 colors per style, PureColor Soft Polyester with 10-36 colors per style, PureColor Nylon with 10-15 colors per style, and PureColor Soft Nylon with 10-50 colors per style.

How Much Does Dream Weaver Carpet Cost

As mentioned earlier, one thing about the Dream Weaver carpet is that it is quite affordable despite its quality. For most quality carpets, you can pay from $10 per foot. 

But the Dream Weaver cost $1 to $3.00 per square foot. Keep in mind that these costs might increase during either professional installation or DIY projects. This price is competitively priced compared to other brands and price points.

Break Down of Dream Weaver Carpet Cost

PolyesterClamshellEnglish Garden$1.29

How To Clean Dream Weaver Carpet

You need to clean your Dream Weaver carpet regularly to keep it clean and make it last longer. Each dirt or stain requires a different cleaning procedure to remove the stains, spots, or dirt perfectly.

a. Water-Soluble Stains

If this happens, use a white paper or a towel to blot the area. Then make use of 1 tsp of liquid dishwashing detergent and mix it with one quart of water using a spray bottle. Repeat the process till it is gone. 

If the water-soluble stain has an odor then use vinegar before using a liquid dishwasher. If it has colors, use household Ammonia before using a liquid dishwasher.

b. Grease

Blot using a white cloth, apply a solvent like perchloroethylene. Apply to the white cloth before blotting and never apply directly. Make use of plastic gloves and ventilate the room.

c. Waxes and Gum

Freeze with ice or use commercial freezing products. Scrape thereafter with a blunt object and vacuum. Repeat till gone.

d. Medical Stains

Use Thiosulfate solution on the stain and clean. Heat the solution before using it when dealing with an old stubborn stain.

e. Rust

Use a 10% solution of citric acid and remove it. This method should be done with caution. Or rather involve a professional to help.

f. Pet Stain

Use Dreamweaver pet stain remover procedure document available online or send them an email to get step-by-step procedures. 

How To Maintain Dream Weaver Carpet

Maintenance is important when it comes to carpets. Maintaining a carpet helps to prolong the life span and keep it looking as good as new always. Remember that improper care can render your warranty void. To maintain your Dream Weaver carpet, follow the steps below:

a. Ensure you install your carpet the proper way following the installation instruction. Proper installation helps your carpet last longer. 

b. Make provisions for a clean walk-off mat at all the entrances in your home to capture soil outside before it is brought into the carpet. 

c. Vacuum regularly as well and while doing this, use a Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval vacuum cleaner.

d. Employ the services of a professional to deep clean your carpet using the method of hot water extraction. Do this every 12-18 months because this method will help you remove all soil and residues on the carpet. 

e. Once you notice spills or spots, clean it off immediately by blotting your carpet with a damp white absorbent towel. 

d. If there is a marker stain, call for a professional to remove it perfectly without complications or risk having damage on your carpet by doing it yourself. 

While cleaning use Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval spot cleaners. Maintaining these instructions will help secure and protect the life of your carpet.

How To Install Dream Weaver Carpet

To install, Dream Weaver recommends that you call a professional. You can install your carpet yourself. Note that an incorrect installation can affect the durability of your carpet. Note that this automatically voids your warranty. 

It is best to hire a professional for this job for the best results. To install you will pay up to $0.50 to $2 per square foot and still maintain your peace of mind because you know it is a professional that is handling it.

If you want to handle the installation process, you need some additional materials and tools for the process. You need a carpet pad, a knee kicker, and also a carpet stretcher. Also, make sure to use a quality carpet pad of the correct thickness and weight because it will affect the carpet if the appropriate sizes are not used.

Dream Weaver Carpet Warranty

To prove how trustworthy their products are, Dream Weaver offers a warranty for their products. The warranty covers, manufacturing defects, fading, texture retention, abrasive wear, and soil resistance. 

For the warranty to stand, you must install the carpet properly. That is why it is best to employ a professional to handle the installation process. The company can replace or repair when there is a stain or damage. 

The warranty period defers depending on the collection. But the timeframe starts from one year to 25 years. 


So far, everything you need to know about the Dream weaver carpet has been outlined in detail in this post. That includes the cost, style installation, maintenance, and warranty. At this point, you should be able to decide if you want this durable, yet affordable carpet for your home.