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American photographers have tried to recreate photography on paper and this has really worked, becoming a center of attraction in a new exhibition series at the Getty Museum.
According to the Guardian, Paper Promises displays rarely seen 19th – century paper negatives, also including printouts.they give details on portraiture, landscape and aerial photography and beginning of photojournalism. These series run till 27th may.
By Sarah Gilbert.
March 2, 2018 07:00 GMT

 Above  is a picture of a mass burial (burial party) in Cold Harbor, Virginia USA. Dated April 1865. Black men are burying decomposed remains of Union soldiers in Garners’ Mill and Cold Harbor war.
All pictures are from Getty Museum Images.
Taken by: Alexander Gardner and John Reekie.

 A Dakota sitter portrait. Dated 1862-1864. She is putting on a print dress and blanket(Shawl)
Taken by J.E. Whitney

 Rebel works in fronts of Atlanta in Georgia 1866
Taken by George .N. Barnard

 A picture of former American President Abraham Lincoln with his second son Thomas
Dated Feb 5, 1865
Taken by Alexander Gardner

 Passengers on a Locomotive, on the railroad (Baltimore and Ohio) near Oakland, Maryland. Dated 1860
Taken by: unknown

 Jackson O Broshers at US General Hospital Annapolis, Maryland. He is held by the Confederate army as a war prisoner. Dated 1864
Taken by: unknown

 Escaped slaves, contraband at Mr. Tollers’ Farm. Dated 1862-1868
Taken by Alexander Gardner

 Portraiture of a girl putting on a dark jacket, Circa. 1857
Taken by 0.H. Willard

 A dead Confederate soldier, after the battle of the 19 May near Mrs. Allsop’s pine forest, Virginia, 1864.
Taken by Timothy H. O’Sullivan

 A member of the first Japanese diplomatic mission to the US, Washington, 1860.
Taken by Jesse H. Whitehurst

 The Armstead & White photography gallery in Corinth, Mississippi, 1861-1865
Taken by George Armstead

 An African American boy in uniform, 1870-1875
Taken by Unknown

 A raft of blanket boats ferrying over field artillery and men over the Potomac River, July 1863.
Taken by A.J.Russell

Culled from the Guardian:https://www.theguardian.com/culture/gallery/2018/mar/02/early-american-photography-in-pictures

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