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Fabrica Carpet Review, Cost, Colors, Maintenance.

Fabrica carpet is known for providing premium carpet, rugs and hardwood. This unique fine flooring is a product line that is recognized worldwide for its stylish beauty and extraordinary quality. With Fabrica carpet, you are sure to create a home that will outshine its original state.

This carpet brings out the decor of every home it is found in with its finely crafted looks. The carpet’s manufacturer works with the passion of being the best in class among other carpets and they are finally achieving that claim.

Being eco-friendly is a little deal because Fabrica carpet carries the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus certification for Indoor air quality. Fabrica carpets pose as the most demanding segments in the residential market.

Also, Their customer service is top-notch because they never fail to take pride in providing friendly service and technical support. These and more are what Fabrica carpet entails. Let us take a closer look at more details and questions below.

Is Fabrica Carpet Durable?

The Fabrica carpet is made with exceptional quality using superior materials, state of the art, advanced technology and highly skilled craftsmen. In all, the Fabrica carpets offer quality without compromise. Materials that will last for a long time, and last, even more, when maintenance is at its high peak.

Factors like high traffic in your home can reduce the span of any flooring in general. But with the right maintenance, its life span will not be at risk. It is better to invest more for the quality and beauty that a Fabrica carpet will offer.

If the rate of the durability of your flooring has been a problem, then it should not be because Fabrica carpet provides that and more. The manufacturers of Fabrica carpets do not only create designs with different color and styles, they also ensure that their carpets provide the best guarantee.

Fabrica Company also provides a 2-year limited repair or replacement warranty on all the carpets which some people do not see as a warranty because the existence would not last long. But the quality and durability will cover all angles. Fabrica also carries lifetime warranties for soil and stains and 20 years warranties on texture retention and abrasive wear.

Fabrica Carpet Color

Fabrica carpets have designers whose sense of craftsmanship and passion for color always make the most innovative flooring available to you for your comfort. Fabrica carpet brings all your imaginations to live with perfect color and design that will fit into any home decor. It does not fail to have collections for you to choose from.

For this purpose, these Fabrica carpets have bagged an international reputation for unique styles and exceptional performance. Fabrica carpets go through a state of the art research and development facilities to constantly produce innovative, diverse products and impeccable color choices.

This color in question added with the selection and timeliness have always been Fabrica’s primary hallmark of quality. Fabrica carpets come in varieties and color like:

  • Accolade which comes in 72 color.
  • Air of distinction with 6 color
  • Alluvial with 32 color
  • Angelico with 32 color
  • Aspen with 24 color
  • Athena with 36 color
  • Bangladesh with 32 color
  • Barcelona with 24 color
  • Bel Air with 32 color

and a host of others with different color, styles and pattern. There are the newest designs as well to choose from if the current patterns do not suit your taste.

These designs will create exclusive and luxurious interiors for your home or office. These interior designers make sure the styles and color they provide improve their clients’ lives. All these color come underwool and nylon carpets.

How Much Does Fabrica Carpet Cost

There must be a budget for you to proceed to get a new Fabrica carpet. Fabrica carpets come in various prices that differ according to each product. This difference in prices depends on the type of pattern, shape or style a carpet has or even by the brand you select or the retailer you shop with. By using this method of sales, it makes sure that everyone who needs a Fabrica carpet can easily purchase with any budget at hand.

Because of its high-end nature, the price may seem a bit high, more than average carpet. Moreover, these prices are mere estimations that can vary from the original price either in an increasing term or a decreasing one. A Fabrica carpet costs around $7 to over $16 per square foot. The cost generally of the carpets can seem higher but they tend to have more quality, long-lasting and beautiful. You can only experience this cost in a high-end carpet.

How To Clean Fabrica Carpet

It is important to clean your carpet and this does not only make it clean or free from dirt, but it also makes your carpet last longer and look as new as it was on the first day of purchase. You can choose to do the cleaning yourself or perhaps hire a professional to do the job. To clean, these cleaning techniques must be used to give your carpet a shiny look and also protect it from damage.

  • Clean the spills right after they occur because it will be easier to remove compared to when dry.
  • If you meet a thick spill then remove with a spoon or knife blade. Add pressure while doing this because it will be tough to remove.
  • Clean off with a white paper towel or a clean white towel. While cleaning, absorb as many spills as possible.
  • To clean, blot and do not rub. Do this till you get rid of all the visible spills and no additional spot shows on the towel.

Even after the blotting and you still see the spill then use a cleaning solution which can be either a one-half teaspoon of non-bleaching dishwashing detergent or a paint remover with no oil in it or dry cleaning fluid, water or even Acetone to clean.

Clean with the solution onto the spot in a single direction stroke. Blot till it is off the carpet and then leave to dry. If the stain still would not go then consult professional help.

How To Maintain Fabrica Carpet

Maintenance is mandatory for every carpet or even household equipment or appliances. You will need to maintain your carpet for it to last longer. To do this, do not excessively soil your carpet before you hire a professional or undergo a DIY project.

If you do, then the cleaning residue will not be off after the cleaning process goes on. When you remove soils or stains immediately they occur, it will save the life of your carpet and cause less stress during cleaning.

Your carpet can as well become unattractive from this and thereafter lose its colors and wear out. You as well need to prevent soil equilibrium which can appear on the carpet when the soil particles are much that it starts moving down to the carpet pile and to the bottom where a vacuuming process cannot help revive it.

To prevent this, make sure that you take your time to vacuum your carpet thoroughly to get all soil remains out. Also, make use of walk-off mats at the entrance of every door. This will help attract and accumulate the soil before it gets to the carpet.

How To Install Fabrica Carpet

You contact only a licensed carpet installer to install your Fabrica carpet. There is no need to handle the process yourself to avoid damage during installation. Inviting a professional over should not be a difficult job because Fabrica carpet is a high-end product.

An improper installation will also render your warranty void. Some little budget will be mapped out for this installation to take place, which will cover the whole expenses for the carpet installation. The installer should also follow the standard for installing Residential Carpets as given by the carpet and rug Institute.


With these features and information, you should observe that Fabrica carpet is a great choice for anyone in search of a quality high-end carpet. It will provide absolute convenience and comfort at every opportunity it gets.

You also get to witness the different captivating styles, shapes and patterns it comes in. It is uniquely beautiful and outshines other brands. They have made a name for themselves even to an international audience. The only fault one can spot in this carpet is that it is a bit expensive. But its features outsources it.