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Can You Use Fabuloso On Laminate Floors?

Cleaning laminate floors is quite easy. But knowing how best to go about it may be where the challenge is. There is a need to understand the dos and don’ts of cleaning laminate floors. One aspect of cleaning the laminate floor is picking the right cleaner for it. Using the wrong cleaner on your laminate floor can cause long term damage to it. 

The Fabuloso is a versatile general-use surface cleaner. The question now is, can you use the Fabuloso cleaner on the laminate floor? Is it even safe for it? These and many more go through your thoughts when thinking of having a squeaky clean dirt-free laminate floor.

Not to worry as you read on you will soon discover how you can have a gleaming laminate floor without necessarily breaking a sweat. But first, we answer your question on if fabuloso can be used on laminate floors.

Is fabuloso good on the laminate floor?

Fabuloso is a general-purpose ammonia-free cleaner. It has a neutral pH value making it suitable for cleansing surfaces of dirt, grease, grime and stains. It does a good job of getting rid of stains from toilet seats, fabrics, walls and hard surfaces.

Fabuloso is safe on wood as long as it is sealed. It has no wood damaging components according to fabuloso makers. It can be used to spray clean or mop your wood floors. 

Since most laminate floors are sealed, fabuloso is safe on them. So be cautious to ensure your laminate floor is sealed before applying fabuloso for its cleaning.

Now you’ve probably got a new question. How do you know your laminate floor is sealed? We’ve compiled a few tips on helping you know whether or not your laminate is sealed.

Three Tips on how to tell your laminate is sealed

1. Check if it has a glistening sleek look. You know the shiny reflective appearance a surface has when coated. The more your laminate floor looks this way, the more likely it is that it has a protective seal. But it’s worthy to note that there are some laminate floors with a matte coat and there are other unsealed ones with a natural shine.

2. Observe water spills on the laminate floor. See if the laminate floor absorbs the water or if water remains on the surface. If its water gets absorbed after a while then there’s a high chance the laminate is not sealed. Also observe for color change following water spill, if laminate floor darkens then the possibility is it is not sealed.

3. Find an alienated section of your house with the laminate flooring and scratch a tiny part of the surface with a sharp. If the floor is sealed, the sharps will have a tiny clear particle on them. Not just wood particles.

Use these tips to figure out if your laminate floor has a protective coat or not. If your laminate floor is coated, you can go ahead with using the fabuloso for its cleaning.

How To Use Fabuloso For Floor Cleaning

i. Get your fabuloso, a bucket, a gallon of water (16 cups) and a mop or a cleaning cloth.

ii. Pour ¼ cup of Fabuloso into a bucket and dilute with a gallon of room temperature water.

iii. Clean the floor with the prepared solution. Take caution not to soak laminate with water when mopping.

8 Best Practices To Cleaning Your Laminate Floor

1. Every laminate floor comes with recommended ways to clean. Do well to follow the cleaning guidelines given by the floor’s manufacturer. This way you will be caring for your laminate floor the best way you should. You should visit the brand’s website too. Most sites have the FAQs session containing useful information on how to go about cleaning their product.

2. Avoids the use of sharps as well as rough objects on your laminate floor. Laminate floors are susceptible to scratches and dents so it’s best to avoid cleaning harsh sponges or abrasive tools like sandpaper. If you will use a vacuum on your laminate floor, pick one with no beater.

3. Avoid wet mopping. Though laminate floors have a water-resisting ability, they are not immune to water damage. Wet mopping can have the core layer destroyed. It also increases the chances of the laminate floor becoming bouncy. Also, microfiber mops are a better alternative for these floors and mopping should be reduced to once a month.

4. Do not leave water spills untended for a long period. Clean the surface immediately. As you know by now, moisture is no friend to your laminate floor. It could cause the surface of your floors to fade and also damage the fiberboard.

5. Have your footwear dirt and sand-free before stepping on your laminate floor. Shoes carry a lot of dirt and this dirt is not welcomed to your laminate floors. Having a foot mat at your door’s entrance helps a lot with tackling this.

6. If you own a pet at home, have their nails trimmed. Your reptile, cats and dogs’ nails can easily leave your laminate flooring all scratched up. Especially when they move and play around. So one of the ways to maintain your floor’s shine is by having their nails shortened.

7. Have your furniture foot padded. Moving your chairs, cabinets and other wooden furniture or iron furniture can leave your laminate floor scarred. Having its foot padded relieves you of this nightmare.

8. Cleaning products with ammonia as well as oil-based products are not ideal for cleaning your laminate floor. These products may destroy the protective coat of your floors and leave it stained. Wax and polishes should also be avoided on your laminate floors. Vinegar, however, is a better cleaning agent for your laminate floor.

Mold on Laminate Floor

Having molds on your laminate floor can reduce its shine. You can’t use bleach because it’s not exactly the best practice for your laminate floor. Below are 4 steps to having mold off your laminate floor.

Step One: Sweep your floor with a broom. Ideally one with a soft bristle.

Step Two: Get a bucket of water, add 250mls of white vinegar then mix with 5ounce of rubbing alcohol.

Step Three: Add 2drops of essential oil to the mix. Be guided with this.

Step Four: Wipe mold-infested area with the mix using a mop or a wipe cloth.

And that’s it for today. Hope this was helpful to you.