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Can You Use Fabuloso On Wood Floors?

Wood floors spark up your room, giving it a grand classic look. They boost the value of a home and are always in vogue. Wood floors are timeless as they have trended through centuries. They are not just durable but also comfortable to the feet because of the natural warmth within.

One thing you would love about your wood floor is how easy it is to clean and maintain. Regular sweeping is enough to keep its shine coupled with bi-weekly dry mopping. Additionally, using a multipurpose household cleaner when cleaning the wood floor makes it even better. 

Hence, in this article, Fabuloso will be reviewed. Can Fabuloso be used on wood floors? Will it damage your hardwood? These are some of the questions that will be reviewed.

An Overview on Fabuloso

Fabuloso is a multifunctional household cleaner. It serves as a cleaner, a deodorizer and has antibacterial properties too. It is an ammonia-free and neutral pH cleaning solution that comes in 13 different fragrances. Because of its neutral pH, it is safe on most surfaces ridding it of its grease, dirt and stains.

Fabuloso is safe on wood floors as it contains no wood damaging properties. It can serve both as a floor spray for spot cleaning or as a cleaning solution for mopping sessions. It can also be used on fabrics. However, fabuloso shouldn’t be boiled, drank, or used on an unsealed wood floor. 

Can Fabuloso Be Used On Wood Floors?

Yes, Fabuloso can be used for cleaning your hardwood floor. The cleaner is suitable for many floorings with the wood floors inclusive. It is safe for it and can act both as a cleaner and a disinfectant. However, you should ensure it is used only on a sealed wood floor. When used on sealed wood, it leaves it gleaming and grease-free. 

Will Fabuloso Damage Your Wood Floor?

No, fabuloso wouldn’t damage your hardwood floor. Its manufacturers state that the cleaner contains no hazardous element that can destroy your wood flooring. Hence, it is suitable for your sealed wood floor. Aside from wood floors, it is also suitable for cleaning other hard non-porous surfaces.

How Do You Use Fabuloso To Clean A Wood Floor

Cleaning your wood floor with fabuloso is super easy. Firstly, you need to pre-sweep your floor to remove dust and litters. Next, you will get one gallon, that is, 4 liters of warm or room temperature water and a quarter cup, that is,  4 tablespoons of Fabuloso.

Next, you mix in a bowl and start cleaning. You may pour in a spray bottle for ease of use you can use in a suitable mop. Voila! You get to remove grease and stains from your wood floor, leaving it shiny and beautiful. Also, it is necessary to mix fabuloso with water at room temperature to boost its antibacterial property.

Other Uses of Fabuloso

Fabulous is versatile and can be used for other purposes aside from cleaning floors. Here are a few other uses of fabuloso in your home.

a. To Remove Stains From Your Fabric:

Fabuloso can be used for stain removal. The company produces Fabuloso Oxy which is a stain remover. This product is made of both fabuloso and hydrogen peroxide. To make use of the fabuloso oxy, apply directly on the stain, ensuring to follow necessary dilution instructions on the bottle. Next, you use a wet cloth to smudge out the stain. You can repeat till you are satisfied before laundering the cloth.

Where you have just fabuloso, you can still make your fabuloso oxy. You do this by spraying fabuloso to the spot and adding a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. This will help blot out the stain too. However, before doing this ensure your fabric is safe for stain remover.

b. To Clean Walls, Cabinets And Countertops:

If you have a dirt or grease-filled wall or countertop, fabuloso can help to have it cleaned. Firstly, you should dilute the cleaner by adding one-eighth cup ( 2 tablespoons) of fabuloso to one water-filled spray bottle. Then, you shake vigorously. Next, spray on the desired area and use a sponge to wipe. Then, you rinse with clean water and repeat applying fabuloso till you are satisfied with the result. Dry off excess water with a clean cloth and voila! You’d have a clean, bright surface.

c. To Clean Your Restroom:

Fabuloso can serve as your bathroom and toilet cleaner as well. You can save up the cost of getting a bleach or an extra toilet cleaner when you’ve got your fabuloso. To use as a toilet cleaner, just pour fabuloso into your toilet seat in a circular motion. Allow sitting for a few minutes. Then, you brush through the bowl with your toilet brush till satisfied and flush. This will leave your toilet squeaky clean. 

d. To Deodorize Your Trash Can:

Fabuloso is a deodorizer, hence it can improve the smell of your garbage can. You can use it to clean up your trash can and rid it of its bad smell. To freshen up your garbage can using fabuloso, first, you have to empty the can. Next, you add to the can cups of warm water. Then, add a cup of fabuloso. Cover the can and juggle it. Then, open and use your sponge to brush through the can removing any tough grime. When you are done, wash its exterior and rinse out with clean water.

e. To Clean Kitchen Appliances:

Fabuloso can also be used to clean your microwave, stove-head, and other greasy-prone parts of your kitchen. To do this, apply fabuloso degreasing spray to the surface. Do this from about 7 inches away. Then, you wipe the surface with a clean towel or sponge. You can repeat till the surface is completely grease-free. 

Tips For Caring For Your Wood Floors

Sure you would want your wood floor to maintain its glow and keep being stunning. So, here are few tips on how to maintain your wood floor and keep its glow.

Tip One: Clean all spills immediately. You see, moisture is no good friend to your wood floor. It can cause your floor to swell and get damaged. Sometimes, it can cause it to shrink too if the atmospheric air is low on moisture. One way to reduce the frequent swelling and shrinkage is by drying all spills immediately before they get absorbed. Also, as much as possible avoid wet mopping, wet shoes or anything wet. Also, try and maintain your room temperature between 60 – 80°F.

Tip Two: Pad your furniture. Your wood floor can’t stand scratches. It steals shine. Hence as much as you can protect your wood floor from being scratched. One way to do this is by padding the foot of your furniture. So that even when you move them around you won’t be denting your floor.

Tip Three: Sweep your floor every day. Yeah, you should. Sand and dust tend to settle daily around the house. You don’t want them to accumulate into a mess. It becomes even more necessary if you have shedding pets.

Tip Four: Be sure to vacuum. Vacuuming helps you pick up those large crumbs your dust mop or sweeper couldn’t pick. You don’t want those crumbs lying around as they may get your floor scratched. Ensure to do this at least once a week.

Tip Five: Add a new coat every 5years or less. With the passing years, your wood floor tends to dull out. A new finish will improve its look.


Fabuloso is great on wood floors. It leaves it clean and bright. Fabuloso is also useful for other home cleaning functions. Trust you gained more insight into caring for your wood floor.