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Fabuloso vs Pine-sol: Which Is A Better Option

Your choice of home cleaner plays a big on how effective your cleaning will be. It also influences whether or not you would have your desired cleaning result. Fabuloso and Pine-sol are two commonly used multi-purpose cleaners in American homes. They both are amazing home cleaners that get the cleaning job done. You may easily get caught in the battle of deciding which to choose. Hence, in this article, we will be reviewing both Pine-sol and Fabuloso.

An overview of Pine-sol

Pine-Sol is a multi-purpose household cleaner and disinfectant made by the Clorox Company. It is used to clean and disinfect hard non-porous surfaces. Also, it comes in Original Pine-Sol, lemon fresh, lavender clean, sparkling wave and tropical flower. It ranked as Amazon’s choice for all-purpose household cleaner. It removes grease, grime, dirt and 99% germs from surfaces and the Original pretty much smells like Pine.

Also, its active ingredients include Pine Oil, Isopropyl alcohol, cleaning agents, sulfonic acid and alkyl alcohol ethoxylates. It also has 4.8 of 5 stars in the global customer’s review. It’s also noted worthy to know that Pine-sol cleaner unlike some cleaners does not contain ammonia. An ingredient that can cause discoloring to your carpet fibers.

An overview of Fabuloso

Fabuloso is a multifunctional household cleaner. Its lavender fragrance ranks as Amazon’s choice for fabuloso, getting a 4.7 of 5 stars in the global customer review.  It serves as a cleaner, a deodorizer and has antibacterial properties too. It is an ammonia-free and neutral pH cleaning solution that comes in 13 different fragrances. Because of its neutral pH, it is safe on most surfaces ridding it of its grease, dirt and stains. Fabuloso is safe on wood floors as it contains no wood damaging properties.

It is also safe on most other floors. Its ingredients are water, sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate, sodium chloride, lactic acid, fragrance and colorant. It also has C9-11 Pareth-8 as one of its ingredients. It can serve both as a floor spray for spot cleaning or as a cleaning solution for mopping sessions. Also, it can be used on fabrics. However, fabuloso shouldn’t be boiled, drank, or used on an unsealed wood floor. 

Between Fabuloso and Pine-sol

a. Cost:

Comparing their prices, Fabuloso seems to be on the cheaper end. At samsclub.com. 210 Fl Oz of Fabuloso sells at 7.88 dollars meaning you get one ounce for 0.04 dollars. While Pine-sol sells at 9.78 dollars for 200 FL Oz. This means you get one ounce for 0.05 dollars. You could save about 3 dollars depending on your preference. 

b. Range of fragrances:

Original Pine-sol has the natural scent of Pine-Oil. It is a strong scent that easily overshadows other fragrances. If you are a lover of strong natural aroma, then Pine-sol is your best bet of the two. Apart from the smell of Pine, it also comes in four other fragrances. Fabuloso on the other end has a sweet-smelling lavender fragrance. Its scent is milder compared to Pine-sol. It also has a wider range of fragrances for you to choose from. Specifically, twelve more.

c. How well it cleans:

According to consumerreports.com, Pine-sol came out top of the three multi-purpose cleaners tested with fabuloso inclusive. These three were tested on soap scum removing ability, leaving no streaks and how well they clean massively soiled surfaces. Pine-sol had a score of 74% while fabuloso did poorly on those terms. However, both cleaners received more than 4 stars of 5 in Amazon’s global customer review.

d. Disinfecting ability:

Original Pine-sol is an effective disinfectant. It kills 99.9 percent of germs and was recently approved for killing Coronavirus on hard non-porous surfaces. On the other hand, fabuloso is said to have antibacterial properties which are maximized when used to clean with warm water.

Also, both cleaners can deodorize. As mentioned earlier, Original Pine-sol has a strong scent. It can easily mask other unpleasant or unwelcome smells when used to clean. Its fragrance also lasts on for a while. Fabuloso also has a sweet smell. Its fragrance easily tunes down bad smells. 

Both can also be used to clean sealed hardwood floors. As well as to remove stains from fabrics, clean toilet bowls, and freshen up the trash can. They both are effective grease and dirt removers. Pine-sol however has an edge as it is useful for driving pests and killing wasps and other flying stingers. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Multi-purpose Cleaner

Choosing the right general-purpose cleaner for your home amidst the wide range of brands out there can be challenging. To help you with this choice of yours, below are some factors you bear in mind when selecting one.

1. Is it Eco-friendly:

You want to choose a general-purpose cleaner that serves your home needs and is safe for the environment. An eco-friendly cleaner is usually one made without chemicals that can cause harm to the earth. They are made from natural sources like Pine. Oftentimes, they have an EPA label to assure you of its safety claims as well as its effectiveness. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) tests the products for harmful ingredients. Only those that meet their safety standards carry their label.

2. Does it kill germs:

Another point when making your choice is whether or not the cleaner has antibacterial properties. You want to be sure your surfaces are free from germs when you use your all-purpose cleaner on them. After all, it is called an all-purpose cleaner. Usually, cleaners that serve as a disinfectant as well are labeled so. You would see something like “Kills 99.9% of germs”. 

3. What surfaces is it suitable for:

Before you choose, you need to be certain that cleaner is suitable for your home. If you have wood floorings, tile, laminate or vinyl, your choice of cleaner should be suitable for your floor. Be sure it won’t damage your porcelain or painted walls. Although, most all-purpose cleaners are suitable for a variety of surfaces.

4. Does it clean well:

The purpose of buying a cleaner is for cleaning. Hence it makes no sense to spend money on one that won’t get the job done. Check if it cleans grease, grime and tough stains. Reading through other customers’ reviews of the product will be helpful on this. You want something that can get rid of soap scums and food spills. As well as eliminate traces of dirt from your home. Also check if it can leave your toilet bowl, kitchen sink, walls, upholstery and cabinet clean.

5. How does it smell:

This factor is relative. You’ve got to choose what smells good to you. While others love a gently sweet aroma, you may love a strong natural fragrance. Ensure to do a basic smell test before making the purchase. However, it is relieving to know that most all-purpose cleaner comes in multiple fragrances. So, you sure will find a fragrance that suits your taste. Whatever, your choice is, ensure it lightens up your mood. It helps look forward to “clean-up-day”.

6. Is it a good value for your money:

Different brands, different sizes, and different prices. Whatever you decide on, be sure it’s of good value. We all work on a budget. So, check your budget and go for the most value-packed that works for you. 

7. Does it leave a streak:

This is a popular issue with the cleaner of any brand. Sometimes, streaks are left when cleaning instructions are not followed. Read through the brand label to know if you wipe soon after spraying or you will wait a few moments. 


Pine-sol and Fabuloso are two popular multi-purpose cleaners. They have distinct scents and are effective cleaners. When choosing a multi-purpose cleaner, we hope the listed factors help with your choice.