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How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet

Carpets are widely used in many homes now. It has become a personal favorite for many people now as it serves as floor protection. It is a perfect addition to your home, and it comes in many designs, patterns, and colors. They also serve as décor for many households. However, carpets are susceptible to stains, and these stains are sometimes difficult to get out.

Slime is a favorite plaything for some children. It is used as a stress reliever and a means of keeping the children busy. Despite kids completely swooning over by slime, it is not easy to get out of the carpet. It sometimes requires many methods and techniques to be able to get the rug back to its original looks.

Many homeowners often seek techniques to help them in getting slime out of their carpet. Today’s post would be exploring several easy and accessible methods you can use in cleaning out the slime.

How To Get Slime Out Of Carpet 

There are many types of techniques to use in getting slime out of your carpet. They have all been certified to work and can easily be carried out without the help of a professional. These techniques include;

Technique 1: Use Regular Carpet Cleaner 

Carpet cleaners can be bought from online and offline stores. (Check this post for the best carpet cleanerIt is best to go through the manufacturer’s manual and instructions before deciding which would be more suited for your carpet. After purchase, you are to allow your carpet cleaner to sit on the affected area for about five minutes. After this, you are to dip a clean sponge in warm water and scrub the affected area in circles. Both sides of the sponge can be used for this.

You should change the water to achieve better results. After this is done, and there are still residues left, make use of a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner helps to take out any residues left, leaving you with a clean carpet.

Technique 2: Use WD-40 

The WD-40 is another technique that can be used in cleaning off the slime. However, it might be a little disappointing as it is not as effective as many hope it to be. It tends to leave an oily, WD-40 smell after cleaning. Now if you are not so bothered about this, you can go ahead to use the WD-40 technique.

The WD-40 should be sprayed on the affected area and should be left to sit for at least five minutes. After five minutes, scrub thoroughly but not so hard with a brush. You are to scrub gently to avoid damage to your carpet surface. When scrubbing is done, make use of warm water and a sponge to clean it out.

Technique 3: Ice Use Method 

This is perfect for fresh slime stain. As soon as your carpet is stained with slime, quickly apply new ice cubes or ice packs on it. These ice cubes do not cause potential harm to your carpet, and it is one of the easiest go-to methods you can use.

It completely takes off the slime and the carpet should be allowed to dry and also vacuumed to maintain its shiny appearance.

Technique 4: Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

The affected spot should be sprayed with a minimal amount of baking soda. Vinegar and water should be made into a solution and poured on the baking soda sitting on the slime. The solution should be allowed to sit for ten minutes and then scrubbed out with a brush. Scrubbing shouldn’t be done too hard.

After scrubbing, a clean towel should be used to wipe out. Proceed to sprinkle warm water on it and allow drying before vacuuming your carpet. The results would be achieved, but sometimes cases of the area looking brighter than other sites have been reported. It can be managed.

Technique 5: Use Vinegar and Water

This method requires you to mix not just any water but warm water with two-parts of vinegar. It should be sprayed on the affected area, and lightly scrubbed with a brush. The towel should be used to wipe out the stain after cleaning. Your carpet should be vacuumed after it dries.

There might be a little noticeable change on your carpet, but it would fade away as soon as vacuuming has been done.

Technique 6: Use Dish Soap

Two spoons of dish soap should be mixed with warm water and sprayed on the affected area on your carpet. Allow it to sit for two to four minutes. The affected area should be sprayed again, then cleaned up with a sponge or towel. Keeping dabbing till all slime is gone, then it should be aired naturally (air dry).

The dish soap would generate soap suds. It is also advisable to use a plant-based, and dye-free dish soap for your slime removal.

Technique 7: Use Club Soda 

  • Using a butter knife, scrape out as much slime as you can from your carpet.
  • Pay attention while doing this to avoid damaging your carpet surface.
  • After this, spray club soda to the affected area and allow it to sit for several minutes.
  • Clean out with a towel to remove any excess soda water that might be left.
  • Vacuuming can also be done.

 Technique 8: Use Goo Gone 

Goo gone can also be used to take out slime from your carpet. Goo gone should be applied to the affected area then scrubbed thoroughly. Remember that scrubbing should be lightly done. After cleansing, wait for ten to fifteen minutes before vacuuming your carpet.

The downside to the Goo done is that it might not be as effective and may leave slime stains on the carpet. It won’t completely take it off. It also leaves your carpet oily and smelly like goo is gone. You are however in luck as goo gone smells wonderful like oranges.

How To Get Slime Out Of The Carpet Without Vinegar 

Most persons seek a different slime removal method that is not vinegar related. If you are one of those persons, you are in luck as there are other non-vinegar related methods. The alcohol method is a top-notch alternative in removing slime from your carpet.

Alcohol should be directly poured on the affected slime area. It should then be scrubbed with a brush and rinsed with a wet towel or rag. The site should be allowed to dry before vacuuming is done. It is okay to do a little test run before proceeding to do the entire area. It is a safe way to avoid bleaching your carpet completely.

Other methods include the WD-40 listed up above.

How Do I Get Dried Slime Off My Carpet? 

The affected area should be scrapped with a table knife or spoon. This scrapping should be gently done. A solution of white vinegar and water should be made. You are to mix 2/3 cup of white vinegar with 1/3 cup of water for a suitable solution.

A hard brush should be used to mix the solution into the carpet properly. After sitting for some minutes, you would observe that the slime would start to break and loosen up slowly. This process should be repeated again and again till the desired results have been achieved. Vacuuming should be done after the floor has dried to pick up any loose piece of slim.

How To Remove Slime With Apple Cider 

Apple cider is one versatile product that can be used in many different ways. It can almost be described as a multipurpose product, and it comes as no surprise that it can be used to clean out carpet slime. All you need to do is make a solution that can be used in cleaning the affected area.

Make a combination of 2/3 apple cider vinegar and 1/3 cup of warm water. This solution should be placed in a spray bottle or bucket. The solution should be properly applied to the affected area and lightly scrubbed. Space should be cleaned with a towel, rag, and sponge then allowed to dry off completely.

It should then be vacuumed, and your carpet is as good as new again. The apple cider vinegar method is a very effective technique that can be used as an alternative. If you are looking for the go-ahead to use apple cider vinegar, this is it.


Slimes are well-loved by children, and despite its obvious disadvantage to carpets, they cannot be out rightly ruled out. It is advisable to take precautions such as getting plastic flooring for your carpet when the slime is being used. Slime should also not be allowed to sit for too long before removal.

There are many easy techniques for you to use in taking out the slime. These techniques are easy to do and are majorly a DIY method. They are also materials that can be easily gotten and accessed from markets around you.