Go pro Hero 4 Black and Silver (Best/Most Recognizable action Cameras)

Go pro Hero 4 Black and Silver (Best/Most Recognizable action Cameras)

Apple phones and devices are the best and I think the ever high level of phones and devices to
be produced. Don’t get me wrong, but try to get one and you will agree with me. They are just
high class, high tech and high processing etc. Go pro cameras are the best action cameras
around and I I would recommend it to anybody. Why is Go pro camera in the top of the world for
action cameras, especially the Go pro camera Hero4 black and Hero4 silver, the two very best
action cameras.
Here is a brief review.

Most smartphones are able to shoot good videos but action cameras are to be treasured when
it comes to action videos because they are small, light, hydro/aerodynamic and they are tough
and last long eg.you would not use your phone dip swimming or paddling six foot waves, it’s
insane and am sure your phone might not survive it. Even snow boarding or surf boarding,
common cameras eg. (DSLR) wouldn’t do but you can do them using Go pro cameras. They are
just adequate and good for that.

1. Go pro Hero 4 Black edition:

Go pro are little tiny action cameras mostly in a box. They are
typically one step ahead in image quality and features and take up diff positions and fit inside
steady cams and selfie stick. They are even fixed in aerial photographs and even drones. That’s
awesome I guess. Go pro Hero 4 black has an ability to shoot 4k videos at 30 fps and 1080p
video at 120 fps. It looks like Hero 3 and Hero3+ cams and uses the same little boxes. This it’s
compatible with Go pro mounts. I has a waterproof housing rated with 131ft deep which should
be exact and enough though it’s not same other action cams.. Also buttons on this cam are few
eg. the side button that give a very fast access to settings.

2. Go Pro Application:

One way to enjoy this type of camera is with the use of its applications
when you can remote, control, starting and stopping recs and even play with the settings,
quickly transferring shot and videos to phones for social media sharing very quickly.
Studio: Also the video editing software. This needs some more work and updates as Its baggy.
There are templates, adjustment are just not possible, having always been through editing
midway. Apps like the Adobe premier apps, should be upgraded into it. 5k videos are just a task
when being edited. Additions like the bluetooth and speedometer should be included.

3. Image Quality:

Go pro cams are simply a step from the rest in quality details, color accuracy and
great dynamic ranges, I would wish you do understand that there are also good ones out there
that could compete with it.

Note: This cams offers two times of shooting modes in competing modes. The black edition
particularly has a sound resolution and frame rates, clean audio and a low light system.
The silver edition: A cheaper version of the black edition, mostly touchscreen make, it’s sharp
and easy to access and it’s battery are just nice. It has an LCD screen, handy for lining up shots
i n order and to review footages. But one issue with it is it’s processor is lower than that of the
black edition.

4. Recommendation:

So therefore as a starter I I’d better recommend the silver edition maybe due to the fact it’s
cheap and affordable. It averages your expectations and as such gets you on a level ground
where you don’t get offended with your work. I hope you do understand.


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