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Helios Carpet: 6 Facts You Should Know

Helios carpet has been in existence for quite some time.  Since then they have specialized in creating carpets in different forms, shapes and sizes that will fit into anyone’s choice. They are in, to create unique colors, produce extraordinary textures and make unending patterns.

Their innovation and imaginations when producing carpets did not stop them from putting the environment at heart. Helios carpets combine trendsetting design with eco-wise solutions to bring to you extraordinary carpets that will enhance the beauty of your home and sustain your world.

The manufacturers will stop at nothing to ensure you get the best of the best in this carpet. Apart from the design, texture and color, it also gives comfort to your feet. Helios carpets are also made with quality materials that make the carpet capable of withstanding anything thrown at it.

Helios carpet has a specialty in the production of wool carpets. This wool carpet has been in existence for over 20 years. It is made with the finest fibers that improve the health, comfort and beauty of your home while contributing to the betterment of the world. They made use of the New Zealand wool over other wools because it offers superior advantages.

This standard they have observed at first will help you understand the foundation of the production of Helios carpets. With this, we can throw in more light on other features of Helios carpets.

Is Helios Carpet Durable?

Yes, it is. Helios carpets make their carpets with sustainable natural materials. These materials are responsible for the longevity of these carpets. Helios carpet utilizes renewable ingredients that can be infinitely replaced. They also make use of a woven process in the production of their carpets which makes it last twice as long as a tufted carpet. Its longevity goes as far as increasing by 200%.

Their carpets also make use of 30% less fiber because less yarn is buried in the back than other constructions. All these signals back to making the carpet stand firm on the floor and keep up with the original shine. The durability of the carpet can also be shortened or lengthened according to the traffic rate at which the carpet undergoes. That is why it is necessary to take care of your carpet to always stay in shape no matter the traffic.

Helios carpet uses research teams to keep pondering upon more quality and durable alternative materials and process improvements for their carpets. They adopt a continuous cycle to always give space for improvement in the production of carpets and to serve their customers well. This carpet is also dirt and soil-resistant, fire-retardant and non-allergenic.

Helios Carpet Colors

Helios carpet comes in varieties of forms and colors to help match your home. While being primarily woven in, they do not fail to provide endless variations of colors, patterns and texture. The wool carpet will not stop at providing comfort, but also provide colors that fit into your home decor.

They have carpets like Moorland with 9 colors, Castlebay with 9 colors, Lineley with 13 colors, Tillard with 19 unique colors, Cape may with 12 colors, Pebble point with 10 colors, Delbridge with 9 colors, Cheswick with 8 colors, Caledonia point with 14 unique colors and varieties of colors with different patterns to suit your target. Each of the carpets is 12 feet wide.

How Much Does Helios Carpet Cost

Helios carpets made it possible that anyone would be able to purchase the carpet. The cost is based on estimations that might be exact, lesser or higher than the actual price of the carpet. You should also know that these prices may differ from each other as a carpet can be higher than the other based on the material being used or the size or pattern.

A medium Helios carpet costs $3-30 – $4.55 per square foot, a midrange Helios carpet costs $4-56 – $6.99 per square foot and the luxury Helios carpet cost over $7 per square foot. With these, you can still purchase a quality carpet according to your budget. You should also bear in mind that you are making a great investment in purchasing a Helios carpet because they do not make use of commissioned spinners, dyers or tufters to make their carpets. They control every process for you to feel confident in your flooring purchase.

How To Clean Helios Carpet

This guide will help you clean off your Helios carpet in case of spills, dirt and spot. You can make use of just water, detergent solution, methylated mineral spirits or turpentine, warm water, rust remover to clean depending on the spot.

a. In case of a liquid on your carpet, use a white paper towel or any absorbent cloth to wipe, but in case of a solid substance, scoop up with the end of a knife or spoon.

b. Take a small quantity of a spot remover, apply it to a clean towel and then clean.

c. While cleaning, clean inwards from the edge of the carpet to prevent the spot or spot removal from spreading.

d. Avoid rubbing it in because it will result in the spot spreading or distort the pile. When this happens, it tends to subject you to more cleaning.

e. Clean with a little water and do not over-wet the carpet.

f. Clean with a clean dry towel and then allow to dry. You may use a fan to speed the drying process if possible to avoid further dirt.

How To Maintain Helios Carpet

If you maintain your carpet, then you can be able to extend the life of your carpet. To maintain a Helios carpet, you must take up a few actions and without these actions, your carpet will experience a low life span.

To maintain it, you should be able to clean your carpet at regular intervals and do not wait for it to be heavily soiled before cleaning. If you should take your money to invest then you should increase the life of your carpet. Adopt a regular, interim or periodic cleaning to keep your floor looking as good as new.

Vacuuming is another measure that needs to be taken. Vacuum regularly and thoroughly once a week and even more in heavy traffic areas. By doing this, you tend to remove soil and dirt particles from the carpet. Make sure to empty the vacuum bag when half full. When you have a cut pile carpet then go for an upright vacuum with a beater brush, in the case of a loop pile Berber carpet, then go for a suction-only vacuum.

You can undergo some preventive measures. Change filters in your heating and air conditioning systems, Use an absorbent powder and clean regularly used chairs and traffic lanes, make use of an absorbent mat at all entrances to your home, clean those mats when dirty, avoid stains with silicone because they will hasten carpet soiling. All these preventive measures can help prolong and protect your carpet.

While adopting interim maintenance, you must carry out thorough cleaning to restore color and looks. Use inert powders with a mixture of cleaning agent and solvent to clean. Periodic maintenance is a deep cleaning that can be done using heat water extraction by a trained cleaner.

How To Install Helios Carpet

Carpet installation can be hard to fix especially when the old flooring starts coming up. You can choose to install it yourself if you are willing to undergo the process to make it look perfect. If you cannot undergo this process, it is best to hire a professional to do the job in a way that will make your carpets last longer. Also, it will prevent damage in the process of installation.

Hiring a professional will attract more cost because the installation cost will be per square foot.  You can choose to glue down the carpet to the subfloor which is easier to install. When dealing with the installation of the carpet, they will charge more when you have to remove the existing carpet and then replace it with a new one. Furniture removal will also make you spend some more. All these should be put into consideration before the installation begins.


Helios carpet has proven itself to be the best wool carpet in town that produces carpets with New Zealand wool which is far the purest, whitest wool in the world. The colors and styles are awesome because they make use of excellent dyeing elements to create long-lasting colors. You cannot find traces of internationally banned pesticides anywhere in New Zealand farms to show that they consider safety as their top priority.

Their carpets are also non-allergenic fiber, it is safe even with a case of asthma because the fibers are too long and thick to be sniffed. With Helios, you can maintain your health, style, pattern, color and budget.