How to Become a Travel Photographer

Discover the Rudiments and guidelines to become a travel photographer. There are also tips and advice on how  to become a travel photographer.

Becoming a travel photographer is the basic dreams of some beginner photographer looking to specialize in one area or the other. Most people are fascinated with the idea of traveling and visiting places world apart from theirs.
Basically, it involves buying a camera and traveling the world with your camera, clicking the shutter button at the site of any amazing image around you such as the perfect sunrise.

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Travel photography requires a great amount of patience to wait for the perfect shot and moreover becoming a successful travel photographer does not come in the blink of an eye. Travel photography affords you the opportunity of traveling to amazing places, meeting exciting people, but it also comes with bad sides, staying in uncomfortable places, taking some harassment.

As with all aspects of photography, one important key to becoming a successful travel photographer is going into it with a business mentality. As a beginner, lookout for travel photography opportunity and make a living out of it. You could start by traveling to a particular location of your interest and shoot photos. You could also market your photos.

Becoming a professional travel photographer takes a lot of time and dedication and practice. There are steps involved in becoming a travel photographer. Some questions you need to ask yourself.

What are Your Dreams and Goals?

Before becoming a travel photographer, it is important to define what you want, don’t just jump into travel photography because others are excelling in it. You need to ask yourself some questions like:

  • Do you want to be a photographer?
  • Is travel photography the area you wish to major in?
  • Are you in travel photography to travel to different parts of the world?
  • What are your aims and targets as a travel photographer?
  • Is travel photography a part-time job or a lifetime career job?

It is important to consider these questions as they would help to shape your focus and to take some decision in your photography career. They would also help to guide you on how to achieve your goals and add value to your work.

Learning Photography:

Knowing your dreams and goals is not enough, after that, you need to learn about photography. This has to do with learning how to operate and shoot with a camera. Understand the basic camera settings, practice a lot with your camera. This is very important and crucial as being a travel photographer will expose you to different situations and challenges that require you to be well skilled to shoot such scenes.

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As part of learning photography, read photography books and watch some YouTube videos, go for photography classes and gather get some photography and shooting experience. Through these means, you get some photography techniques. These skills and techniques become part of you as you practice often and often.

As one looking to become a travel photographer, one major thing to do is to get a good camera. As much as no camera is peculiar to travel photography, getting a DSLR will enable you to shoot high-quality photos with lots of detail. Apart from getting a DSLR, you need a tripod to help steady your hand, avoid shaking your hand and reduce blur. It is also important to have lots of lenses suitable for any situation. This ranges from wide-angle lenses to zoom lenses. Also, it would be an added advantage to have spare of each photography equipment you could fall back to when trouble occurs.

Now we would look into some ideas for travel photography:


Create a Brand Name and License:

Becoming a successful travel photographer requires you make a business out of it. First of all, this requires you create a brand name for yourself. You could use your name or possible name combinations. Look out for name combinations peculiar to travel photography and attractive get a list of them. With a good and attractive name, you could set up a website or blog. Another trick is to search for domain names available and free or up for sale and take them up.

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Once you have set up a name, you can design a logo for your website or blog. A logo helps you to be easily identified by clients and customers. Always make your logo attractive and catchy. You could employ the services of a graphic designer for this.

It is also important to license your photos and you could start by placing them on stock sites and offer your images for license. Sites such as 500px, Shutterstock, Getty Images and Stocksy are some of the sites where you could sell your prints.

Get Photography Jobs:

This is especially for travel photographers interested in photography jobs and services. You could sell your photos to businesses, media companies and publications and the tourism industry. Lookout for potential clients and reach out to them, offer your services. The truth still remains that opportunities abound in travel photography.
You could also become a travel writer, offering content information and write-ups to some websites who will publish your work and pay you a few bucks.

Set up a Website or Travel Photography Blog:

With the help of a website or a blog, you could educate people on travel photography, offer workshops and photography sessions. Website and blogs are ways of creating an online presence for yourself and it is a very important requirement you need to become a successful travel photographer.

There is also the opportunity to sell prints and products on your website. Successful photography websites and blogs thrive well on excellent content and advertising. Hence you need to get ready tutorial articles and reviews, well-detailed photos and travel guides, how-tos on your website or blog. Note having a website and an online presence will help to provide money and income for you and your business.

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As part of an online presence, you can also provide photography workshops and tours to travel photographers and tourists in particular locations and tourist centers, showing them particular locations. This can be done through your social media and on your website. Make sure to regularly update your social media network and websites and often advertise them.

Grow Your Portfolio:

It is important for travel photographers to grow their portfolio. What are some of your work and experience you could share? Your portfolio will help to market you as your work and experience will be there for clients to see. one way to do this is to set it up on your website.

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One part of your website should contain all about you and should be accessible to clients and visitors, you can also display some of your work on your website for the world to see. Make it a point of duty to continually update your portfolio and work as often as possible.

Below are certain tips and advice involved in becoming a travel photographer. As earlier noted, becoming a successful travel photographer also requires shooting images that are unique and dramatic, you need to grow from shooting normal photos to special and extraordinary ones.

1. Practice and Shoot:

As a travel photographer, you could always improve your shooting skills by practicing. Look out for exciting locations and do some practice, get better at shooting scenes and photos. Shoot in different modes and try increasing your shutter speed for some motion pictures. Get to terms with every bit of your camera settings, buttons, and functions. You could also work with light and different shooting angles.

Practice the art of patience, wait for some important moment of your subject, get into uncomfortable positions to avoid being noticed and shoot some special photos. Usually, the trick is to take time and observe a particular environment and often visit a particular location at different times.

2. Market Yourself and Your Photos:

You could start by licensing some of your photos, selling them to stock sites. You could also set up a travel photography blog or site and start selling some travel photography photos. List out some of your potential clients, media houses and companies, and draw out some marketing strategies to reach out to them.


You also need to market yourself by getting a copy write, setting up a travel photography business. You could also join in some travel photography or magazine competitions and exhibitions to get published. Let the world know you are a travel photographer.

3. Add Content to Your Photos:

To become a successful travel photographer requires you don’t dwell on shooting ordinary photos, to stand out and be known, learn how to go to unique places not so popular, make some research on some locations. As a travel photographer, let your photos always have stories to tell. Develop the habit of shooting photos that communicate with the viewer. Do this on a consistent basis and you will create a strong impression in the world of travel photography. The world comes to know you and this will attract clients looking for such photos to you.

4. Read and Study:

Lookout for some travel photography books and study them. Take time to practice some of the secrets shared on these books. Also, study the work and portfolios of some of the top travel photographers and practice your findings. Also study some of the trends and happenings going on in the travel photography world, the kind of photos shared on stock sites and what people are looking for and start creating such photos.

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5. Research:

Before visiting a particular location, try to always read everything about the place, the lifestyles, social life and culture of people living there. Create contacts with fellow photographers in such areas and establish a relationship with them.

6. Be Sensitive and Understanding:

As a travel photographer, you will get to meet different people with a different orientation about life and with different cultures and lifestyles. As such you need to be tolerant, sensitive. This is very easy and can be fun if you are a people person.

Often times to properly relate with these people, you need to understand them and get to their level in order to achieve your goal. Try to relate with everybody accept them for what they are. This would go a long way to getting your desired result and even keep you safe.

Finally, in a very competitive world, one thing is sure to make you stand out, patience. At certain times, you may fall or be confronted with challenges along the way, never give up, persevere, get better by practice and improve yourself. There is definitely no limit to what you can achieve as a travel photographer. With desire, your dream of how to become a travel photographer will become a reality.


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