For the average human, striking good poses in photos can be quite a challenge, they don’t know how to pose good pictures.

Models on the other hand have mastered the art and can effortlessly pull off great poses during a photo shoot.

Some non-models are equally adept at striking great poses in pictures but for a lot of people, posing smartly just does not come naturally to them.

If your posing game is not up there yet, do not worry. After reading this article you should be able to pull off smart poses and look good in photos without breaking sweat.

Below are some tips on How To Pose For Good Pictures.

Be Confident

When posing for a photo, be confident you can pull it off. If there are doubts within you, it could ruin the outcome.

Those who consistently pull off great poses in pictures have confidence in their ability to pull them off and this reflects in their pictures. Do away with all forms of self doubt.

Carry Out Self Examination

Take a look at previous pictures you took, both the ones you like and the ones you don’t want anyone else to see.

Do a full body scan and pick out the things you got right and those you failed at. This way you can identify the things that work best for you and those that do not. Armed with this information, you know what to do and what not to do next time you have to strike a pose.

Critically examine both sets of pictures and pick out the highlights of the good ones and the lows of the not so good ones. Then keep experimenting and improving on what you have already.

Eventually you will arrive at a pose that is just right for your body and that will be your killer pose any day.

Lean In

A good way to improve your looks in a photo is to lean in. You look better in a picture when you hinge at the hips and pitch your top half towards the camera, with your bottom half in the other direction, even if just slightly.

This is common to models and actors who do this a lot and pull it off brilliantly.

Angle Your Face

When posing for a photo, do not look straight at the camera. When you avoid looking straight at the camera, shadows which make the face appear wider would not be created.

So angle your face away from the camera slightly, so that shadows are instead created along the cheekbones and the nose.

Also, tilt your chin down as having a high chin looks unnatural. You should also position the camera to look up to your nose.

However avoid severe angles. Move your head comfortably so that your pose does not look forced.

Pose Your Hair

Many people are not aware they can pose their hair to improve their image. For someone with long hair, a bad hair is the first thing people will notice in your photo.

So to make your hair look more interesting, there are ways you can pose them.

However, avoid having your hair sit on your shoulders at all costs as it will look wild. You can try the following hair poses and see which works best for you:

Hair all behind the shoulders, Hair all in front of the shoulders, Hair all on one side, Hair all on the other side, and Hair up.

Lift Your Arm

It is natural to a lot of people to stand with their arms flat at their sides. This can lead to a dull and uninteresting photo as you may look awkward and uncomfortable in the photo.

Make your photo more interesting by working your arm, lift your arm an inch or two so that it is “floating” and not pressed against you.

There are several other ways you can pose your arms. Try out different styles instead of just pressing your arms against your body.

Relax Your Shoulders

Simply relaxing your shoulders can make your pictures come out more beautiful. If your shoulders are stiff, they can throw off the movement of the rest of your body.

When posing for photos, your shoulders should never be facing the camera directly, but should always be turned at an angle.

You can even make your body appear smaller in a photo by having the picture taken from behind your shoulders, with your head turned back.

Another trick you can play with your shoulders is to place them on different planes. This will add depth to your photo. Drop one shoulder so that it is comfortably lower than the other.

Occupy Your Hands

Occupying your hands in a photo can improve its look. A common go to hand pose for most people is the peace sign. You can create your own signature hand sign to make your photos stand out.

You can also hold props like a coffee cup, a handbag etc. to spice up the photo. You can also touch your face or hair with your hands.

Step Out

When posing for a picture, don’t just close your legs together and stand at attention. Instead, move your legs and make both of them visible by stepping out.

You can do a walking shot by taking a few steps back and then walk towards the camera.

You can also try different things like crossing one foot in front of the other or point one leg out at a 45 degree angle, putting your weight on the back leg. This pose gives your body a slight curve and accentuates your waist. It also looks a bit more relaxed than just pointing both feet straight ahead.

Show Some Emotion

Make your pictures more interesting by showing some emotion. A natural smile will certainly make your picture more beautiful but a fake smile could ruin it. So when posing, smile naturally.

Also, smile with your teeth. Even if your dentition isn’t all that perfect, still bare your teeth a little.

You can also have someone make you laugh for a picture. Real laugher is known produce some of the most beautiful pictures.


Posing expertly for photos is an art that can be learnt. By mastering and making the most of body angles when posing, you will have known how to pose for good pictures. You can also become an expert poser in front of the camera.

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A Photography enthusiastic. I work with a group of other professional photographers to provide you tips on photography

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A Photography enthusiastic. I work with a group of other professional photographers to provide you tips on photography

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