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Can You Put A Humidifier On Carpet?

Using a humidifier comes with several advantages such as reducing snoring, preventing dry skin, and preventing influenza. Little wonder most people are opting for it in their homes.

To get the full advantage of using a humidifier, how and where you use it matters. For instance, it’s important to know where to place your humidifier. If you have carpet in your room and you’re wondering if you can put your humidifier on your carpet, this post is for you.

The short answer is No, it’s not advisable to place a humidifier on a carpet.

Continue reading to understand why you shouldn’t place a humidifier on a carpet and other factors to consider when using a humidifier in your home.

Can You Put A Humidifier On Carpet?

No. It’s not advisable to put a humidifier on a carpet. A humidifier produces moisture that can soak into your carpet. Most carpets are not water-resistant or water-proof. So, placing a humidifier on a carpet over time can damage the carpet.

Not just damage the carpet, you also stand the risk of getting sick. That is why you have to identify the proper place to keep your humidifier in your room or home.

What Happens When You Put a Humidifier On Carpet?

When you put a humidifier on a carpet, the moisture released from the humidifier soaks into the carpet. This turns the carpet into a breeding place for mildew and mold. They release toxins into the air. And exposure to molds and mildew over time can cause allergies, flu, and respiratory problems.

Not just that, carpeted floors are not level most times as a result of folds on the carpet. Placing a humidifier on it can affect the functionality of the humidifier.

Also, the moisture can make the carpet slippery and this can lead to accidents in your home. Especially if you have kids at home.

Where Should A Humidifier Be Placed In A Room?

There is no one-for-all perfect location for placing a humidifier in a room or home. It’s all about finding the perfect angle to place the humidifier. The tips below can help you figure out the best place to put your humidifier in your room and home.

a. If you have a carpeted floor, the best place to put your humidifier is on a small table about two feet above the ground. It is advisable to place a towel under the humidifier to protect the table from excess moisture.

b. If you want to improve the quality of air in the entire house, place the humidifier in the living room. Placing the humidifier in the living room may be the best option in a small home. But for a bigger home, you get the best result by placing the humidifier in a room where it’s needed most.

c. If you have kids at home, it’s advisable to place the humidifier on an elevated surface beyond their reach.

Where Should You Not Put A Humidifier?

Now you have an idea of where to place the humidifier in your home, these are some of the places where you shouldn’t put a humidifier in your home.

a. Don’t put your humidifier on a carpeted floor. We’ve explained some of the reasons why it’s not advisable to place a humidifier on a carpet in this post.

b. Avoid placing a humidifier on a metal or wooden surface. It can damage the wood over time and turn it into a breeding ground for mold or mildew. For a metal surface, when exposed to moisture over time, it can cause the surface to rust.

It is best to place the humidifier on a plastic tray or lay a towel on the surface before placing the humidifier.

c. Don’t place a humidifier near a vent. A vent releases drier and warmer air. When it mixes with the moist air from the humidifier, it reduces the humidity in the room.

Other Tips On Using A Humidifier?

These are other tips to consider when using a humidifier to get an optimum result.

a. Always use a hygrometer (humidity gauge to know the humidity in various locations in the house. This will give you an idea of the ideal room and location to place your humidifier. Buy a Hygrometer on Amazon.

Use a humidifier only if the humidity reading is 40% or less. If the humidity level is 50%, don’t use a humidifier to avoid excess moisture in the room that can cause the growth of mildew or mold.

b. Regular cleaning is important to avoid the spread of bacteria in the room. Always use vinegar and bleach to clean your humidifier to disinfect it and prevent the growth of bacteria. Also, make sure you change the filters periodically.

c. Always empty the humidifier when not in use. Ensure you clean the humidifier when you want to use it after storing it.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can A Humidifier Cause Mold In Carpet?

Yes. Placing a humidifier close to a carpet can cause mold on the carpet due to the moisture trapped on the carpet. Rather than placing the humidifier on a carpet, it is advisable to place it on a table two feet above the ground.