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Is Advantech Flooring Waterproof?

 Advantech flooring has become the new chic for buildings these days. It is becoming a favorite among homeowners, and can we blame them? The product is so excellent and has been referred to as a “groundbreaking product for the building industry.” The many features in the Advantech flooring have made it so attractive for many homeowners. It is a high-performance flooring that was designed with the plywood in mind.

It is better than most subfloor floorings out there and has been proven to be a highly competitive product in the building market. What makes it further attractive is its five hundred-day warranty and lifetime warranty against defects given to its product users. The lifetime warranty is also transferable from one homeowner to another homeowner.

 Many rushes for this opportunity as it gives them a great sense of security when using the product. Despite these many qualities attributed to the Advantech flooring, the one question that seems to plague the mind of many is its waterproof quality. Is the Advantech flooring waterproof? How good are its water-resistant rates? Ask no more as we are going to explore all these and more in this article.

Is Advantech Flooring Waterproof?

The Advantech flooring is not waterproof. It is highly water-resistant, which makes it one of the best features of the Advantech flooring. The Advantech flooring is made with a high level of resin that makes it highly water-resistant. Resins are added to flooring to give them an edge over any weather or humidity. Luckily for Advantech users, it contains a very high level of resin.

The Advantech is built to survive any harsh weather. However, this does not mean that it should expose it to moisture continuously. If exposed to a prolonged humidity period, it would experience swelling that may or may not require an aftercare sanding. You are certain that your Advantech flooring won’t delaminate, cup, or wrap. So when looking for great flooring that offers you amazing waterproof quality, the Advantech flooring is your best bet.

What is The Advantech Flooring?

Huber Engineering Woods developed the Advantech flooring. As earlier stated, the Advantech flooring is made with the appearance of the plywood in mind. It is flooring engineered to combine different qualities that include good water resistance, and amazing strength, and a great installation process that can be done with ease. Also, it is a wood made with a stiffness that keeps the floor quiet and flat. It has been ranked the number one flooring in the building industry. This award has gone on for nearly a decade.

The popularity of Advantech flooring cannot be ignored, and the ICC-ES has recognized its design values, and it has been published in the ESR-17845. You might be wondering what the ESR-1785 means. It is a certification on how good the Advantech flooring is.

. It has a 16% better design and bending stiffness than the regular commodity plywood in the market.

. Also, it has a 10% better design fastener holding power

. On its own, the bending design strength of the Advantech flooring is on a 62%

. When also compared to the commodity OSB, it has a 28% better design bending stiffness.

Pros of Advantech Flooring

The Advantech flooring has its pros and cons, and we shall be discussing it. The pros include:

Water/ Moisture Resistant

Perhaps this is one of the greatest qualities of Advantech flooring. It has one of the best rates in resisting moisture when compared to other flooring types. It also has one of the least tendencies to swell, warp, or cup. The Advantech flooring was designed to stay during prolonged construction days. It has been reported to provide a long term resistance to moisture around the area of construction. It can even survive cold weather such as winter.

The Advantech flooring also works well with concrete flooring. It showcases its moisture resistance prowess. It would provide good sheathing. Another benefit of this is you do not need to sandpaper your Advantech flooring for at least three hundred days after it has been installed. The way to this is a simple, obvious answer? The floor won’t allow for water or moisture penetration.

Easy Installation

The one noticeable feature of the Advantech flooring is its joints. It has a tongue and groove joint that makes it relatively easy to install. When something is said to have a tongue and groove joint, it simply means it has an edge to edge panel that can be fitted together—a process of joining panel edges.

It also means that end panels are so properly fitted together that it presents a look/illusion of a single flat surface when laid. The joint edges do not appear or show. It also comes with its guaranteed no sanding label. The Advantech flooring is a simple, stress-free installation process.

Hard, Strong and Quiet

The moisture and water-resistant feature of Advantech has a lot of positive effects on the flooring. This quality is one of the positive impacts that are a result of the moisture-resistant quality. It makes the wood strong, hard, and quiet. Because it doesn’t absorb moisture, it doesn’t make the squeaky noise widely associated with wood flooring. It provides you with a calm environment. There is also no fear related to heavy furniture or movements. You rest assured of your flooring lasting for long periods without dents or folds.

Cons of Advantech Flooring

Thankfully there are not many cons associated with the Advantech flooring. It has many good qualities that the bad rates are almost nonexistent. The only con associated with the Advantech flooring is;


Due to its standard and quality, it comes as no surprise that the Advantech flooring is expensive. Quite expensive if we are calling it a buck. The maximum strength, water and moisture resistance, easy installation, long-standing warranty, and many more make it a good competition over the many flooring types. It is even fifty percent more expensive than your typical OSB. If you decide to go for the average OSB, you are indirectly signing up for a wood that would easily damage and react to high humidity levels and exposure.

Despite the expenses associated with purchasing and installing the Advantech flooring, it can be quoted as one of your best investments yet. You rest assured of having quality flooring in your home that would stand the test of time.

Advantech Flooring Versus Plywood

Many homeowners are often concerned with the better option between the Advantech flooring and the plywood. Since it was made with plywood in mind, many users are very interested in knowing the differences, which is a better choice.


While the Advantech flooring is on the expensive side, the plywood flooring is fairly average. However, this is simply a battle between cost and longevity. The plywood would require more expenses in the long run, as it is easy to wear out. It would even require changing sometimes. So when thinking of longevity and future costs, it is advisable to go for the Advantech flooring.


Simply put, Advantech is better at handling moisture than plywood. Advantech can survive high humidity areas and would not wrap, fold, cup, or swell. The same cannot be said for plywood.

Bending Strength

Earlier, we mentioned that Advantech has an ESR-1785 stamp. This stamp proves it’s higher bending strength ability. On the other hand, the plywood has a PS-2 logo. The Advantech has sixty-two percent more bending strength than the plywood.

Bounce/ Quiet

The bounce can be felt on plywood. It is not a quiet wood as it is quick to absorb moisture. Advantech is strong, durable, and soft.

Swollen Edges

The plywood is bound to have a swollen edge when affected by water. It would most likely return to its natural form when dried, but it doesn’t change its effects. The Advantech, on the other hand, doesn’t change shape or structure when confronted with moisture. It remains the same.

Quality Check

The obvious fact remains that Advantech holds a greater quality than the plywood flooring. This quality isn’t just self-given by the manufacturers. It has been certified by the International Code Community. This community is open to all manufacturers and designers who wish to showcase their products’ superiority, quality, and many more.

Despite having similar attributes to the plywood, their only similarities may lie in their appearance alone. Advantech is superior to plywood from its qualities, value, and market attractiveness. It comes as no surprise that many buyers are often disappointed when they find out this news. It doesn’t make the plywood choice a terrible one. That means you would be going for a lesser quality.


The Advantech flooring is such an excellent investment. You are certain of having an amazing home flooring that would last a long while for you. It has also proven itself to be one of the best technologically made products out there.