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Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Septic Safe?

The type of toilet paper you use in your septic system matters. Using the wrong toilet paper can damage your septic system sooner than you expect. You will end up spending tons of money to fix up the system. 

That is why you need to be careful when choosing a toilet paper for your household. You have to ensure the toilet paper won’t damage your septic system. 

Bamboo toilet paper is one of the popular toilet paper makes out there. Unlike the other types of toilet papers made from wood or recycled paper, bamboo toilet paper is made from bamboo. 

If you want to know how safe the Bamboo toilet paper is to your septic system, then this article is for you. It also contains other frequently asked questions you should know on bamboo toilet paper. 

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Septic Safe

Bamboo toilet paper is septic safe and it does not clog up the works. The toilet paper is 100% biodegradable which makes it dissolve faster and add more of the beneficial bacteria that helps break things down. The ingredients used in making this bamboo toilet paper protects both the environment and yourself. 

Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Have Chemicals?

Bamboo toilet paper has no chemicals. Most manufacturers produce bamboo toilet paper using an all-natural process that doesn’t involve the use of bleaching or harsh chemical agents. 

Also, Bamboo toilet paper does not contain de-inking agents, BPA, and other substances that most toilet papers have. It is all-natural, pure, and safe for use. 

Does Bamboo Toilet Paper Break Down?

It is understandable to worry about this particular factor because it creates a lot of mess for both the environment and the plumbing if the toilet paper fails to break down. Bamboo toilet paper breaks down. 

But you should also be cautious about what else goes in there. Oftentimes, you end up flushing wipes, paper towels, and even toys which do not break down in the septic system. Rather they clog the toilet and backup lines. 

When this happens, it tends to block all the plumbing in the house thereby causing more havoc to your septic tank. Using too much toilet paper or thick toilet paper can also cause clogging. 

You can tackle this by using bamboo toilet paper because it is always easy on the plumbing. It breaks down immediately when it comes in contact with water.

 In essence, you should know that non-septic safe toilet paper is not the only thing to look out for while being careful about your septic system. 

Why Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Better?

Bamboo toilet paper is better because it is an eco-friendly option for making any product. Most toilet papers are not soft and absorbent like bamboo toilet paper. The natural properties of bamboo toilet paper cannot be compared to other forms of toilet paper.

Bamboo toilet paper is more sustainable and requires fewer resources to produce and in a less toxic manner. This toilet paper is also better because it is sourced in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way. 

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Better Than Recycled?

Yes, it is better than recycled toilet paper. Most of the recycled toilet papers out there are made from de-inking agents and other harsh substances like BPA and other chemicals in the course of recycling them. 

This is bad on your skin and can cause skin irritation to sensitive skin. Bamboo toilet paper on the other hand is more presenting, odor-resistant, antibacterial, antifungal, and also hypo-allergic.

 The whole process that goes into the manufacturing of bamboo toilet paper does not require the use of any harsh chemicals. 

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Bad For The Environment?

No, bamboo toilet paper is not bad for the environment. It protects the environment because it prevents deforestation. With the amount of toilet paper used each day by millions of people, bamboo is technically the best to go for.

This is because it is grass and not a tree and it grows faster, unlike trees or hardwood. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world that produce more fiber on less land. 

Using bamboo is an earth-friendly alternative that prevents one from ruining the environment by using primarily freshly cut trees. You don’t need to replant the bamboo tree and can be harvested just once a year.

Also, it does not need as much water as hardwood trees while giving back to the environment by generating 35 percent of oxygen. 

How Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Made?

The process of making bamboo toilet paper is simple and straightforward. It is almost similar to making regular toilet paper but it still has some differences. During production, the manufacturer breaks down the bamboo plant into fibers and then mixes up the fiber till it is turned into pulp. 

The next stage is to soak, press, and form the pulp into an actual paper. Dry out the paper till it reaches an appropriate moisture level. The paper will then be rolled into long logs of toilet paper and cut to the desired size, packaged, and sold. 

What Is The Best Bamboo Toilet Paper?

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of top bamboo toilet papers which are also based on popular reviews. They include:

a. Betterway Organic Bamboo Toilet Paper 

Betterway organic bamboo toilet paper is one of the top-notch toilet paper and the whole of its packaging is made from recycled and plastic-free materials. This toilet paper is 3 ply paper and is 100% biodegradable which means that it can dissolve fast in your septic tank. It has no trace of BPA, scents, fragrances, pesticides, or lint. It is made from handpicked bamboo.

b. Elvis Smart Bamboo Toilet Paper

This is also a 3 ply toilet paper made from 100% unbleached bamboo, no BPA, fragrance, parabens, or lint. It is safe for personal hygiene. The pack is also made with plastic-free materials and recycled cardboard boxes. Elvis smart bamboo toilet paper is made with no bleaching water, it saves water and it is septic safe. 

c. Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

This particular toilet paper is made from a blend of bamboo alongside sugarcane. This can also serve as a septic-safe toilet paper because it has biodegradable paper. It is bleached using the EFC process and yet free from fragrance, parabens, lint, and BPA. This 2 ply toilet paper has a sturdy but soft texture. It is also absorbent and affordable. 


Bamboo toilet paper is the best form of toilet paper for your septic system. Its texture is strong and soft. Apart from this, it has many environmental benefits that are suitable for a healthy environment. Bamboo toilet paper is good in every angle you view it and the use of this toilet paper can only give you an amazing toilet paper experience.