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Karastan Carpet: 8 Facts You Should Know

The Karastan carpet company has been in existence for more than 90 years now. Karastan carpets are known to be comfortable, and stylish. It is known to add a touch of sophistication to any space with the timeless, elegant styles it offers. Also, it comes with a thick, plush carpet underfoot that makes the carpet look fuller and comfortable.

If you are considering buying the Karastan carpet, this post is for it. This article outlines the features, cost, installation, maintenance tips, and every other aspect of this luxury carpet brand. 

Is Karastan Carpet Durable?

Yes. The Karastan carpet is durable. The carpet is made with Smartstrand fiber which is a type of fiber that is strong and durable. Also, it comes with a stain protection feature that is built into the carpet and not just sprayed into the carpet. All these make the carpet last for a long time. 

Finally, the durability of the carpet depends on how well you maintain the carpet. If the carpet is properly taken care of, the life span will extend as well as the looks. 

The traffic in the area where it was kept also has a role to play. A high-traffic area tends to reduce the lifespan of the carpet. But when the traffic is on a normal level, the carpet will be safer. 

Features of The Karastan Carpet

a. It is made with SmartStrand fibers, which makes it resistant to most liquid. This means that you don’t have to worry about minor liquid spills on the carpet. Although it is advisable to wipe off liquid spills on the carpet as soon as you notice them. 

b. Also, the Smartstrand fiber ensures that the color doesn’t fade over time.  

c. The fiber is pet-friendly. You don’t have to worry about damage when you have pets around. 

d. The stain protection used in the production of the carpet is built into the fiber and not just sprayed on the carpet after production. This protects your carpet against wear and tear especially when used in a high traffic area. 

e. Also, Karastan uses patented woven technology to make their mats. This technology makes the carpets durable and strong. Even without this feature, wool is naturally resilient and maintains its shape. 

Karastan Carpet Colors and Patterns

The Karastan carpet comes in different patterns and styles, and colors that will fit into any home decor. Also, it comes with various fiber options to choose from. The collection includes nylon, easy-to-clean SmartStrand, and natural wool. There are 130 Karastan carpet styles available, giving you unlimited choice to suit your design needs. 

The wool series has 34 styles. Most of the styles come in 4 to 6 colors in modern styles along with patterned prints and fine rugs. The nylon series has over 50 styles. You can find a Highbrow and Sanctuary Lure pattern which are popular.

 If you are a lover of nature and animals then Karastan got you because there are animal print patterns. Cheetah or even a Navy Antelope will go well. In the smart strand series, there are 38 styles and over 400 colors. 

Also, the products a lifetime warranty that covers stains, pets, and soil and anti-static properties. There is also a 25 years warranty for fade resistance. 

How Much Does Karastan Cost

The prices differ depending on the dealer and location you make your purchase. The price for the basic styles starts at $3.00 per square foot and the complex at $11.00. The cost of installation is not included in this price. 

If you wish to purchase by yard, the price starts from $27 to $108 per square yard. You can include $5 to $10 per square yard to pay for the installation and padding. Removal or hauling of existing carpet costs $0.50 and $3 per square yard. To move furniture is between $1 to $2 per square yard or $25 to $30 per hour. Installation on stairs should be $4 to $6 per square yard. 

How To Clean Karastan Carpet

Cleaning your carpet is very vital for its longevity. The mode of cleaning depends on how dirty the carpet is and if there are tough stains. It is advisable to sweep your carpet multiple times a week and deep clean it monthly or bi-monthly. This guide will outline how to clean your Karastan carpet. 

a. Remove the solid material using a spoon, dull knife, or a carpet cleaning key. 

b. When cleaning deep stains, remember to work from the inside to prevent spreading which can be bad when dealing with large stains.

c. Use a clean white towel to blot and not scrub. Then absorb with a clean cloth. 

d. Put a spot removal agent on a clean towel and wipe gently. Flip the cloth as you wipe and do not over-wet the carpet. 

e. Blot afterward with a clean, absorbent white towel and cover with paper to allow it dry. 

How To Maintain Karastan Carpet

These are some of the maintenance tips you can apply to ensure your carpet lasts for a long time. 

a. Always place an absorbent mat on all entrances of your home. This will prevent soil from outside from getting entrapped into your carpet. 

b. There is a need for constant vacuuming. You will need to select the right vacuum. An adjustable height is important when selecting a vacuum

c. When vacuuming your carpet, avoid setting it too high because it won’t attract gritty soil below. Also, avoid setting too low as well because the vacuum’s beater brush can fuzz the surface of the carpet. This will make it look worn out.

d. While cleaning, change the bags often and always check the beater bars to prevent damage on the carpet. It is also necessary to use a hidden surface to test your vacuum when you are not sure of the proper height setting to use.

How To Install Karastan Carpet

You can install your carpet either by yourself or hire a professional. Although it is cheaper to install the carpet yourself, it is advisable to hire a professional to handle the process. A defect from your end during installation can void the warranty that comes with the carpet. 

Tips For Selecting a Karastan Carpet

Before purchasing a carpet, there are factors to consider to guide your decision-making process. These are some of the tips to ensure you pick the right product that suits your need. 

a. Color: While selecting a color, go for one that can change the mood of the room. The purpose of the room in question should be the reason for the color. Always go for a color that can grab attention to the room in minutes.

b. Pattern: First choose a theme for your room and think about the decorative plan you have for your room. It will help you choose a better pattern.

c. Texture: This is the way your carpet feels. If you feel the need to have a soft, thick, or smooth texture then go for the texture that fits.


So far, all you need to know about the Karastan carpet has been outlined in detail in this post. That includes the cost, cleaning and maintenance tips, features of the carpet, and tips to help make your purchase. You should be able to decide at this point if this carpet brand fits your need or not.