Lifestyle photography has been around for quite. It was mostly called photojournalism and was mostly seen in newspapers. The birth of Lifestyle photography in its current form is due to the infiltration of DSLRs at low prices into the photography market. It made it easy for anyone to have a camera. This led to Lifestyle photography being born.


True Lifestyle Photography goes beyond taking candid shots. It is about capturing captivating images that reveal a story. It could be capturing the story about a personality, relationship or a feeling. Usually, Lifestyle photography session will involve a family especially the kids carrying out typical family activities in an interesting way.

As a lifestyle photographer, it is your job to capture that family in action in such a way that you give the viewer a sense of who each member of the family is and how they interact with each other. You can tell a story with a single image or a collection of images that don’t necessarily go together sequentially but do give the viewer a sense of the life they are viewing.

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A great lifestyle photography session will involve taking some perfect shots that will really give you an idea of what life is like in the family photographed. So how do you capture great lifestyle photographs? Find out below!

How to Shoot Lifestyle Photography

Some useful tips to help you improve yourself and capture the best lifestyle shots are given below. Follow them to ensure your next lifestyle job yields great images that you will be proud of and pleases your client.

Anticipate What Is Going To Happen

Your anticipation game has to be lit! You don’t have to wait until you see something happening before you shoot, always be alert as some things only last one second and you can afford to miss. Such a moment may give you your best shot of the session, so be ready and be alert at all times during the shoot.

Keep Shooting

You don’t have to wait until your perfect shot lines up. Start shooting even before you get what you think is the perfect shot and keep shooting after. That way, you get to tell a full story which is your goal. Usually, the best lifestyle shots are unplanned, so be ready to capture them.

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Get The Environment

You should take some close-up shots, especially of the children if you are working with a family. You should also pay attention to the larger environment. Where a family lives and plays is a large part of their lifestyle, so you should capture it all so as to get a full picture for your viewers.

Clean Up A Little

Lifestyle photography is a mix somewhere between candid and staged so try as much as possible to retain natural settings in your images. For example, a spilled glass of juice or a toy that someone failed to put away either of which might seem incongruous with the shot can actually be a great way to add flavor and character.

Know Your Light At All Times

Lighting is important to photography and every photographer knows that. When capturing Lifestyle, it is often a great idea to not disturb what is unfolding naturally. If your subject is not in the best light, it is up to you to make it work by bringing your photography skills into play.

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It may involve you changing your shooting position, your camera angle or quickly grabbing a reflector rather than asking your subject to change position.

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Help Create The Mood

You should help to create the mood during your lifestyle photography session. As much as you want things to happen naturally, your subject most likely won’t jump into the mood automatically because they are being photographed.

For example, a couple will not instantly jump into a romantic moment or a family will instantly burst into a fit of laughter. You have to help create an environment for those scenes to unfold. This you can do by talking to them, playing music, doing silly things and the likes.

Get Multiple Angles

You should play around by capturing your subjects from multiple angles. You never know what you can get by doing this. So get overhead shots, underneath shots and over-the-shoulder. Be creative and see what you come up with by mixing things up.


Pay Attention To Details

You can capture a close-up of the lace on a dress, the way someone stands or the way a baby grips a parent’s finger with his entire hand. Shots such as these are pieces of information that help to tell a cherished story.

Create Visual Interest

Creating visual interest can be the hardest part of shooting lifestyle. Sometimes, all that matters in lifestyle photography is a great moment. However, taking that extra second to recompose the shot makes it so much better. To make your images stand out, pay attention to your composition, look for leading lines, color, and also texture.

Give Your Subjects Something To Do

Lifestyle Photography goes beyond striking a pose for the camera.  By giving your subjects something to do, you are setting the stage for their personalities to show.  They will express themselves naturally. Doing this helps you to achieve your goal.

Play With Camera Settings

Lot’s of time, lifestyle photography takes place indoors. Always seek out the best light which is natural light. However, if you are unable to get good exposure due to the lighting conditions of the room, play around with your camera settings. Increase the ISO of your camera as shooting with proper exposure will help your image not suffer too bad.


Lifestyle photography is real and natural. It captures things that are relevant in one’s life and freezes genuine moments. It allows you to tell a story with your images, giving the viewer an insight into the life of your subject which is your goal. When shooting lifestyle, be alert at all times. Also have your camera handy as a great moment for you to capture may slip past in the blink of an eye if you do not anticipate it.

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