How To Make A Short Film/Video

Making film is something we do mostly on a daily basis, on events(weddings). Technology has now made it look easy with the invention of smartphones. People are able to take recordings and make videos with their phones and upload it online. But just a few di it perfectly.

Filmmaking is very technical and requires lot of skills, it is also very challenging. But with your camera and good editing technique on your device, it now looks easy. Digital cameras are now even better, as they do not require or need films for recording.

With a proper camera, good equipment, effective know-how, making a film is a lot easier now.
There are certain things to do to make a short film. Here below:


1. Choose A Short Script/Write-up:

In making a film or video, you could be tempted to make unnecessary videos, recordings you are not prepared for, but for a film to be useful and good, it has to have a storyline, containing a beginning, the middle point, and the end part or final point.

Your script helps to make sure your video has a storyline. A good writer will always have a write-up, but you could source for scripts online written by scriptwriters while endeavoring to seek for their permissions.
There are many types of scripts to write e.g a duet script that has two actors. This (duet) is usually filled with dialogue between the two. You could also do a short 10 minutes film with few pages.

As a beginner, duet scripts give you a good foundation to try out other filmmaking types and shootings. There are things you consider when writing a script, like the kind of your film, it could be drama, horror, comical etc.



2. Draw Your Storyboard:

This is making/drawing a detailed outline picture of each of your shot. Like in a cartoon or comic books, a storyboard explains the dynamics of your film and the sequences of each scene. Making a storyboard allows a filmmaker or producer to concentrate on the camera work.

Making a storyboard is the most important part of filmmaking, because that is where much of the work is required. One positive aspect of it is that that it is less expensive and saves you a lot of time.
Your storyboard must not necessarily be artistic but it has to be clear and portray what each scene looks like, it should also help the filmmaker concentrate and it should explain your script.

Hence a good film is due to a good storyboard.


3. Locate A Place:

It is important to locate a good and suitable place to start your filmmaking. This is usually decided by the script or write-up, they must match your script. If a film is to take place in a salon, or a business area, or a coffee shop, you have to obtain permission from the owner.

Locate suitable places for your film, it might be indoors or outdoor location. You could use your location(apartment) for indoor.

It is necessary and important to note that securing a cheap location will save you from spending a lot. Write out your script for places that are easy and accessible.


4. Get Your Actors:

You could hire professionals by holding auditions or making a casting call. You could also use friends and family for your personal and short film. This is rather easy and affordable.

Locate actors that can act their roles perfectly, practice and rehearse with them in their particular roles. Have them go through the script very well, adjusting to the environment in the location. Show them what you want them to do.

5. Choose A Camera:

When choosing a good device or camera for your filmmaking, it is important to take many things into consideration, you consider the price option, storage space, portability.

Generally, digital cameras are recommendable as they are a less expensive option and fulfill your purpose of filmmaking very well. It is also possible to use smartphones and Android devices in making a short film, but you would have to worry about the storage space.

Digital camera and smartphones enable you to transfer your film to the computer and then edit them. There is also other equipment other than the camera you would need to get, like light (floodlight), audio recorder, tripod for steadiness, sound mics.


6. Editing The Film:

Editing has been made easy with the coming of many editing suites like the movie maker.
Short clips or video might contain unwanted material that is often not relevant. It is important to edit these short videos, turning it into a movie or film. Make sure your frame is focused and nothing interfering with your shot.
There are good editing packages recommended for beginners like the Apple iMovie, the screen flow, Avid, Final Cut Pro.

These steps will enhance your filmmaking skill and give you a makeshift idea of how films are made.

Here is a video review:

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