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Masland Carpet Review, Overview, Cost, Care

The Masland carpet is one of the high-end, and durable carpet out there. It offers a luxurious look and feel to your floor effortlessly.

It comes in a variety of styles, colors, and price ranges. This makes it possible for any lover of Masland carpet to purchase irrespective of the budget at hand because there is something for everyone.

It is considered a high-end carpet because of the quality and awesomeness it leaves on your floor. If you wish to go for designer styles and lasting quality then Masland carpet is here to deliver and offer more.

The Masland carpet has been in stock for a long time. The company of the Masland carpet was found in Pennsylvania in 1866, and has been a long whooping years of excellence. They only make carpets and rugs to maintain their specialty, originality, and quality.

Till this present day, Masland is known as the styling leader and producer of original and durable products for the marketplace in the United States. This company has the facility to perform its normal routine. The art of technology being used ensures overall quality as the manufacturing process goes on.

To prove their potency, the distribution center is capable of storing up to 20, 000 rolls of carpet. This company has successfully made a great difference in the flooring industry.

Their outstanding customer service is also a plus. This article will help you know more about the Masland carpet.

Is Masland Carpet Durable

Yes, it is. The quality materials that are used during the production of this carpet makes Masland carpet durable. During their production, they focus mainly on wool and nylon and produce with their technologies from Stainmaster.

These factors will subject their products to high-quality carpeting. Several types of fibers can be found in the Masland carpet, these fibers include Stainmaster Luxerell, Stainmaster Tactesse and 100% Universal Fibers among many others.

With these materials that are all put together to provide Masland carpet, you can only tell how long-lasting it will be. The durability also depends on the traffic in every home and when the traffic is high, you need to care for the carpet to make it last the normal range Masland carpet lasts.

They also have fade and stain resistance features which will help the carpet last longer. It is also rated for pets. When you choose a carpet that does not put your pets into consideration while manufacturing, then it might not last long when exposed to pets. With Masland’s pet protection lineup, having a pet will not jeopardize the life span of your carpet.

Masland Carpet Colors

Masland carpet comes in different styles, colors and patterns. They focus more on a traditional setting and yet have a variety of other options you might need. They include earthly colors that come in a dozen styles in many solid and patterned textures. Masland also has carpets that are made in different colors and styles for commercial purposes which come in quick ship and office to home.

There are Bounce-Tile that comes in 12 colors and Brave that comes in 12 colors, Bungalow comes in 15 colors, the command comes in 12 colors, Darien in 4 colors, Cosmos 11 colors, Alpha in 11 colors and hundreds of more colors and designs to choose from.

 These colors will not fail to match your home decor because Masland carpet has varieties to choose from. They might not have thousands of varieties like other brands, but they sure do have quality in the little they make.

How Much Does Masland Carpet Cost

The Masland carpet cost is one thing to know if you are serious about getting one.  This cost varies from each other just like the designs and colors vary. No matter the budget at hand, you are sure to get a Masland quality carpet that will surely last for a long time.

You might not find Masland carpet at Lowes or Home Depot which is your regular store. They sell their carpets through flooring stores and dealers. They are easy to find or you can as well choose to place an order to where you live.

You can purchase this carpet from a start of $4 per square foot. Some are even up to $8.00 per square foot depending on the patterns, styles and type of fiber you choose. Although they are affordable, they do not have a traditional budget-friendly lineup like other brands.

How To Clean Masland Carpet

To own a Masland carpet, you should be able to also understand its cleaning techniques to always make it stand out and look brand new.

a. Apply any neutral cleaning solution into a hot water extraction. Using a hot water extraction can help you remove all entrapped soil and residues in your carpet.

b. Before cleaning commences, vacuum the carpet thoroughly.

c. Apply a traffic path cleaner and wait for some time before cleaning.

d. The recommended detergent or cleaning solution with the hot water extraction comes in. Scrub the carpet with this mixture. Do not over-wet the carpet because it can invite pests or bacteria.

e. Rinse the carpet thoroughly until no traces of the detergent can be found.

f. Allow the carpet to dry before walking on it. You can make use of electric fans or high-speed blowers to speed dry.

How To Maintain Masland Carpet

Apart from keeping your Masland carpet clean, you also need to maintain your clean carpet from being dirty or open to specks of dirt. To do this you need to use a good soil-barrier mat at the entrance of your door, whether in a high-traffic area or not.

You also need to vacuum your floor as often as possible. You must not wait for your carpet to be soiled before you know that it is due for vacuuming. If you vacuum your floor constantly, it will also help control odor and remove any particles that pose a danger to your carpet fiber.

Make sure to use a good quality vacuum that has a beater brush to take off any pile height. Read instructions of the manufacturer and always change filter bags, never reuse them.

Ensure the routine cleaning of your carpet. Cleaning regularly, at least once a year will help increase the lifespan of your carpet. Make this possible by using IICRC certified technicians.

Avoid spills and clean off any spots once seen. While cleaning, make sure you bolt and not scrub. You can clean it off with a cloth or paper towels. Rinse off with hot water extraction to get off all residues.

Once in a while, move your furniture to prevent wear and tear from a high traffic area. Provide a good carpet cushion or pad for your Masland carpet. Place it underneath to help protect your carpet.

How To Install Masland Carpet

You need professional technicians to install your Masland carpet. Doing it yourself might void your warranty if any damages occur during the process. You can either use the installation over a cushion or the direct glue-down installation.

In the process of installing your Masland carpet over a cushion, it is either done over the cushion or through padding. When using a rubber or polyurethane cushion product, use a maximum density of 6lbs per cubic foot with a maximum thickness of 7/16 inch.

While using a natural or synthetic fiber cushion, use 32 to 36 oz. per square yard. Using a low-density cushion will reduce the value of your carpet and render a void warranty.

Going for a direct glue-down installation, make sure to use procedures and recommended adhesives. With this method, it is possible to glue down the carpet directly to the sub-floor without cushion underlayment.

Does Masland Carpet Come With a Warranty

Yes, it does. Masland carpets provide a two-year warranty in a limited repair or replacement warranty on all the carpets. The manufacturers of Masland carpets have given a guarantee to all the initial purchasers and the original sellers that its product will not experience any manufacturing defects for two years from the date of delivery to the original seller. This warranty also contains specific exclusions and also limitations.

There is also an addition to the two years manufacturing warranty because their products also have additional supplemental warranties given by yarn manufacturers. The warranty is specifically given to each carpet.

Masland Product Types


This is masland’s brand of fiber and an alternative to synthetics like polyester and nylon. Masland STRONGWOOL is made with wool from New Zealand which has over 50 styles with some made in the USA. Some also come with animal patterns like leopard and zebra.

Masland Nylon Carpet

These are nylon carpets with different fibers like Stainmaster Luxerell, Stainmaster Tactesse, and 100% Universal fibers which leave the carpet durable. It has permanent stain resistance with styles ranging from cut pile and loop pile. You can choose from over 140 styles with different colors.

Masland Pet Protect

This type of masland carpet takes care of the dirt pets leave behind. The dyed fibers help to protect, resist stains and fading. It is suitable to be in a high traffic area. They come in many styles and colors.

Masland Luxury Vinyl

This carpet can also take care of pets because of the presence of stainmaster PetProtect technology. The installation is easy because it is a click to lock system. It has a waterproof filter and can also resist scratches and stains.


These factors have made it possible for even any cons of Masland carpet to lie low. With this carpet, you can get your dream flooring. Having to choose from the numerous styles and colors to match your home decor is one joy giver.