Mold Under Laminate Flooring

The problem of mold under a laminate floor is not an uncommon one. Sure mold is beneficial to nature but for a flooring system, it’s a no-no. Having mold colonies on your floor can be quite disturbing. The mere sight of a black covering on your laminate floor is threatening. It is considered a warning … Read more

Does Bleach Kill Fleas

Fleas are bugs. They are those tiny and wingless insects that make their way from the outside into your home. They move in perching on your clothes or sticking on your furry pets. Fleas are hard to kill and even more frustrating to get rid of permanently. Also, they feed on the blood of their … Read more

Best Wet Mop For Hardwood Floors 2021

Hardwoods are popular in most homes. When properly maintained they can increase the value of a home. And, an amazing fact is they are easy to maintain. Regular sweeps, weekly mops or vacuuming does the cleaning job. However, doing your mopping rounds can be tough sometimes.  It’s no hidden secret that mopping isn’t the most … Read more

Pros and Cons of Fiber Mesh Concrete

Using concrete for a construction project is a sure way to ensure durability and long-lasting results. Normally, concrete changes after it set, and this can lead to cracks if not done well. The crack can be a result of stress on the concrete and changes in temperature. That is why it is advisable to use … Read more

Pine-Sol Vs Pine-Glo: Which is Better

It is no doubt that both Pine-sol and Pine-glo are effective household cleaners and disinfectants. As great as the market price difference of the 2 products, no one would argue about the similarities in their names. However, for an equal quantity of both products, Pine-sol is said to be more expensive. Aside from being popular … Read more

How To Disinfect Laminate Floors

The Laminate floors give you the benefits of the solid wood floor without its added expense. It is tough, versatile and beautiful. It is a good pick if you want a modern floor type that at the same time looks classic. A plus on it is how easy it is to clean and maintain if … Read more

Can You Use Fabuloso On Wood Floors?

Wood floors spark up your room, giving it a grand classic look. They boost the value of a home and are always in vogue. Wood floors are timeless as they have trended through centuries. They are not just durable but also comfortable to the feet because of the natural warmth within. One thing you would … Read more

Fabuloso vs Pine-sol: Which Is A Better Option

Your choice of home cleaner plays a big on how effective your cleaning will be. It also influences whether or not you would have your desired cleaning result. Fabuloso and Pine-sol are two commonly used multi-purpose cleaners in American homes. They both are amazing home cleaners that get the cleaning job done. You may easily … Read more

Wolf Decking: 13 Facts You Should Know

Understanding Wolf Decking Decking is an important aspect of a home. A good decking generally adds to the warmth and beauty of a home. That is why it is important to choose the best decking for your home. Before now, most people opted for traditional decking, mostly made from wood. In recent times, most people … Read more

Swiffer Wetjet Wood vs Regular

Swiffer wetjet models are created by the Procter & Gamble Company. The brand is described as an all-in-one mopping system for giving your floor a quick, easy and efficient clean. The wetjet models clean virtually any floor. On the other hand, the wetjet wood is made specifically for finished wood floors. Today, we will review … Read more