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5 Painting Tile Floors Pros and Cons

Tile floors get to wear off overtime especially when used in a high traffic area of a home. If you are dealing with worn tile issues, there are two options available for you. The first is to replace the tiles, while the second option is to paint the tiles. Both options have their pros and cons. But for this post, we will focus on the pros and cons of painting a tile floor. Knowing the pros and cons will help you make a better decision to either paint or change the tiles in your home.

Can You Paint A Tile?

Yes. You can paint not just a tile floor but a tile wall too. Painting gives you the option to change your tile color and also to add designs. You can handle the painting process yourself using any of the DIY tutorials available on the internet.

The DIY process is usually the cheaper option. You can also opt to hire a professional to handle the process for you. Hiring a professional is usually quite expensive but you can trust the professional to do a better job.

Pros of Painting a Tile Floors

a. Makes Your Floor Durable

Painting your tile floor when handled well makes your floor look almost brand new. This increases the durability of your floor and makes it last for a while.

b. It Costs Less To Paint

It is quite cheaper to paint your tile floors than to change the tiles. The main cost involved in painting is painting the small tools required for the project and paint. But to change the tiles, you need to purchase brand new tiles which are quite expensive depending on the size of the room.

That is in addition to buying other tools required and paying a professional that will handle the tile removal and installation process. Thus, if you are working on a budget, painting is the best option for you.

c. It Takes Less Time To Paint

Changing the tiles on a floor requires you to remove the old time before installing new tiles and the process takes time. Painting, on the other hand, takes less time because all you have to do is clean and prepare the tile floor and paint over it. If time is of essence to you, painting your tile floor is the option for you.

d. Option To Change Floor Look

As mentioned earlier, painting gives you the option to change both the color and design of your floor. There are many color variations to choose from. You can also add beautiful designs to your floor using a stencil.

e. You Can Do-It-Yourself

Anybody can handle the tile painting using the DIY process. All you need is a guide and the correct tools to handle the project. It is cheaper to handle the painting process yourself. Changing tiles on the other hand requires a professional to first remove the broken tiles and replace them with new tiles. It costs more money to handle a professional.

Cons of Painting a Tile Floors

These are some of the disadvantages that come with painting a tile floor instead of outrightly changing the tiles.

a. Temporary Solution

Painting is a temporary solution although it increases the durability of tile floors. Changing the tiles gives you a more permanent solution that will last for a longer time.

b. Paint Can Chip and Peel

If you don’t handle the painting process correctly, the paint may chip and peel with time. The way to prevent this is to ensure you handle the process correctly. Another way is to employ the services of a professional painter to handle the project. The latter will cost extra money but it will save you the stress of dealing with the paint Chip and Peel issue.

c. Takes Time To Complete

Just like any other major project in the home, painting a tile floor takes time. The time it will take to complete the project depends on the size of the room. Also, after you complete the project, you have to leave for some time to dry. On average, it may take five days to a week to complete a tile painting project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Painting Tile Floors Last?

Painting tile floor is only a temporary solution and won’t last as long as other alternatives out there will last. It is more like a quick fix and costs less. That is why most people opt for it.

How Long Does Paint Last On Tile?

This depends on the type of paint used for the project. But on the average, a tile paint can last six months to seven years on a tile before it starts to chip and peel.

Alternatives To Painting Tile Floors

Alternatives available to painting tile floors include, removing and installing new tiles. You can also use a peel-and-stick tile or use a carpet or rug to cover the floor.


So far, the pros and cons of painting a tile floor have been outlined in detail in this post. If you are looking for a cheap, and temporary fix to your broken tile floors, you can paint. But if you need a lasting fix, you can either opt to cover the space with a carpet or retile the entire room. That is up to you and the budget you are working on.