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5 Pebble Shower Floor Pros And Cons

Pebbles on your shower floor give off a naturalistic finish especially when water is running through it. Also, it brings in a spa feel to your bathroom.

 If you are about to purchase or install one then you should know the pros and cons of the pebble shower floor. This will help you make an informed decision. 

In this article, you will not only learn about the pros and cons of the pebble shower floor. You will also learn other details on the shower floor including sealing and pebble floor ideas. 

Pros Of A Pebble Shower Floor

a. Easy Installation

Pebble shower floors are easy to install. This makes it easy for you to handle the DIY project without consulting professionals. It is all about arranging the stones according to your favorite pattern, then add a sealant or a coat. 

You can handle the process out inside or outside your shower. Note that the process is time-consuming so you need to have a lot of patience while this goes on. 

b. Pocket Friendly

One other advantage of the pebble stone shower floor is that it is affordable. It is one of the cheapest shower flooring options in the market. When you sum up the cost of the pebbles, the stones, and any other materials for the installation, you will only need to spend a few bucks. In other words, you save money when you install this shower floor type. 

c. Resistant to Slipping

With a pebble shower floor in your bathroom, you are safe from slipping because it has a slip resistance feature. Many shower floors are not recommended because of their slipping feature but this is different. With the stones, you have a solid footing irrespective of using a slipper or not. The grip it gives can prevent falling or accidents from happening. 

d. Unique Finishes

The pebbles come in beautiful unique finishes that will add color and design to your bathroom. The aesthetically pleasing look, leaves your bathroom looking cool and unique. It goes along with almost all types of interior decor. 

e. Comfortable On Feet

This pebble shower floor is comfortable on the feet and ends up giving you a massaging effect each time you walk on it. The round pebbles always give this effect compared to the square ones. 

Cons Of A Pebble Shower Floor

a. High maintenance

This is one common disadvantage of having pebble flooring. You will need specified methods and means to keep it clean and maintain it. Pebble stones also have cervices that hide water, dirt, and soap residue, and getting them out can be complicated. And because of this it also tends to get dirty within a short period. 

b. Short lifespan

This type of flooring does not last as long as other floors. The pebbles might start cracking or etching or the grout coming off within a short period of usage. Even if the installation was carried out by an expert, it will still not last long. 

c. High usage of grout

Pebble flooring uses a big amount of grout to stick the stones together. For a pebble, you will need a lot of it compared to other floorings. This is a problem especially using pebble stone that has mosaic square edges which will make it hard to fit against each other. 

d. Absorbs water

If your bathroom is not a slope then you will have to deal with water coming from the shower and sitting on the floor till it dries up. Water does not drain and because of this, it will leave a wet grout which in turn attracts mildew. 

Is It Hard To Clean the Pebble Shower Floor?

It is easy but requires hard work to get the work done. To keep your pebble in a good shape, you will need to scrub it once a week to remove soap or oil or even shampoo residue. This is because leaving your pebble shower floor dirty can bring mildew and mold to the picture. 

Before going on with your cleaning process, you will have to ensure that your pebble shower floor is installed correctly. Follow the steps below to clean your Pebble shower floor. 

a. Mix 1 part of vinegar to 1 part of water and then pour into a clean, empty spray bottle. 

b. Cover the spray bottle with its nozzle and shake the mixture inside the container to mix the content. 

c. Spray the mixture on the surface of your pebble shower floor and allow it to stay for some minutes. Doing this will make the soap residue or hard water deposits lift. 

d. Using a nylon-bristle scrubbing brush, scrub the pebbles and grout in a circular motion. Make sure to scrub all stones and corners to show off a clean look afterward. 

e. Use clean warm water or your shower to rinse off the cleaning solution from your pebbles. Keep rinsing till it rinses clean.

f. Stubborn stains can be removed by using hydrochloric acid. All you need to do is to repeat the process and you will have a clean pebble shower floor. 

Do Pebble Shower Floors Need Sealing?

Yes, it needs sealing. Sealing a pebble shower floor is an important factor that will make your pebble look great for years. Even before the grouting takes place, there is a need to seal them first. 

Buy a good quality penetrating sealer to maintain its durability because going for a cheap one will have you risking the looks of your pebble. Once the sealant is applied to the pebble, it will act as an invisible barrier that would prevent any form of moisture, soap residue, or grime from going into the stone.

Pebble Shower Floor Ideas

Getting creative with your interior design will leave a great look on your shower floor. That is why these ideas have been selected for that purpose. There are multiple pebble shower floor ideas but these are the most prominent. 

a. Urban

This pebble shower idea has the resemblance of an inner-city cobblestone pathway. You can opt-in for this idea and get your bathroom a great look. 

b. Magnolia modern

This type of idea consists of pebbles of different sizes and colors in a light-colored setting. When you have a glass door shower, it will fit into it well. 

c. Unique twist

To create this idea, you will need to put the pebbles in a vertical pattern going up the wall behind your showerhead. This will add color to the shower walls.

d. Contemporary

In this design, you will have to use oval stones and a lot of natural light and neutral color to work with. If you have a walk-in shower, it will complement this design. 


Having a pebble shower floor is a good idea but note that it is quite hard to maintain. Even with its numerous advantages, it also has some disadvantages that can easily be handled when managed properly. 

Also, you can improve the durability of your pebble floor by fixing it each time a problem comes up because ignoring it will cause more problems. The secret to having a strong and durable pebble shower floor is thorough maintenance.