Photography Business: Creating a Business Website

As photographers and photography business owners, the need for a website cannot be over emphasized. It is part of building an online presence and we all know that. The problem and big question for photographers is: What do I add on my photography business website. Do I need a contact page and many other questions?

In this article, we would be sharing you factors and crucial parts of a photography website. First of all, a photography website is like a home. After setting up a structure, you are expected to grow and build it into a home right? That is similar to a photography website.

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After creating and setting up a website, you gradually develop it, grow and build it till it fully matures. That is part of growing your online presence and portfolio. Now that we have established this fact, let’s get down to the business of the day.

Website/Business name and Web Address:

Having a business name and web addess is very important. You have to get them ready. You have to get a suitable business name and address your website will be hosted on. In choosing a business name, there is no conventional method to follow, you could use your personal name(Steve Smith Photography).

You could employ a more broad and suitable name such as Konen Flash photography. The advantage of using a more official name other than a personal name is that it does not directly link you to the business and is not a personal business. This would attract more clients and investors to the business.

The thing about using personal names for your photography business is that it is easier to grow. It is unique and easily reachable on the internet and SEO. However, official and unconventional names are usually too similar. Most of the time, the name looks like another name on the internet. You would suffer in growing your website especially if there is an already existing website bearing same or similar name.

Take time to figure out a unique name. Let your business name and web address be the same. This makes it easy for people and clients to locate you.

Contact and About us Page:

Once you have set up your website, people begin to visit. As they visit, they love your work and would want to work with you. You should create a platform for your visitors and clients to easily locate you. This could be through your cell lines or via an email address. Adding a contact page is crucial for people to easily access and locate you.

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An about us page describes to the public and clients the kind of work you do and the services you render. This briefly summarizes you and your business, making it possible for people who are interested and in need of your services to locate you.

Social Media Platform

Thanks to the Social media platform, it is now easily to find and locate clients. Most websites and business do not need to advertise their business, rather they take advantage of the social media.

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It is important for your online presence not to be limited to your website alone. You can also get a stronger and consistent online presence through the social media. Personally, I’d advice: create an Instagram, YouTube channel, Twitter account, and Facebook page. Spend as much time on them as you would on your website and be committed to growing your followers and clients base through them.

Designing and Styling

Every moment, you are probably sure someone is visiting your website. One of the first impressions you create comes from the overall design and arrangement of your website site. You need to allocate your different services in different columns and categories on your website. When opening a website, make use of best templates and themes. If you can’t do it on your own, employ the services of a web designer.


One way to retain visitors and clients is to have an easily navigated website. You website need to be easily accessible, with menus and options located. Make sure the key sections of your website are easily accessible. Remove unnecessary options and lots of clicks/links on your website. Also work to make sure your website loads up fasters. Visitors won’t like a website that takes time to load.

One way to style up your website and incorporate more services and offer is to create a landing page. Usually this is a portal that displays the different aspects of photography and services you offer. This saves your visitors and clients from having to navigate all through the website, searching for their interest. This is recommended for websites that offer lots of services different all-together.

Gallery Option:

Although this is optional, it is also important. Create a column on your website where you place your photos and prints for visitors and clients. You could make it free or for sale as you wish. This helps you sell prints to clients and send their photos which they have paid for to them.

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The gallery option could steadily grow into a stock photography website in the near future. So keep that option open. Also create an option for videos and clips.


The need for a website and online presence is very important in photography. Setting up a website and managing it is pretty-much difficult. It takes a lot of time and energy. You need to make sure every visitor and client visiting your website is well satisfied. Creating a contact page, and a way to closely relate with your clients and visitors cannot be over-ruled. Also put up a simple picture like a portrait of you. Let your clients and visitors picture how you look. Through these tips, you can now successfully create and manage your photography website for your photography business.


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