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Can You Use Pine Sol On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl planking has come a long way in the production process. The most popular type of vinyl flooring used to be vinyl tile and sheet vinyl. It was great flooring for bathrooms and kitchens. However, when compared to other floorings, it is cheap.

It is also slightly not as efficient as other floorings. The vinyl planking was made with these inefficiencies in mind. It was made with thicker flooring materials and a modified tongue and groove connection system.

This method is super easy to install and snaps together in a fashion referred to as a “click lock.” The vinyl planking has some bragging rights in popularity as it easily mimics a wood plank.

The vinyl plank flooring is also referred to as “luxury vinyl plank, or luxury vinyl floor.” Many vinyl plank flooring users are often concerned with the right products to use when cleaning their vinyl flooring. It comes as no surprise that many often ask about the use of pine sol.

Some users also want to find out how efficient it is, and if any damage would be incurred in its use. These questions and many more would be reviewed in this post.

Can You Use Pine Sol On Vinyl Plank Flooring?

The honest answer is no. The Pine-sol is not the right recommendation for your vinyl plank flooring. Some users do not agree with this line of argument, as it has been suggested that pine sol can still be used. It is however not a completely false line of view, as pine sol can indeed be used for your vinyl plank floor cleaning. Thus, it is just not an advisable product to use.

That is as a result of the long-term damages it causes on vinyl plank flooring. The vinyl plank flooring, however hard, is surprisingly delicate and would require the right amount of care. It is to ensure its longevity and general outward appearance in years to come. The pine sol is too harsh a cleaning material to keep using on your vinyl plank floor for an extended period.

To use the pine sol on your vinyl plank flooring ensure that you rinse off almost immediately after cleaning. It is to prevent the pine sol from soaking too much on your floor. The mildest methods are best suitable for your vinyl floor cleaning.

Reasons Why Pine-Sol Is Not Suitable Cleaning Product For Vinyl Plank Flooring 

  • For long extended use, the pine sol is sure to give your floor a sticky and oily appearance.
  • The discoloration is bound to occur with constant use.
  • The pine sol was not designed with the vinyl plank flooring in mind (some persons do not agree with this). It is a result of the sensitivity associated with vinyl plank flooring.
  • For persons who are sensitive to smell, the pine sol is sure to cause instant irritation.
  • Residues might still be left after cleaning with the pine sol.
  • It is also bound to leave streaks, including floor prints that may again come from your pets.
  • Your vinyl plank flooring would wear a hazy and dull appearance with continuous use of pine sol.

Cleaning Tips For Vinyl Plank Flooring

i. Sweep and Vacuum Regularly

It is the simplest way to go with the vinyl plank floor cleaning and maintenance. This cleaning involves making sure to sweep or vacuum daily as this keeps out the dirt particles that may result in floor scratching or uncomfortably.

ii. Invest in a Good Doormat

 It is also excellent knowing that the use of floor mats is a great preventive measure to dust and dirt particles in your home. Doormats should be considered essential that must be provided and placed. If rugs are being used, then they must be cleaned and aired regularly. All these are done to protect your vinyl plank flooring from scratches and any other harm.

iii. Invest in Good Cleaners

Now, this is the tricky part. There are various cleaning products out there for you to use for your vinyl plank flooring. However, you have to be careful when picking a cleaning product for your vinyl plank floor. Note that, some products are OK for your cleaning but would have adverse results in the long run. A product like the pine sol is a fair cleaner. Maybe even excellent for some persons. It is, however, a product that would damage your vinyl plank flooring over time.

To be on the safe side, it is best to opt for natural-made products. A product like an apple cider vinegar is a very great choice. It helps to remove dirt and particles without leaving wax on your floor. Wax is a terrible combination for vinyl plank flooring. The acidity in apple cider vinegar also makes it a suitable choice for use.

iv. Actual Cleaning Process

If using the apple cider vinegar, you are to add a few drops to warm water. The mop can be rinsed if the need arises. When mopping, the mop must be damp and not wet. The vinyl floor planking is not supposed to be allowed to take in much moisture. If the floor is dirty, a liquid dishwasher can be included, and to make your floor shine well, baby oil can also be added. Not too much to avoid a slippery floor. Baking soda also works best for floors with many stains. 

Best Commercial Cleaning Products For Your Vinyl Plank Floor

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 All these products have been said to work suitably with the vinyl plank flooring—some more than others.

What Not To Do On Your Vinyl Plank Flooring 

  • Avoid the use of detergents, mop and shine products, and abrasive cleaners. They leave a dull look and shine on your vinyl plank flooring.
  • Solvent-based polish and wax are a complete no for your vinyl plank flooring.
  • Ammonia cleaning products would only leave cracks and breaks on your flooring. Ammonia shouldn’t be used on the vinyl plank flooring.
  • During vacuuming, the beater bar attachment should not be used. It only damages your floor surface appearance.
  • Steel wool and abrasive scrubbers would only leave breaks, scratches, and streaks on your flooring.
  • Excessive moisture and your vinyl plank flooring are enemies. As heavy as that might sound, you must avoid excessive moisture coming in contact with your floor. Damp mops must be used or wet rags when cleaning. Excessive humidity is only going to cause wrap and breaks shortly.
  • The pine sol must be rinsed off. Do not leave it on the floor to dry. Always remember to do this.

How To Use The Pine-Sol On Vinyl Planking 

Despite its not so many adverse results on the vinyl planking, the pine sol is still regarded as one of the few best commercial cleaning products out there. It is yet seen as a superior cleaner. And to avoid long-term damages to your vinyl plank flooring, there is a certain way to use the cleaner. It should be known that before the use of the pine sol, mild cleaning methods can be adopted. The pine sol is for stronger stain and dirt.

Step 1. Use ¼ cup of pine sol multi-purpose cleaner and add it to a gallon of water. More cups can be added for bigger gallons. This method indicates that one gallon of water is equivalent to ¼ cup of pine sol. (Add Amazon Link)

Step 2. You can decide to make use of a cloth, rag, or mop. Dip the material into the mixture and proceed to wipe.

Step 3. It is OK to try out small spaces to see the results before proceeding to wipe out larger areas. This method is simply advisable.

Step 4. Wipe down on the floor thoroughly and clean through surfaces. Do not scrub too hard.

Step 5. Rinse off immediately and allow drying. Do not walk on wet floors to avoid slipping.


Vinyl plank flooring is very attractive and does not require vigorous maintenance methods to keep it going. It is long-lasting flooring that can last for at least fifteen years and more. It is an awesome choice for homeowners seeking something new, chic, and trendy. Also, it comes in great designs while still giving you the “wood-like appearance.”

Proper maintenance on vinyl plank flooring would result in longer use and enjoyable moments. It is also a great investment that you would not regret in the long run.