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3 Pros And Cons Of Wooden Toilet Seats Buyers Should Know

The toilet consists of the bowl, tank, and seat. The toilet seat plays an essential role in the toilet. Before you decide which toilet seat to use, several factors play a role that will affect your choice. 

The material you buy must meet your requirements. Toilet seats are produced from different materials, from wood to plastic to polyresin. You should settle for the best one that suits the needs of you and your household. 

Toilet seats are mostly manufactured from plastic or wood, making them more easily accessible since these products are always available. Toilet seats are not difficult to install and can be easily removed from the toilet for thorough cleaning. There is a wide variety of brands of toilet seats in the market, each with different characteristics that make them unique.

The Pros And Cons Of A Wooden Toilet Seat

A wooden toilet seat offers a few drawbacks just as it can provide a lot of benefits. The paragraphs below will outline the cons and pros of this kind of toilet seat. 


a. It Provides Comfort

As mentioned before, some people spend a lot of time sitting on a toilet seat. One of the essential benefits of buying a toilet seat is the comfort it offers.

Plastic seats can feel cold and thin, while wood offers a firmer and more stable feel. Depending on the type of surface a wooden seat has, it may or may not be cold in winter. However, neither is a better choice than the other when it comes to comfort. It’s a matter of personal preference.

b. Style

A lot of people love wood because it looks elegant. Wooden items are beautiful and stylish. This also applies to wooden toilet seats. They are art in themselves.

There are commonly two types of wooden toilet seats. The first type consists of different layers of MDF strands that are pressed together, painted, and finished. Then there are the wooden toilet seats made from solid wood like oak. 

While it’s not impossible to achieve style with a plastic toilet seat, the wooden toilet seats are just simply pleasant to look at and touch.

c. It Is Durable 

One of the main advantages of wooden toilet seats over plastic is durability. Wooden seats are usually a bit thicker or heavier than plastic seats and, as such, are less likely to break. With that said, you have to be very rough with a plastic toilet seat to have it broken. 

The parts that usually break on a toilet seat are usually the connecting pieces that are bound to the bottom of the toilet, and in either case, these are usually not made of wood. Furthermore, these parts are either plastic or metal and depend on the quality of the entire seat, not so much the material it is made of.

One of the things to keep in mind with the durability of wooden toilet seats is that the protective coating can wear out over time. Scratches during cleaning can also damage this protective finish. If the wood itself is exposed, warping can occur as the bathrooms contain a lot of moisture.


a. It is expensive 

The prices of toilet seats can range from 20 dollars to a few hundred dollars. Several variables can affect the purchase price, including materials, brand, and style.

In general Plastic toilet seats are typically on the lower end of the spectrum, with many options in the $ 20 range mentioned above. Wooden toilet seats tend to be a bit more expensive, with the cost mainly depending on the type of wood used. If you want an exotic wood toilet seat, then you are expected to pay more. 

b. It Is Porous To Germs

One question that is most likely to cross your mind once you’ve considered a common alternative to plastic is, “Are wooden toilet seats hygienic?” Since wood is a porous material, this is a pretty reasonable question.

However, if your toilet seat is manufactured from wood, it is most likely coated with a sealant or laminate that will both help protect the wood and prevent germs from entering. Keep in mind that sealants will wear out (or cut) over time so that the wood may require additional applications.

In contrast to wood, plastic is not very porous. Besides, it is very easy to clean by wiping the surface with a sanitary towel. The same goes for a properly sealed, wooden toilet seat, but with plastic, you don’t have to bother about it wearing out over time.

c. Restrictions

There are legal requirements that toilet seats in a public toilet must have a gap in the front. These are known as U-shaped toilet seats or open front toilet seats. They are designed to help women to reach back and wipe their perineal area. Something difficult with close fronts toilet seats. 

The wooden toilet seat can, therefore, not be used in public toilets because there is no gap in the front. And even if they were done, it would be a very costly undertaking.

Factors To Consider Before You Purchase A Toilet Seat

Buying a toilet seat doesn’t have to be a difficult choice to make. When you consider the long time you spend sitting on one, you should at least take some time to look at the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision.

Below are some of the common factors that you should consider when deciding whether to choose between a wooden or a plastic toilet seat. 

a. Weight

Wood is much heavier than plastic. Hence toilet seats made of wood are therefore heavier than toilet seats made of plastic. But then how does the weight of a toilet seat affect the user? After installation, is weight such a big problem? Toilet seats are always hinged, so lifting and putting them down is not even difficult. 

This is how weight affects the choice of a toilet seat. Imagine a plastic and a wooden seat in the open position. Now hit both toilet seats on the bowl. Gravity affects heavier objects much more than lighter ones.

The wooden toilet seat will hit the toilet bowl harder than the plastic toilet seat. When this repeatedly occurs over a long period, the wooden toilet seat will get broken before the plastic toilet seat.

b. Appearance

The wooden toilet is known for its smooth and stylish appearanceThis makes itone of the main reasons many people choose wooden items over other materials. Nevertheless, this is a very personal preference. When you’re on the fence, check out the other items in your home to see if one alternative makes more sense than the other for general decor.

In particular, if you look at your surfaces, such as towel racks, baseboards, and they are stained instead of painted, wood may make more sense for you. Plastic tends to go better with a more modern feel, while wood works better for a more traditional look. Choose the option you want.

Generally, wooden toilet seats that are painted white can also be gotten. Hence if you like the look of white plastic but prefer wood as a material, this might be a good option for you.

c. Warmth

For instance, two people wake up at 3 in the morning to go to the bathroom. Then imagine that one has a wooden toilet seat, and the other has a plastic toilet seat. We all agree that those with a wooden toilet seat will enjoy their trip far more than those with a plastic toilet seat.

This is because wood is a poor conductor of heat. Consequently, a wooden toilet seat does not allow the transfer of heat from your body to the toilet bowl and beyond. Therefore plastic toilet seats are as cold as the bowl and the floor.

Additionally, the only way to beat the wooden toilet seat in this regard is to buy a plastic heated toilet seat. A heated toilet seat is kept warm 24 hours a day. As a result, your electricity bill also goes up. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Wooden Toilet Seats Sanitary?

Porous materials absorb more liquids than non-porous materials. Hence a wooden toilet seat is less hygienic than a plastic toilet seat. However, a well-maintained wooden toilet seat should be just as clean as a plastic toilet seat. Ensure to keep it tidy and don’t slam the seat.

How Do You Clean Wooden Toilet Seats?

The best product for cleaning wooden toilet seats is a mild detergent like dish soap. Simply wipe with a soft sponge or cloth and then rinse off. If your wooden toilet seat is painted or otherwise finished, you might as well try a little Murphy oil soap.

Final Thoughts 

A toilet seat is a crucial part of your toilet. The toilet set consists of the bowl, tank, and seat. You need to consider the material of the toilet seat at the time of purchase. The toilet seats are available in different materials like wood and plastic. Wooden toilet seats are not only elegant but will last longer.