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How to Remove Carpet Padding From Concrete

So you’ve decided to do a home revamp. You want to get rid of your old carpet along with its padding. However, you are unsure about how to go about it. How do I get this padding off the concrete you ask? This carpet padding just wouldn’t get off you grunt in frustration…

Stress no further you’ve got a solution, soon you will learn a step by step way of removing a carpet padding from concrete. But first, what is carpet padding and why is it so important?

What is Carpet Padding?

A carpet padding is your carpet’s cushion. It is the foamy material placed below a carpet before the carpet is installed. It is also called the carpet underlay. Also, it is a significant part of carpet flooring as it keeps your carpet long-lasting, buffers the pressure from your feet or any other weight above the ground. The carpet padding is joined to the subfloor with an adhesive or a staple.

Purpose of a carpet padding

The primary aim of a carpet padding is to keep your carpet protected. It lengthens the duration of your carpet by preventing its wear against the concrete or subfloor. Without a carpet pad, your fancy carpet definitely won’t stand the pressure from human and furniture movement.

a. Noise minimization:

With a carpet pad, sounds from movement are minimized. You wouldn’t have to hear that annoying ruffling noise from your carpet when you walk on it. 

b. Feet comfort:

As trivial as this may seem, a cushioned carpet is more comfortable to the feet than one that is not. The carpet pad gives the carpet a softer feel against your feet. You walk through the floor and enjoy every step you take.

c. Heat insulation:

 A carpet pad lowers your heating expenses by minimizing heat loss. It helps prevent heat loss from the carpet.

d. Efficient Cleaning:

With a padded carpet cleaning gets better. More dirt can be removed with your vacuum. Plus with lesser dirt comes lesser home induced allergies. 

e. Subfloor protection:

Carpet padding shields your subfloor from moisture or water that would have penetrated through when you clean your carpet.

Getting Carpet Padding Off your Concrete.

Step 1. Clear the Room:

Of course, before getting to the carpet padding you should clear out the room to create enough working space. Remove racks, shoes, bed and beddings and other items from your rolled out carpet.

Step 2. Remove the carpet.

You do this by carefully separating the carpet from its tack. Using your utility knife, detach the carpet from its attached corner then pull with your hands. It should come up. 

When you’ve done this to all corners, use your utility knife to divide the carpet into rollable pieces and roll-up. Do this one segment at a time till you are all done. You can use a masking tape to hold rolls in place.

Use your utility knife to cut through the taped line attaching one end of the carpet padding to another. Doing this makes its removal a whole lot easier.  

Step 3: Detach Padding From All Edges.

Since you are dealing with concrete it is most likely to be glued. Use the utility knife to cut through edges, then divide padding into rollable segments and roll off.  

Step 4.  Remove the Glued Padding Off Your Concrete.

First, you scrape. Scrape the glued padding off the concrete with a scraper. Do this as much as you can and sweep off the cleared out part.

Step 5. Wet Concrete with Hot Water.

Hot water will loosen the adhesive bond. The older glued padding the more water you may require. Allow water to sit for some minutes before scrubbing the padding out. The attached pad should come off easily now.

Step 6. Apply Heat

 Use a heat gun to soften glued padding. This works pretty well if you are not allergic to smoke.

Step 7. Use adhesive removal.

This is easier to do and it works better in getting the stuck carpet padding off your concrete. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on how to use them, then continue with your scraper to remove padding remains.

When you are all done, sweep out residue and sand the concrete to be sure all glued padding is completely out.

Tools needed for carpet removal and their functions

a. Utility Knife: For cutting the carpet and carpet padding into rollable sections. A size small and easy enough for you to carry; say Three to Four feet wide. 

b. Hammer and Pry Bar: For getting out the tack strips that is nails and stables from the floor. The pry bar goes under the tack to lift it while you tap on the hammer to further let it loose.

c. Knee pads: In removing your carpets and its padding chances are you will do a lot of bending and kneeling. Wearing a knee pad will save your knee from being hurt and minimize your body’s pressure on it.

d. Goggles and Mask: For protecting your eyes and face from the specks of dust and particles the carpet and its padding will give off.

e. Gloves: For protecting your hands.

Frequently Asked Question

How long will it take to remove a carpet padding from concrete?

The length of time depends on the room size, how long the carpet padding has been attached to the floor and your method of removal. Removing the carpet may take about 45minutes while the padding may take an additional hour. 

Can I reuse removed carpet padding?

To reuse or not to use depends on the state of your carpet padding when it was removed. Most times carpet padding that has stayed years is all smelly, stained and dirty when removed but new ones are relatively still in good condition. 

How often should I change my carpet padding?

You don’t have to always change your carpet padding each time your carpet gets stained. A padding replacement can be done every 5years. Rubber padding, however, is said to last 10 – 20years.

And that’s it for now. See you next time.