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How to Remove Linoleum Glue From Concrete

Remodeling your home can be quite a daunting task. Swapping furniture, re-painting, kitchen and bathroom renovations, the roof, and then the flooring. If you used the linoleum floor covering, separating its glue from concrete can be frustrating. That’s why we have outlined these steps to relieve you of the stress involved in linoleum glue removal. So, let’s begin.

Linoleum also called Lino is one long-lasting and dependable floor covering. Made from a mixture of eco-friendly substances, the linoleum prides itself in giving your wall and floor an impressive protective covering. Its main ingredient being oxidized linseed oil. It is attached to your concrete by a suitable adhesive, to keep it in place and prevent it from coming off easily.

However, you call the shots in your home and you want the linoleum out along with its glue. Here is how to pilot your way through.

Steps to Remove Linoleum From Concrete

Step 1. Create Space

First things first have enough working space. Clear the floor of its burdens such as chairs, beds, cabinets, removable plugins, and the likes. Also, have the room well ventilated by opening its doors and windows. Then you can proceed with these steps.

Step 2. Have your tools ready. 

Having your tools at hand and ready to use makes the job quicker and smooth running. Unnecessary pauses will be avoided too.

Items you will need for the removal of linoleum glue from concrete

  • A paint or floor scraper
  • Utility knife
  • A hammer
  • A putty knife
  • Propane torch
  • Hot water
  • An adhesive removal
  • A trash bag
  • Broom or vacuum and mop

Step 3. Pull Out The Linoleum Floor

 Pull out the old linoleum floor to reveal the glue on the concrete. To do this, you should use your utility knife to cut each linoleum patch vertically by a width of about 6inches. Follow this up by placing your putty knife beneath the linoleum and smacking it with your hammer. This should dislodge the linoleum from the concrete enough for you to pull.

How To Remove Linoleum Glue From Concrete

There are 4 ways to do this. 

Method 1: Remove dry glue directly with a scraper

Here you use your paint or floor scraper to apply direct pressure on the dry glue in an attempt to get it off. This is a difficult and time-wasting method. Not much work can be done with this and you might be left upset.

Method 2: Soften glue with a propane torch

First, make sure you wear your goggles, gloves, and mask. Position your torch at least one inch away from the glued concrete. Then heat glue with a propane torch to cause glue bonds to disintegrate thereby soften it. Continue by using the floor scraper to soften the glue. The heat causes the linoleum glue to come right off. 

The disadvantage of this method is the smoke emitted from the propane. It is therefore important to have room aired-out.

Method 3: Use water

First, dampen concrete with water for about 10 minutes. This is done to weaken the glue’s adhesion. Tepid water is good but hot water works best for this method. After the waiting period continues by using the floor scraper to remove the glue. You can also add more water if the glue is still tough.

The limitation here is you have to wait a long period and glue might still have difficulty coming off. 

Method 4: Use adhesive remover 

Read how to use instructions on the product’s label. Then apply the adhesive remover to concrete with a paintbrush or as directed on the label. Wait for the number of minutes the brand says. Usually a waiting period of about 30 minutes. After the waiting period continues by using a paint scraper to remove the glue. 

This method is highly effective and time-saving. Adhesive remover comes in different brands and works better than others. The drawback of this method is adhesive removers are expensive.

Now That the Glue is out Of The Concrete, What Next?

Clean concrete of the debris and remains of the linoleum by giving the floor a thorough sweep and discarding dirt appropriately. Wash the floor with soap and water to help remove any missed glue left on the concrete then allow time to dry.  

You can now proceed with your new flooring of choice.

Frequently asked question

How long does it take to remove linoleum glue?

The length of time it takes to remove glue is dependent on many factors such as the size of the room, method of removal, type of adhesive use, and individual skill. It could take just one afternoon or a couple of days depending on the factors.  

How much Does an Adhesive Remover Cost?

Depending on the brand, prices may range from $10 to $55. 

Can a Hairdryer be Used to Remove Linoleum from Concrete?

A hairdryer is an in-house item that can serve as a useful replacement where a propane torch or a heat gun is not available. It too does a good job in the removal of glue on concrete.

To use a hairdryer for the glue extraction from concrete, you will need the following tools; utility knife, scraper, putty knife, trash bag, and a hairdryer.

Use a Hairdryer for the Extraction of Linoleum Glue from Concrete

i. With your utility knife divide the linoleum tile in parallel. Usually, a strip of six to twelve inches is preferable for faster removal. 

ii. Have your putty knife under a segment of the linoleum tile. Then pull out linoleum from the floor with a free hand to show glue beneath. Dispose of removed tile into the trash bag.

iii. Connect your hairdryer to a power source close to the glue and switch it on. Then adjust the hairdryer to high heat. In a slow back and forth motion, move the dryer from one end to another. The heat given off by the dryer should help soften the glue. 

iv. Repeat the process for other parts of the tile until all linoleum and glue come off.

How do I clean Concrete after the Removal of Linoleum and Linoleum Glue?

It is necessary to give your concrete a good wash in preparation for the new flooring. Good cleaning helps remove specks of dirt and leftover glue you might have missed. For the concrete cleaning, you will need the following items; detergent, hot water, scrub brush, sander, and a bucket.

This is how to clean concrete after the extraction of linoleum and linoleum glue 

Firstly, inspect concrete. Check if there are residues of tough glue refusing to come off. Sand those segments with sandpaper or a sander. This should get the remaining glue out.

Secondly, get a big bucket and fill it with hot water, then add some detergent to it and make it later.

Thirdly, with your rubber-gloved hands immerse the scrub brush (preferably one with a handle) into the bucket of soapy water. Then scrub concrete. Do this through all floor sections till you are satisfied.

Fourthly, get another bucket with clean cold, or tepid water. Rinse out the soap from the concrete with the clean. You could do this with a broom.

Five, allow concrete to dry. Leaving the windows and doors will aid its drying. You could also use the conventional fan to get it dried. 

We hope these tips help with your linoleum removing project.